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Note (1-25-2015): Wow, looking back just now, I realized I haven't updated my Fanfiction.Net profile, like in make that several years!

Time for a major revamp here and there, and getting down some updated information about me and my current situation on hand so everything is made clear for others in the future.

Full Name: S.D. Perera (Shane Dominic Perera)
Artist Type: Writer
Age: 29

Alias: CG-Panthera, G-Panthera EX & King Lygerion

Gaming, Writing, RPing, Reading manga, Watching anime

Personal Quote: "Once this mess gets sorted, though, I'll be wearing your beak as a trophy." Tibarn (FE: Radiant Dawn)

Favorite game platform: PS2, PS3, Wii, NDS/3DS, Gamecube

Music type/genre: Anything that sounds good, except for gangsta rap nonsense. Don't like it

Favorite Game(s): Darksiders Series, the Ratchet & Clank Series, Prince of Persia Series (that is for now, but there are more!)

Favorite Movie:
The Lion King series, Madagascar Series, Ice Age Series, Transformers Movie Series, movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Zookeeper, Dragonheart 1&2, and more.

Favorite Animal: All sorts of felines and mythical beasts, namely dragons and the related species like hydras

Favorite Website: Various wiki sites

Favorite Food: Chicken Breast (marinaded or not), Pizza, Pasta, boneless fish, Baked Potatos, French Fries, Hotdogs

Sites most active on these days:

Friends with:
Spirit of Nuka
Karin Skywalker

will add more later...

About me/Profile:

Hi everyone, the name's King Lygerion, as I'm known by on, or was known by in the past. These days, I mostly now go by the name G-Panthera EX or just CG-Panthera, depending on the site I have become a member of, but its often either of these names. That said, my original name will always stay "King Lygerion" mainly for reasons of nostalgia. You can also call me GP or Ly for short. I'm 26 years of age currently and I live in the Netherlands in Europe. I'm someone who wants to go draw but my actual talents seem to be resting at writing currently and which is more developed due to immense amounts of time spent to the GPEX RP held on MSN between me and a tremendous good buddy of mine - Serpro15. Of all the friends I have made and lost. he's my closest and dearest friend, with our friendship going for eight years straight and onward.

Coming to the point at hand, I have to say, its been a long time since I have been here, and since that time, things have greatly changed around my life in both good and bad ways. Seeing this page again after deciding to randomly cruise on the said site, I have noticed that my page, since long, has become extremely old-dated, something for which I'm pretty embarrassed about. As such, I have now taken the time to update my page and bring it out from the deep crypts that's my mind.

Going about my past activity on this site, I'm a past known fan-fic writer that used to write fan-fics, mainly about "The Lion King", my favorite Disney Movie series ever. Having watched the movie once in the past, I decided to write stories about it. From this, I had developed some pretty nifty ideas about how to continue the franchise in my own view, as well try to come up with some original material that befitted the TLK Universe in both serious and funny ways. Least to say, back then, I was a hasty writer and often co-authored stuff with some known writers here and there, but in the end, I never got anything finished, mainly through impatience and because I became occupied by other interests.

Some of my ideas included things like:

The Pride of Bloody Fangs:
A TLK story that takes place after the second movie and was made with a horror element in mind, namely vampires. This story was a test draft/project that ended up being scrapped, namely due to personal waning interest. In return, however, with the help of MinisterSweetGoodKid I spawned a original attempt on making a new story that happens before the movie series with a personal, different twist.

Legends of the Rainbow:
A story project that spawned from my short-lived draft and project that was "The Pride of Bloody Fangs". Here this story was to go about several ancient prides that predate the Pridelanders. These lion prides, however, had one difference about them: they used magic and sorcery, mainly about the elements, giving it the flavor of "Avatar - the Last Airbender" in some ways, but was a story still loyal to the TLK universe and its rules.

It also pictures the origins of my vampire lions concept, depicting a real pride of actual vampire lions, who were known as a rebelling, sinister pride of lions, and would have explored how they lived and acted. Least to say, like the story mentioned above, this story too has suffered to become forgotten in the anals of time, and was benched. Again due to waning interest and a short attention span.

Destiny of All - The King of Beasts:
My actual, and first Lion King fiction I made when I first joined up on this site, this story was a official sequel to the second movie, portraying Kiara and Kovu as new parents as they come to adopt a unusual child that's both lion and tiger. For the first time, this was a attempt to showcase a Liger in the series, and like the story above, had a supernatural element to it, as to increase its mystical and spiritual connections the original movies are known for. In my first attempt to write a story for the TLK universe, this story was first known by a different title back in the days, but which title it was...I can't remember.

