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Author has written 12 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, and Kingdom Hearts.
EDIT: I have recently fallen, hard, for widdle Hanataro from Bleach. Oh. My. God. He is my fluffy bunny of LUUUUURVE! We shall run away to get married within the year. Meaning that I will tie him up and stuff him in the trunk of my imaginary car.

The great thing about him is that he doesn't make me wanna read lemons about him. No, I don't actually READ the lemons, I kinda skip over them, but in most cases, when somone is mature enough to write about sex, it means that they're mature enough to type out a decent story. But with Hana, I wanna read the fluff, which is extraordinary because I don't normally believe in the concept of love...

I may or may not be writing some fanfiction about him soon. Hopefully a yaoi, if I can find him a worthy beau. I'm kinda leaning towards him and Renji, even though I like RUKIA with Renji... but then again, Rukia goes well with Orihime... so Ichigo could be with Ishida... YES! That's it! Though Hana is adorable when paired with Ganjyu as well... but... hm... And I saw a few stories with him and Byakuya... Gah, this'll take a while...

Yes. I remember my first experience with fanfiction. I was looking up translations of the final bits of Ranma 1/2 on the internet, and I came across such an incredible story that it boggled my brain. It seriously exploded right there all over the screen.

I rushed to school to tell my slightly more informed cohort and informed her the startling events, from the thinly veiled sex scene to the lovey dovey romanticism between Ranma and Akane throughout the entire thing.

When she went into shock over my revelation, she ordered me to show her this website. I did.

And she laughed her slightly more informed ass off.

“Eve!” She exclaimed, “This is fanfiction, you twit!”

So there I was, gaping like a fish, at the website she showed me minutes later.

‘Fanfiction.net,’ of course.

Ever since then, I’ve been a positive junkie, and spend every free minute I have on this darling little community.

But, even such a haven as this, has its flaws. Nothing annoys me more than the nonstop slogging through utter crap I have to do before I find a decent story.

I hate all Mary Sues, and any OOCness that my sniffer detects must be removed from my sight before I begin to seize. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But seriously, if some fucker decides to make Sasuke (for example) go up to Sakura and kiss her ‘sweetly’, ‘softly’, ‘passionately’, or in any way that can’t be induced by her drugging him, I explode a little on the inside. Implode, I guess.

Now, I don’t think my work is perfect. I suffer from a bad case of ‘happily ever after’ and force all my characters to be joyful.

But apart from one of my earlier stories, I try my hardest to keep the characters IC. I don’t rape Gaara, or turn Inuyasha into a sappy weirdo. I do my personal best, and only post something after all my friends read it and give it the okay.

So no, I’m not perfect. But I’m as perfect as I get, so give me a break. (Okay, I just read over this line for the fiftieth time, and I don't like it. I'm still getting better. But I can't remove it for the sake of my rant, so... yeah)

Ah, my favorite part of any profile; the pairings.

I, generally, like to stick to one pairing, because I think that certain people just fit with certain other people.

Sure, some of my pairings may seem ‘wrong’. I just have an obsession with that sorta thing…

Kingdom Hearts:

Axel+Roxas; C’mon, this one’s practically a cannon pairing. Sure, I’ve had people say ‘, iT’s callled freinship!!!!!111one!!!! SSiCko!!1!’, but really, I get the feeling there’s something more.

Riku+Sora: This one IS cannon. I mean, look at their reunion. ‘Riku, oh Riku! I’ve been looking for you (sobs)’. Then look at the Sora+Kairi one: ‘Uh, hi.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘You’ve changed.’ Oooooh, pretty tough one, guys. Awkward, unemotional, the works. Besides, if he really liked Kairi better, wouldn’t he have stayed on Destiny Islands with her and trust Riku to find his own way back?

Kairi+Naminé: Yes yes, I know. Same person. Whatever, love prevails, right? Besides, they work well together, they aren’t completely the same. We have artsy shy thing and loud, outgoing, beach babe. Opposites attract.

Leon+Cloud: There’s no evidence, no clues, no hints. I just like them, no excuses included.

Demyx+Zexion: Once again, no interaction between the two, really. I just like them together -_-‘

Xigbar+Tidus: Yeah, this, too, is out there. I just think those of a surfboard stick together.


Hinata+Neji: YAY! Incest! I know, you’re looking at my stories and saying ‘why is there a Hinata+Kiba fic down yonder?’ Well, it’s because I think both couples work. One of the few. When Kiba’s not with Hinata, he’s with Shino. Which makes it yaoi, so it’s all good :P Plus, Hinata+Neji appeals to my fetish for forbidden love.


Hinata+Kiba: Once again, this works as well as Hinata+Neji. They’re cute. Dog boy and shy cutie :P

Sasuke+Naruto: YAOIIIIIIIIIII! Ah, this pairing has more moments that Sakura+Anyone in the entire show :P They both lost everything, they both understand each other in a way that Sakura and Ino will never... get. I mean, look at all the other pairings in history. Most kiss (unwillingly) in the first episode, and eventually fall in love. Love/hate relationships xD

Sakura+Ino: I dunno, I felt bad when they weren’t with anyone…

Shikamaru+Temari: Cannon pairings? Who’da thunk it?

Iruka+Kakashi: I saw a spoof of Naruto on Youtube of them telling the world that they weren’t gay. Then I decided that I liked them xD

Gaara+Rock Lee: Whee! My two favorite male characters! Rock Lee, the (sort of) unattractive boy (well, I think he’s cute), and the smexy-ful sand demon-ma-bob. Me likey. Yes, I realize that Neji is more attractive than lil’ Rocky, but when you look out for the pairing from the start it’s difficult to change your mind about it just because of Neji’s smexiness.

Music of the…. Unidentified period of time….:

-The Dresden Dolls, all of their songs... rapid fire.

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,132 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Published: 5/31/2007 - Iruka U., Kakashi H.
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Roxas always thought, as a nobody, that he would find peace in death. When he was absorbed into Sora, he figured it would be peaceful, he'd just have to wait awhile. But damn, he was wrong. AkuRoku, set after the game ends.
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“So yeah. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t really know. I mean, I literally have no idea. But I love you. I really do. So forget Sasuke. And Gaara, and Lee, and even Kankuro. Anyone else in your mind. Because I love you. InoSakura, yuri
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