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Author has written 6 stories for Pokémon, Naruto, One Piece, and Elfen Lied.

Hells Yeah! I'm back! And this time I won't write stories that are shit! Well, they'll be shit, but they'll be better shit that what they use to be! I saved all the horrid writing fics and left them unedited, and shipped my one-shots to Wait.What so she can post them while I delete all my current fics to make a fresh start! Needless to say, I'll lose what few fans I have (one or two), but I'm certain I'll get some more after a while

And as for flamers, specifically my previous ones and the ones from Live Journal: Well, I now accept the fact that my fics are shit and all. Yays for you. You win this round. But you won't win anymore. I'm tougher, a better writer, and I have SpellCheck.Net to back me up. So now it's you guys who are all batshit. Go ahead and flame me, I'll laugh at you and maybe you'll actually realize how evil the Human race is and actually try to have hearts. Too bad you sold them all on Ebay so you could make room for those large metal rods

Anyways, those matters aside, I would like to thank Wait.What and Blood Blades & Demon Gates for helping me write and get confidence back Yays!

Now for the typical shit you'd find on a profile.

Name: I go by Aemoh Escuro now, and I'll be changing my username to fit it.

Age: I'm a sophomore, if that gives you a few clues.

Location: Your sock!

Nicknames: Saturn, Doom-chan, Demon

Favorite Animes: InuYasha, Naruto, One Piece, Zatch Bell, Bleach, Death Note, Dark Stalkers, YGO, YGO GX, DBZ, DB, GBGT, Ghost Stories, School Rumble, Hell Girl, Angelic Layer, Chobits, and a few others.

Favorite Manga: Pokemon, InuYasha, Naruto, Otogi Zoshi, Hana Yori Dango, Naruto, Zatch Bell, One Piece, YGO, Death Note, School Rumble, Desert Coral, Kazan, Chobits, Maico 2010, Tomie, ect.

Favorite Books: The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, Eragon, Eldest, Harry Potter 1-6, Ferenheit 451, Mammoth, Meg

Favorite Movies: Final Destination 1 & 2, Caved In: Prehistoric Terror, Heat Wave, Volcano in New York, Aracanid, Spiders, Eight Legged Freaks, The Tooth Fairy, Absolute Zero, Day After Tomorrow, Basalik: King of Serpents, IT, 10.5, Zatch Bell 1, All the InuYasha movies, Bleach: Memories of Nobody, ect.

Likes: sleeping, writing, making videos, drawing, watching anime, reading fanfiction, cats

Dislikes: school, waking up early, flames, dogs, writing shitty fanfics, the fact that pretty much everyone can draw better than me, people who bash Emos and Goths, preps & jocks, government, society...

Sites I'm On: Gaia Online, FF.Net, YouTube,, Anime-Eden, Quizilla, FictionPress (shared account with Wait.What)

Sites I'm Trying to get on:! damn varification code...

All right, for people who didn't know me from before I changed my Pen Name, my old Pen Name and my most frequent user name is SaturnSetoSilvertail. Also, for future references, the name Aemoh Escuro was created by Wait.What, and I didn't even have the ideas for the name until Wait.What posted Disaster. Aemoh (Demon) Escuro (Dark) is African. The whole name. Not Japanese. Booya. Also, if you do manage to see any characters named either Aemoh or Escuro by either me or Wait.What, they are just names that we are both ond of and each OC that is named will be different. Example: Aemoh in Disaster is a newly discovered Pokemon. Escuro is also a newly discovered Pokemon. Both from the same series, too. Therefore, they cannot be the same character, simply because they are different creatures and have different personalities. However, if you do see the name Aemoh Escuro more than once in one of mine or her stories, believe that it is the same person, becuase it will be. Wait.What, BB&DG, and I share characters alot so there won't be lots of side characters that are unimportant.


Name: Saturn Silvertail

Eye Color: Depending on what form she is in, or on what variation of the character I'm using, she usually has green eyes, black eyes, or eyes similar to InuYasha's Ful Blood form.

Hair Color: Usually Green and Red, pure Green, pure Red (For Ful Blood form), blue (Small One form; Child form), or black

Forms: Default (Hanyou), Ful Blood, Green Blood (GreenStrike), Small One, Earth Walker, HalfCross

Primary Weapons: Cleaver, Katana

She appears in pretty much all of my fics, as a side character, a main character, or just someone that somebody has mentioned. Also shared with Wait.What

Name: Sia Silvertail

Eye Color: Green, blue in human form

Hair Color: Green and black, just black, and blonde

Forms: Default, Swift, Black Ice (Assassin mode), Darc Blood

Primary Weapons: Baseball bat, Senbon

Usually a side character. Has a crush on Subaku no Gaara.

Name: Leaf Black

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Forms: Default (Human)

Wait.What and my character for Kanto.

Name: Poison Gaia

Hair Color: Deep purple, or brown

Eye color: green

Forms: Default (Human)

Kanto character

Name: Kaosu Tenshi

Hair color: black

Eye color: brown

Forms: Default (Human), Absol (In Wait.What's Disaster, but they have different personalities, and the Absol is simply called Kaosu)

Sinnoh trainer

Name: Folium Meuin

Hair color: black

Eye Color: red

forms: Default (Human)

Kanto trainer

Name: Ryan Tork

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: Blue

forms: Default (Human)

Kanto trainer, Folium's rival

Pairings I Like:

Shyshipping (NaruHina), Bloodshipping (SasuHina), Swordshipping (ZabuHina), Saviorshipping (BandouMayu), Twistedshipping (LucyKou), anything with Smoker in it, Boozeshipping (EriGo), Otakushipping (PiroKimi), Bowandbladeshipping (SeshKik), Hentaishipping (MirSan), Shikonshipping (InuKag), Psychoshipping (GaaraLucy), Shadowshipping (MihoSasu), Flamingravenshipping (HieiRaven), Darkshipping (MihoBrago), Ikarishipping (HikariShinji), Contestshipping (HarukaShuu), Pokeshipping (SatoshiKasumi), ZaGr, GaGr, DaTr

Yeah, that's about it. Now go do something worthwhile.

Also, I changed my icon. Yay, Saviorshipping canon-ness! Boo, death that triggered Saviorshipping canon-ness! Bandou died... T-T

Current favorite quote - "Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground - and miss."

Runner up qoute - "I really hoped...that someone would cry over my death." - qoute from Bandou. May your awesomeness be revived.

Aemoh/Wait.What/BB&DG Updates

11/2/08 - Ah, bad grades result in one hour of computer time, which is not enough time to write anything. So I will be inactive for a while until Mom stops being a stubborn idiot.

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