I only know that I did manage to complete this story in its old version until I did away with it, and started over with a different view and take on it. I know I had some great ideas for the story, and to be honest, would I have the attention and interest again, this story would have been one of my best to remember. Alas, this story project too suffered like my other projects due to waning interest.

My Life as a Leonheart:
Of all stories mentioned so far, this story project was a special something. In this project, I attempted to take the most known characters of the TLK franchise and insert them into a universe of my own making, namely: depicting them as anthropomorphics. As for the subject of this story: it was about depicting a character loosely based on me, whose had a harsh life dealing with abusive foster parents and makes a attempt to escape. This said character eventually succeeds and he ends up getting into a pretty, wealthy family of good-hearted lions, all of which are both based on existing, known TLK characters with different roles, as well a few OCs of own creation unique to this story.

The story would have dealt with how this character of mine coped and bonded with his new family over time, while at the same time, would depict his former abusive foster parents as the villains desiring to get him back for their own selfish reasons, and who also had a major dark part to play in the kitten's past. The story itself was intended to be pretty normal and ordinary, going in the areas of humor, drama, as well depicting the meaning, strength and love of a family's life, drawing on a few elements of the TLK universe, but set in different stages.

Unlike my other three story projects, My Life as a Leonheart, was my personal fave due to its unique depicting of known TLK characters and its unique setting never before used in TLK fiction. Its also the one story, next to Destiny of All - The King of Beasts, where I had written the most material for, with the help and assistance of MinisterSweetGoodKid & Kovukono done through text-based RPing. However, like the rest of my story projects, I too stopped continuing this work. Unlike the reasons stated for my other projects, however, the reason for stopping this particuliar story, was because I ended up feeling that this story and its setting were too un-loyal to the TLK universe in general, and had nothing to do with TLK in general, other than inserting TLK characters in different roles and referencing known locations such as Pride Rock in the story, again depicting each location way differently and away from the original source material. In essence, this story was just a wild fantasy of mine I tried to do, and while it had potential, it didn't have that same spirit and essence of the TLK universe.

That said, however, I'm still pretty proud of what I achieved with this last project of mine, and as such, decided to eventually continue this story as a potential spin off to my original series in development named "Galactic Panthera" It will likely still show tribute to the TLK universe by depicting characters carrying the names of known TLK characters, but which aren't the same in spirit and physical form, likely.

The Leo Rex - The Shadow of Light:
Inspired by MinisterSweetGoodKid, this said project was my attempt to start something original that uses the essence and spirit of the TLK universe, but set in a different time and place, and was to be a story unrelated to any of my other story projects. It would star a special lion with a unknown past similar to the one Simba played in the original movie, but done way differently, and again would involve a element of the supernatural. Alas, this project never lifted off, which was due to waning interest mostly, and because, at that time, I decided to devote my time on original works, rather than on anything fanfiction related. The only thing I have for this project, is a few character docs and a doc depicting its potential story plot, but nothing else. Least to say, I don't expect this story to ever start at all.

Well, that is about it for me. As for the rest, such as whether I will continue doing anything fanfiction-related, I'm afraid to say I'm likely never going to return to the world of writing fanfics. I have tried my best, but its just not for me, nor do I have the time or interest to make stories for existing media (TV, Books, Movies, Games, etc) anymore. That said, however, seeing I'm a member of this site, I won't be entirely absent anymore, and will be visiting this site many more times in the future. What I do plan to do, is be a fully-fledged reviewer and a fair-hearted critic for anyone that wishes my assistance in their stories. I will also be open for collabrating with writers by helping them through providing ideas and suggestions, and looking over their work.

If any of you have some more questions, I'd request you please PM me. I will do my best to get back to you whenever I have the time.

If you like to talk with me, however, share ideas or the like, feel free to send a PM. I tend to think positively of things although in ways I might think about negative things at times, but not much. I might be a bit reserved to chatting online because its all new to me when it comes to speaking to new fellows and which is a part of my mental self. If you decide to add me to Skype, please do leave a note through PM and or identify yourself in some way before anything else.

Contact Info - People can contact me on any of the following mail addresses if needed:
Not given for personal, private reasons. Will be shared via PM only. Do not request this unless said otherwise. Same for Skype - I do not give out my username unless you truly want to be a permanent contact.

Until then. GP-Lygerion out!

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