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Poll: Scylena and Arrie need new names in my Avatar story, so here are some common japanese words I have found that could work nicely for new names. Vote Now!
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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Name: just call me Fantasy

gender: female

Sorry if everyone has to wait for my stroies to update. What can I say, I'm lazy at times.. well at the moment I'm rewirting. At the moment I'm having serious computer problems... so it might be a while until I can get any writing done.

My stories so far

»Avatar the Last Airbender «

Lengend of Eleven: Has been re-writen... now has 4 chapters out

»Naruto «

Fist of Ice, Heart of Fire(Ch. 32 out)

Blood Red Moon (Ch 11 out)


Sides and other info...

Great Eight(1) - Hachi no Idai

They are the fire,water,earth, and air dragons and guardians (8 people, 2 from each elemental nation) Their names are: Bushou(earth guardian), Kenja(earth dragon), Seijakuair guardian), Yuujin(air dragon), Sachiwater guardian), Toushiwater dragon), Scylena(fire guardian), Arrie(fire dragon)

Dark Duo(1) - Ni no Koi

They are the dark guardian and dragon.They are discribed as evil, dark, controling. They controled fire nation to start the war, and breifly controlled the monks at the Air temples (reasons why Aang wanted to runnaway)

Their names are:Akusai(dark guardian), Kuro(dark dragon)

Sprit Council - Takaharu no Ki

They are seven powerful sprits that control the sprit world. They mainly help the Avatar and guardians/dragons get to sprit world, also help Avatars and great eight communicate.

(1)exlained how they came to be in Lengend of Eleven

Info on stories

A few things about...

Guardians(Keibi) and Dragons(Ryuu)

The power isn't normally passed to family members. They can talk to other guardians/dragons in their mind. They can fly with wings. Their bending is generally 5x's stronger than normal peoples. They are able to transform from human to dragon/guardian(depending on what power they recived) and dragon/guardian to human at any time. The person is born with power, but first transfrom into guardian/dragon at age 10. When they die the power is passed on to some one else( obviously to some one of their elemental nation).The power its self will chose who the power goes to.

Honoo Keibi Scylena and Ryuu Arrie (Fire Guardian Scylena and Dragon Arrie)(sigh len a) and (A rr e)( like Marie with out the m)

They are both 16 year old girls from the fire nation. They are the fire guardian (Scylena) and fire dragon (Arrie). Both rannaway from home at age 16 to help the avatar stop the war.Saddly both lost a family member to the Dark Duo at 13. Unusally both of their grandfathers were guardian and dragon before(power was passed on to them because the power wanted people who were least likely to get it) Both are good at weapons, fire bending masters(mastered at 14), and acrobats.

main characters aliases: Aki (Scylena)... meaning autumn(fall) Natsu (Arrie)... meaning summer

Scylena is normally content, calim and generally well tempered Arrie is like Zuko but less upset and temperamental( but still has a bad temper)

Chikyuu Keibi Bushou and Ryuu Kenja (Earth Guardian Busho and Dragon Kenja) formally Tho and Ruiz

Both boys are the earth gaurdian(Bushou) and dragon(Kenja). Unlike Scylena & Arrie their ages are not the same( 25(Bushou) and 18(Kenja)). But like Arrie and Scylena both of their grandfathers were guardian and dragon before(same reason as Scylena and Arrie). They are also master benders, like Toph they can use bending to find people, but can use power all around the world.

Bushou is commanding, and trys to command great eight, and basicly does his. name means commander(miltary) Kenja is smart, and knows a lot. his name means wise person (sage)

Sora Keibi Seijaku and Ryuu Yuujin (Air Guardian Seijaku and Dragon Yuujin)formally Nunez and Wendy

They are the only boy girl guardian/dragon team. Their ages are more closer than the earth guardian/dragons( 23(Seijaku) and 22(Yuujin)) Like the rest of the Great Eight they are master benders, and are also appart of the hidden air nomads( the survivers from war), and their grandfathers were guardian and dragon before(same reason as Scylena and Arrie).

Seijaku is shy and quite. his name means Slient Yuujin is a loud girly-girl (and she was insired by my friend, she even wanted to be air dragon for the story) Her name means friendly

Mizu Keibi Sachi and Ryuu Toushi (Water Guardian Sachi and Dragon Toushi) formally Osa and Sayre

Both of the guys are the water guardian(Sachi) and dragon(Toushi). Like the earth team, their ages are not as close as the others (19(Sachi) and 24(Toushi)). Like the rest their grandfathers were guardian and dragon before(same reason as Scylena and Arrie), and are master benders.

