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And a whole shit load of other bands, I just cant name them @ the top of my head right now...

Danny phantom fan

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Im into the dark, creepy, unexpected stuff that just seems to grap ahold of your heart and you have no hope of ever coming back. But I have nothing to back to so I'm perfectly fine in my own little world (welcome to my happy now get you shit and leave) the happy song...I so do love the happy song.

BOOKS: IM not a bookworm but certain books from, Avi, Ellen Schriber (sp?) and dark creepy authors that pack a punch.


Harry Potter series

Stuff with...well you can pretty tell I'm on the dark/emo side but VERY RANDOM lollololololoooloolol ha! You just have to know me first hand and for the record LABELS ARE FOR FREAKIN SOUP CANS!

TELLEVISION: I dont really watch a lot of it


Danny Phantom

Degrassi: the next generation




i am an anime fan.

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There is no one to save you, no one to help you, they've gone, DIED. You are along the line of life and death, darkness and light, but there is no place in the world for you...where will you go...but what about Danny?

Even an angel can turn all you knew, all you loved Into darkness. How can you stop something, when the only thing at risk is your heart? Where will you go?

Angels are the most pure beings known to this unverse. But, not every angel is pure.. The test is will you let the darkness flow through every inch of your breath, your life. Or will a light shine through...

He stopped dead as he heard the faint sound heavy breathing, he spiked his acute hearing to the origin of the breathing as he widened his eyes and left into the woods.


Danny raced through the bushes, trees and wildlife while he was intangible, then came to a clearing as he stopped. He saw a tall man, who looked like he was in his early twenties, with a vest, black leather pants, several belts, boots, shagged blond hair, with auburn eyes, a sinister, proud look took over his face, but the most significant detail about him where his wings.

They were held open prodly, but they had a bit of sharness to them, as they were blood red. Danny thought back to the feathers he found, they would definitly match a pair of wings like that, but not the pair in front of him.

The winged man wasn't the only pecurious being in front of him, there was also Rose. Unlike the being before them, she stood, hunched a bit as her hand covered a part of her other arm, her face showed pain, anger, and frustration as she was almost growling, but breathing heavily at the same time. He noticed her usually neat bun was messy and started to unravel.

Not only could Danny hear the heavy breathing from Rose, but as the wind went passed him, a sweet stench passed him as he recognized the bitterness of it, the scent came from Rose as he recognized it as blood.

"Tired are we?" Came the deep proud, arogant voice of the man, sneering at Rose's weak state. He wasn't far from where Rose was standing either, she growled a bit then noticed Danny as she looked at him with a shocked expression. The man noticed she looked at something, then turned and saw the same thing she did. A prominent smile smirked across his face.

" Hello there...I presume you are the 'legendary' Danny Phantom?" he stated with an elegant britsh accent, but still a bit sinister. Danny just narrowed his eyes at him.

" Ah I see...well I am Lord Denever, favored assasin to her majesty" Danny looked a bit confused, but still on his guard, he knew this guy wasn't meant to be toyed with.

" Lost are we...her Eris." Danny searched through his thoughts, that name was familiar, Eris, Eris, that name...Eris the- Danny's eyes widened as he knew the name, but only thought it too be a myth.

Eris- The goddess of chaos and discord.

" Ah...I knew it would kick in eventually. Now your question would be ' Why would the high assasin of the goddess of chaos and discord waste her time with petty mortal affairs?' Well...that girl isn't just a mortal, she is a prophecy." Danny looked at Rose who glared even more at Lord Denever prophecy...what does that have to do with Rose...

" I have been given specific instructions to keep the girl alive...She is a key too everlasting chaos and darkness...glorious isn't it, but it's not all that easy, there is still a light," he started walking closer to Rose. " That needs to be...blocked...out." Danny hurried to Rose's side, standing between them.

" Move!" he heard the sharpness and venom escape Rose's lips as Danny just stared at her stubbornly.
" This has no concern of you...whatever happens to me, is in my buisiness."

" I'm not going to stand and watch you kill yourself." Danny spat frustrated. 'why would she even think she could stand up to this guy...She sighed as she started to spread her arms slowly.

" Then you leave me with no choice." Rose moved quickly, shrouds of shadows started to overcome Denever as he looked a bit frightened, before Danny could glance at Rose, his vision was overcome by darkness, then his world blacked out as the only thing he could still take hold of, is heavy breathing filled with pain.

Danny opened his eyes to find himself in the exact same spot where he confronted Denever and Rose. He looked ahead of him and saw nobody, he sighed as he quickly hoped it was all a dream, then he heard growling behind him.

He sharply turned his head as he saw Denever kneeling helplessly on the ground, unable to get up, he was restrained by an aura of shadows as he glared at the single being in the sky. Danny looked upward as he saw the silhouette of the same being that saved him from Valerie.

