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Welcome to my er profile.
My real name is Kendra and I'm not going to tell you my age. I'll say my late teens all right? That satisfy you?
I live in the US.
Im a girl.
I'm pretty open minded.
I happen to support yaoi and yuri but incest is where I draw the line.
I play SSBM every day since I bought it.
I switch between Marth and Roy but I learned to use Marth first.
I sucked big time with him
Within the week that I bought it...I practiced like hell and now I'm the champ between my boyrfriend, his brother and my best friend.
I have a boyfriend as mentioned above. We'll be together for 3 years this Halloween. His name is J.B. My bestest friend is my Markie. Thanks for inviting me to your house to play SSBM only to kick your butt now with Marth=D j/k ILU!
Thanks Love for inspiring me to work my ass off for SSBM. I still have to mow the lawn for like the rest of my life to pay it off.
It was $120.
J.B. prefers to use yoshi. Down+B=suckster.
If it's one thing I pride myself on it's my ability to pull off the most awesome sudden death wins.
Marth...left/right+C=LOVE and wins!
Markie uses Jigglypuff, Roy(damn is he good! I think he did it to irk me) Mewtwo, and various others
J.B.'s brother Bret is only 10 but I swear he's like the god of video games.
Bret uses Young Link(up+B=DEATH), Jigglypuff(down+B on mah head=X.X DEATH)
I currently have over 204 trophies, all the characters, beaten almost all of the event modes, and cannot beat even mode 50. (Marth comes closekilled Crazy Hand only to not pay attention and got clobbered by Master Hand X.X but always fails)
Marth and I associate well with the word(s): FAILURE and PLAYER2 DEFEATED!
I'm practicing using Samus but I suck...BIG TIME.
I have an to guess what it is?
I can't wait for Twilight Princess
My next Gamecube title shall either be the LOZ: The Wind Waker or LOZ: Four Swords Adventures
J.B. said he'd give me his N64 and let be borrow Ocarina of Time but he's failed to do so. -_-;
I'm deathly afraid that my first story will flop. BIG TIME. I'm afraid of flamers and such. I can't help it I'm a wuss. Plus I feel that it's not from my full potential but I do have some faith in it.

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Updated: 09/10/06

I'd like to thank every one of my reviewers. You make everything possible. You spurr me to do better and write more. I love eacha nd every one of you. You're all unique indivuals but there needs to be more like you in the world and it could truly be a better place to live in. Thank you for all your support.

Ok I lied for like the billionth time. I want to write some fanfics in the Fire Emblem section but I see there are a lot of flamers in that section. Though I'm pretty prone to ignoring those things though it irks me that people are so narrow minded and get off on trying to piss people off. Dude get over it. You're not going to change anyone's mind set. And you're just proving that you have no life and you're probably gonna go to Hell. Yea. See ya there.

Anyways I want to write a cute little EliwoodxNinan songfic or something about RennacxL'Archel although I like EphriamxL'Archel too. (My first pairing support. Neayaaah!)

Why I support Yaoi/Yuri.

To me love is love. Why should you be classified, shunned, or even hated just because you love someone be it the same gender or not? If you can't be with the one you love regardless of gender then love should be considered a sin. Isn't it important enough that you care for someone? Why should gender matter? It's not gross if you have an open mind and an open heart and understand that love is love.

I really hate it when guys love girl on girl but despise guy on guy with a passion. It makes no sense.

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