Sachi is very clam and happy His name means happiness Toushi is easy to get mad his name means fighter

Koi Keibi Akusai and Ryuu Kuro (Dark Guardian Akusai and Dragon Kuro) formally Hirotoishi and Izaiah

Little is known about the dark guardian(Akusai) and dragon(Kuro), also their ages are not known.

Akusai is 99 percent evil and controling his name means evil genius Kuro is convinceing and is easily controled by Akusai... . his name means black

»Fist of Ice, Heart of Fire

Changes: I don't plan to change much of the basic story... but Narkagon (Shounta's kekki genki) will be changed to Mangekyogan(Kaleidoscope eye)

The story of Ayralena(Ayra) Ickerrocka, watch how she proves to her clan that she can become strong. Watch how friendships will be made and broken. Be shocked at her deepest secret, both painful and shocking.

A few sences:“It surprising that you two are twins, much less related.”“I agree. They don’t act like siblings.”- “Please, call me Ayra. Ayralena is to long and formal.” - “ Alright, you better be there on time. And I hope you look proper for the dinner. I will not stand for you to shame me.” -“Ayralena isn’t much of a ninja, it’s surprising that she even became a genin. She ice-skates, but she isn’t much of an ice-skater either.” “Otou-san, it’s true I’m not much of a ninja. But, you haven’t seen me ice-skate in two years. You can’t judge my ice-skating.”-Everyone thought the same thing ‘ She is no normal Ickerrocka’What the Hell!!’ Ayra thought in disbelief, ‘this person is crazy, slowly back away from the crazy person’‘I wonder who will pay for that broken window?’ Stijn thought randomly-“It’s none of your bussiness nor concern.”-“I can’t tell you that, Stijn.” “Why the hell not!” Stijn yelled. Ayra’s eyes became even colder.-What am I doing wrong? What can I do to make this work?’

Note: This story begins about a week after the survival test the genin get from their jonin sensei give them

»Ickerrocka Clan (Ick er rock a)

Ayralena Ickerrocka (Are ra len a)

Age: 12 Gender: Female Birthday: January 25( Also know that on the Wikipedia characters that is the same birthday as the Fourth)(I didn't make their brithdays the same on propose, but I felt like that would be a good date) Rank: Genin Blood type:AB Eye color: dark bule Hair color: blond(long hair to the waist)( normally in a bun) Frist apperence: Ch2 (mentioned in ch1)

Ayralena is the younger one of twins. She is the only one in the Ickerrocka clan that can use ice. She is deeply hated for this. Her father, Shaka, refuses to see she her as his daughter. Stijn, her twin, dislikes her to an extent (more like a brother/sister thing). Because of this hate she strives to show that she can become strong, even with ice. In many ways she is like Hinata, only she isn't shy and doesn't stutter. Like Ino and Sakura, Ayralena has a bad temper and is very frightening. Her firery temper makes her curse at everyone and everything.

She is placed on the backup team with her brother and Shounta Ocentoda. She is the back up for team 8 (Shino, Kiba, and Hinata). With them she becomes good friends. She works hard in their trainings togther. She and Hinata understand eachother best, simply because of their families. They become good friends because of this understanding.

Ayra can summon a white tiger named Fubuki (Blizzard). The tiger is very protective of her. This is the only tiger Ayra will summon. Ayra is very good ice-skater. She had proven her skills in ice-skating at the dinner with the genin's families. Her stats in ice-skating are very good, but almost no one knows her stats.

Stijn Ickerrocka (Stin jin) ( Aryalena's twin)

Age:12 Gender:Male Birthday: January 25 Rank: Genin Blood type: B Eye color: light/ice bule( think of a color between Gaara's and Naruto's) Hair color: dirty blond (short) Frist apperence: Ch2 (mentioned in Ch1)

He is the heir to the Ickerrocka clan. He is also Ayralena's twin, he is the older of the two. Like his father he uses fire, and dislikes Ayra. He usually has a bad attaude to Ayra,so Ayra calls him teme-nii-san (bastard brother) or she has even called him Stin-nii-chan ( Stin brother). Stin-nii-chan is Ayra's childish nickname for him. He does sometimes get along with Ayra.

Like Ayra, Stijn can also summon an orange tiger, who he calls Gōkakyū ( Great Fireball). This tiger has alot of strength and can be very argessive. He is also on the backup team with Ayra and Shounta. The team he helps is team 7 (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura).