Now in full view, he gazed at her as the full moonlight shown on this radiant creature. Beautiful black and white wings spread out as she wore a long violet gown that shaped her figure with a black corset starting from just below her breasts and to her hips. She had very very long flowing ebony hair as the wind carried it. She had bare feet that had golden rings around her angles, clinging together, luminating pale skin, a long scepter with a large dagger at the ends and wings inbetween the dagger and scepter.

But the feature that stood out most was her eyes, burning, like the rays of sunlight and cat like shape as she looked down onto the both of them.

" Heh..." Denever grinnned at her, " showing off aren't we." She narrowed her eyes at him.
" Well...lets see how good you'll look-" Suddenly the dome encasing him turned bright red as it shaddered as he stood tall, his eyes wide with malice. " When I"m through with you." He bolted as Danny heard the wind escaping his wings as he soared to her as the female stood in battle position, her spear up high as it spun around with her arms directing it. As soon as Denever came in close contact he crashed into what it appears a shield.

Before the female could react, Denever pulled out one of his feathers and suprisingly, he shot it stead fast as it became a glowing dagger as it shot at her, sending her down to the ground. A great cloud of smoke covered where she had fallen, but separated quickly as she spread out her wings and dashed for him.

Her spear lead her to him, he tried to dogde, but as her spear circulated, it caught his wing. At his point of vunerability, she charged at him, pinning him to a tree. He winced at the sudden stop, but his eyes opened fiercely and glared at her when his hands glowed fire-red, a blast emitted from his hands, surprising the female as she was sent back...a bit dazed. She opened her eyes to see his form charging right before her as he violently struck her face, as he kept repeating it.

Danny watched in horror as the female was getting beaten, as he stood there helplessly. He saw bits of blood fly off the girl as he could take the horror no more. Quickly he sent an ecto-blast toward Denver, almost hitting him, but missed.

Still, Danny didn't intend for the blast to hit him, but it distracted him long enough for the female the make a counter attack as she got her spear and powerfully hit him in the chest, knocking the wind out of him with drops of blood trickling down his lip. Then her wings turned more stiff as they came forward, and like daggers, they shot into Denever's wings going through them as he seemed to choke.

Danny watched as she prevailed, he was stiff still, he didn't know whether to be contented with the results, or frightened.

The female proudly glared at her victory, but her confidence sank as she saw Denever's eyes turn blood red as his entire being, the female, and Danny were all caught in the glowing perimeter of the red dome, but quickly it vanished.

Danny found himself untouched, completely unharmed as he looked around him to find was all alone. He heard the sound of people screaming as he looked behind him, where the buildings were to find Denever as he had Rose, with her body limp, eyes closed, and extreamly long black hair hanging as he held her up.

Crowds of people looked on to the horrifying sight. Denever looked up at Rose, his hands glowed a bit red, burning through her sleeve, leaving a strange mark.

" You have proved to be a very worthy adversary." He said coldy with a smirk as Rose didn't reply. Danny watched, eyes wide as he flew without hesitation to the building. Denever then droped Rose softly, like a rag doll, as she kept falling downward. Then he knelt down.

" I hope we meet again soon." Then he disappeared, like smoke. The more Rose fell, the more people screamed. Luckily Danny caught her in his arms as crowds of people cheered for her rescue.

Danny took Rose to a deserted location somewhere in the park and set her down as her body was still in his arms. Rose's eyes opened, barely as she caught a fleeting glimpse of a boy with snow white hair, and glowing emerald eyes. Danny caught a bit of Rose's buring auburn eyes as she whispered.

" Danny..."

Wooooo!!!! I can't believe I'm updating so quickly...any how time for the extras.

Disclaimer. I DO NOT OWN DANNY's Butch Hartman's

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In the dank cold alleys of the slums of unemplyment...In the roon of a small child a different world lay...under the bed

Valerie's POV-(in the song she's talking to her mind)

A red and black figure glided through the sky, suddenly, it came to a spot landing in a cemetary. Then the figure removed it's headgear and in the pale moonlight, shone a beautiful african american young woman with turquois eyes, but they were dimmed by sadness.

She took out her gun and just looked at it, then she threw it too the ground with a moan as she held her face in her hands.

" How could I have been so stupid!" she cursed at herself

"Danny...why...why you" she recalled the previous few minutes as she was chasing

How many times have you told me you love her?

As many times as I wanted to tell you the truth
How long have I stood here, beside you?
I lived through you; you looked through me

Ooo, solitude
Still with me is only you
Ooo, solitude
I can't stay away from you

How many times have I done this to myself?
How long will it take before I see?
When will this hole in my heart be mended?
Who now is left alone but me?

Ooo, solitude
Forever me and forever you
Ooo, solitude
Only you, only true

Everyone leaves me stranded
Forgotten, abandoned, left behind
I can't stay here another night

Your secret admirer
Who could it be?

Can't you see all along it was me?
How can you be so blind as to see right through me?

Still with me is only you
Ooo, solitude
I can't stay away from you

Ooo, solitude
Forever me and forever you
Ooo, solitude
Only you, only true

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