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Howdy, I'm Orinthia from Ramuh server. My character is Mithra, face 8A, small, and enjoys tanking and melee jobs.

- my livejournal. I write in it whenever something's on my mind.

I've created a forum here: http://www.fanfiction.net/f/1045855/ to discuss anything about my fic and maybe give insights into the characters, their backgrounds, and how I came up with them or found them, or anything you feel like posting.

Update: 10-17-2010

It's been a while. I went back to college and got busy with a new degree. I hardly have the time to write much anymore, yet still have the odd idea or dream about this old writing. Ch.71 was something I've had mostly written for a good 7-8 months but never posted. I wondered about it one day and decided to tidy it up a little bit and post it. I currently have no advanced material written, ch.72 is a blank page at the moment. I can't say when I'll manage to write or post again, but I do still enjoy FFXI quite a bit so it might not take a year for me to post the next chapter. I just need to get back into writing it again, something much easier said than done with school work deadlines and tough new classes. One thing very positive came from this though: my academic writing style is far ahead of my peers, so it wasn't all burned time!

In FFXI I've completed zilart, cop, and toa expansions, finished all rank missions for the three nations, participated in much of FFXI's "endgame" content, and completed a number of certain job's artifact armor quests. Much of my fic comes from many of those experiences (was ultimately sparked upon finishing San d'Oria's rank missions and uses some of it) as well as uses and answers many different questions I had about the background and stories of different in-game and other things. Like why or how do demons exist; how was Castle Zvahl made; what happened between the Kuluu and Zilarts to make the northern icelands; how are the Quadav, Yagudo, and Orcs connected with the Humes, Galka, TaruTaru, Mithra, and Elvaan; just what kind of power does the Light Bringer hold; who really was King Ranperre; what is a true paladin; where is the line between ultimate power, ultimate will, and ultimate determination? How do people deal with killing others; how far does defending go before it turns into ruthless slaughter; how far does devotion and honor go; how far is someone willing to go for their loved ones? With this fic I aim to write with these kinds of ideas in mind, just the story told might wind up harsh to the reality of certain situations given how vivid I let my dreams about them get. The chapters are mostly short and many so that it's easier to pick up and read from a computer screen as well as help keep the pace faster.

I dive into the heart of my main character Orinthia as well as give interlude chapters to Isaak, a demon of Castle Zvahl, and a few others as a way to help fill some background. Throughout the fic I use a lot of hidden and probably unnoticably subtle foreshadowing with scents, sights, visions, and actions (like that rent-a-room's pictures, yes, extremely subtle foreshadowing). If you'd like to help me proof-read this (or be spoiled; I've written ahead of what's posted) send me a message.

I was born and raised in Texas and live with my mom, dad, and two older brothers. I've never left the country and maybe left the state a whole four times. I started writing a few years ago as a way to cure a little boredom while I was at college. Refining those ideas I had became a fun thing to do and is still interesting what I dream up to write for my next chapter. It's funny how much this fic has changed since I started writing it; how much the foundation and principle plot has come together into something decent yet it still changes as I continue to dream with it in mind.

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