Shaka Ickerrocka (Shock a) (Ayra's father)

Age: 37 Gender: Male Birthday: July 17 Rank: Jonin(former abnu) Blood type: B Eye color: bule Hair color: brown(Short) Frist apperence: Ch 5

He is the head of the Ickerrocka clan. Both Stijn and Ayralena are his childern. He refuses to see Ayra as his daughter, but praises Stijn. He has mastered all fire jutsu's known. He is highly respected, but most people don't like the way he treats Ayra.

Clan's Info

The clan is based off fire and ice (mostly fire). They have powerful fire jutsu's, because of this they have been called 'Fire Hands'. They also summon tigers. And are said to be close with the Hyuga and Uchiha. It's belived that the Ickerrocka tought the Uchiha's the fire jutsu's. It's also belived that the Hyuga had at one point thought the Ickerrocka some of their fighting, not much though.

»Ocentoda Clan (Ocen to duh)

Shounta Ocentoda (Shoun a ta)

Age: 12 Gender: Female Birthday: Setpmber 3 Rank: Genin Blood type: B Eye color: dark brown (almost black) Hair color: black (in braid) First apperence: Ch2

She is generally nice to people. But she has a real mean side. She is good friends with Ayra and Stijn, but she gets frustrated when Stijn and Ayra fight all the time. She is rather afraid of Ayralena when she is mad. She doesn't really know what to think of Ayra, so she doesn't try her hardest. Her nickname is 'Shona-chan' which only the backup team uses so far.

She is on Ayra and Stijn's team, but is backup for team 10(Ino, Shikamaru, Choji) Her older brother is heir to the clan.

Clan's Info

This clan has the Narkagon(I plan too change it to Mangekyogan(Kaleidoscope eye)just an idea), a powerful eye kekki genkai. The Narkagon has five color sets. Purple, green, brown, black, and white. They can use four out of five at once. But normally use one or two.

Purple: read people's mind, just one person at a time

Green: see all livingthings, even if their invisable.

Brown: pin point(ie they could see a small rock at about 3km away, track persons movement)

Black: see perfectly in dark

White: see bright thing and see charka (not inside of a persons body)

Color sets used at one time(combo's)

(4 at a time)-purple, green, brown, blackpurple, green, brown, white

(3 at a time)-purple,green, black green, brown, white

(2 at a time)purple,green purple,browngreen, brown

You get it, right.

»Shikka Clan (Shick ha)

Teyaki Shikka (Tai eki)

Age: 27 Gender: Male Brithday: October 8 Rank: Jonin Blood Type: O Hair color: Brown( messy, ponytail) Eye color: Dark Brown First Apperence:Ch3

There is not much known about him, only that he fights conbinding Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. He is the sensei of Ayra, Stijn, and Shounta. A few times he is seen trying to help Ayra.

Clan Info

They are known for putting things togther, like ninjutsu and taijutsu. They are masters of this art, and are very smart.

»Blood Red Moon

Sumary: Tenten met Itachi once. Now she has nightmares of the blood red moon. Her little sleep is causing some problems in her life. What will her teammate's do? But what will Neji do? -NejiTen-

»Up Coming Stories«

Frozen Furry, Burning Rage: Squeal to FI,HF(Fist of Ice, Heart of Fire) Ayra, Stijn, and Shounta deal with the troubling times 2 and half years later. Set in part 2 Action/Adventure/ Drama... comes out when finished with FI,HF... date unknown

If you would like to make a request, or would like me to write the up coming stories above, please tell me.

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Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 10,980 - Reviews: 115 - Favs: 43 - Follows: 34 - Updated: 5/27/2005 - Published: 3/17/2005 - Zuko
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Legend of Eleven reviews
Eleven warriors granted special powers and their fight to protect the world. Only things don't work out the way they should. Now they must fight each other for the sake of the world. Follow two of the reincarnated warriors, Scylena & Arrie
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Fist of Ice, Heart of Fire reviews
Meet e is hated by her clan, even her twin brother. She has the power of ice. Watch how she proves to her clan that she can become strong. Watch how friendships will be made and broken. Be shocked at her deepest secret, both painful and shocking.
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Blood Red Moon reviews
Tenten met Itachi once. She was also traped in the Mangenko Sharingan, now she has nightmares about what she saw. How will this affect her life? But what will her teammates do? What will Neji do? ...NejiTen
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 12,150 - Reviews: 82 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 4/21/2007 - Published: 2/3/2007 - Tenten, Neji H.