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hey I'm Lindsay and I love fanFiction! And I also love Harry Potter. Infact, I'm writing a story about the 5th term at Hogwarts. I'm only starting the second chapter but i think i'm doing pretty good. I hate the idea of Ron being with Hermione! Don't you? Well, thats why in my story i'm going to give Ron a beautiful, talented, and smart Girlfriend. She has Brown hair ( down to her chest area ), Brown eyes,she's the same hight as Hermione, and she has a huge crush on Ron! The very first time she met Ron she had a crush on him, but Hermione gets jealous.Ron's girlfriend is also a black belt, so when Malfoy comes she's kick his butt!And Don't you also think that Ginny is too young for Harry? But thier going out! That is so wrong on all the levels! Well It was nice meating you, and uh, i guess i'll see you soon!

Harry Potter Rules!