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Profile…hmm…what’s there to say? I’m married, with two beautiful and smart kids, living in suburbia. This is relevant to you because they will always take priority over any story that I am working on. On that same line I’m, a software engineer. As you can imagine that is demanding occupation so it will also suck away too much of my time. In addition to this I’m also a karate student. As you can tell I have a busy life. The good news is that I have kicked my gaming habit and replaced it with all things Harry Potter. The main reason I mention all this is to state very plainly that there might be times when I am excruciatingly slow in getting updates done. I promise you that I do not do this to torture you. Anytime I am delayed in getting a chapter done I also feel a great amount of frustration.


Prelude to the Hunt – This is a post HBP story that will cover part of the summer between 6th and 7th year. This story will be approximately 8 chapters long. No promise that that is accurate. I’ve plotted out the story but I have recently discovered that some times a section of the story ends up being longer than expected. This story will conclude shortly after the Bill/Fluer wedding. Standard ships apply.

On to the stories that I have planned:

Hunter and Hunted – This will continue where Prelude to the Hunt left off. There are two reasons why I split this story in two. The main reason was/is that I didn’t want to commit to a full seventh year fic right from the start. The second reason is that I am planning on making this story much more violent than the prelude. Only natural as the war, for Harry, will be starting in earnest. If/when I start this story expect the story to include death of some of your favorite characters no promises though. At this point I'm not sure when I will start publishing this story. It will depend on how PttH is received. If people like the Prelude and are interested in seeing the story continued then I'll make an effort to get this out sooner rather than latter. There is no way that I will get this story done before Deathly Hallows and I'm not going to worry about it. This story is already plotted and I'll be perfectly happy to take this story AU.

Assassin – Is going to be a 6th year fic that is slightly AU. Rhetorical question: How could any new 6th year story not be AU at this point? I am not going to say much about this other that I have started writing it. It’s about eighty percent plotted and about five percent written. However, it is not published anywhere at this point.

I have one other plot bunny that is running through my head but I'll leave off for now.

Well that is what I have planned. My only promise to you, the reader, is that once I start publishing a story I will continue the story until it is complete. You will not see an abandoned story from me.

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