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Author has written 7 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Legend of Zelda, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Hiya anyone who is reading this! Please don't kill me but I haven't come up with any inspiration ideas for any of my stories at the moment. Most of my ideas can't fit into any of my plots I've already built for most of my stories but I'm still thinking about them.

In case no one has noticed by the Sonic Story I posted- A Hero's Sacrifice- I began to turn into a Sonic Fan. And yes I know, strange of me suddenly turning into a Sonic Fan instead of staying as a Super Smash Bros Fan like I've been for the past 2 years. Yes I have been on two years! And I'm damn proud of it too!

Most of my new stories will be about Sonic. The stories I already have I'm still trying to work out what's going to happen. As for now, please don't be discouraged if I haven't updated any of my stories please! I'm trying really hard!

Now that that's over with...

Favorite Pairings:

RoyXSamus- I think the pairing stands out a little.

LinkXZelda- obviously they're bound to be together forever!

LinkXMidna- Midna could've said 'I love you' at the end of Twilight Princess but she didn't!! We all know she wanted to say it!!

SonicXAmy- The pairing's cute! Don't hurt me Amy flamers!

ShadowXAmy- I have no idea why but this couple is adorable too!

LinkXMalon- This is the pairing that I love reading. The possibilities for this are unlimited!

KnucklesXRougeXShadow- a love triangle that to me will never get old!

MarthXSamus- Same as the very first one. I think it stands out a little

Question I can never answer:

Is Sheik a guy or girl?- I am so confused! In the Super Smash Bros Melee guide it says that Sheik's a guy but Sheik looks like a girl in Super Smash Bros Brawl!!

Other Info about me:

Okay first of all I'm a girl- you probably could tell that when I changed my username to HealingPasts rather than keep it as LoneWolf92.

I'm slightly short tempered, and I'm a very quiet person naturally.

About a year or two ago I lost my mother to Empezema, a lung disease that makes it harder for people to breathe.

I'm a total video game addict, meaning I spend 90 of my life playing video games while the other 10 is either on the computer, drawing and writing, listening to music, doing the basic parts of life (you know, eating, sleeping... erm... bathing... hold on, I think I forgot the rest... XD yea... O_O... erm... moving on!), and hanging out with my friends and family.

I love reading stories that have the most unsuspected twist of fate. For instance, Mephiles- an evil being from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006- comes back to life and Silver, Shadow, and Sonic can't defeat him this time around.

Stories with tragic beginnings but ungodly amazing endings are the stories I crave and search for in my free time. Most of the stories I write are Action/Adventure, and are sort of like murder mysteries. Also I try to come up with unlikely heroes for some of my stories.

Oh yea, I don't like flamers.

Flamer Corner:

I've realized that a few of my stories in the past have one way or the other got flamed (you want proof? Look up Midnight Gifts, Dawn Curses and you'll see a very very long flame) so here's what I've got to say.

Flamers can flame me all they want, make my stories look bad and they can insult me all they want, because no matter what they're just going to burn me. But burns only make me the better person because I didn't go find their profile, read a really good story and give them a horrible flame just because of a few misspellings or so on. That's right flamers, i'm the better person!! So HA!

Warning Section (don't worry I'm almost done):

Okay obviously I'm not a perfect writer with a perfectly written out story in front of me. I write whatever comes into mind without a second thought as to whether or not it's going to get reviews or not. Beware that I won't update much because I'm usually on forums galore or I am forcibly taken off the computer to go to bed. If you haven't guessed it yet, my dad cares about my well being since my mom's death, so he says the lack of sleep I get is bad for my health and tries to get me off. Which a majority of the time it works.

As I said before I won't go after Flamers but if you do flame me then I will be sure to remember your post because it'll make me that much better of a writer.

If you haven't guessed that I'm a huge rambler then you're blinder than a bat! Lol, just kidding. But really, most of my stories are side tracked because I get side tracked easily. Just thought this would be a great time to warn you about that.

This is the Section where I stop rambling and get back to what I do best, Writing (last thing..):

(Sighs) this took forever to update so I hope you took the time to read it. And if you want to know, I want to be a writer when I grow up (also a video game designer... who knows which I'll go with) as if I'll ever grow up though. I found my inner child and that's helping me get back to acting like a kid rather than anything older. I can be immature if I want to be but usually I'm waaaay too quiet and mature... so I'm getting out of that habit, or at least trying to!

Here's a group of people that I consider to be friends:

Livinglife, TalexTruefire, Dark Shade Mephiles, ShadowFang92, DragonClaw92, Zeek-Lover-Tori, Ravenrose7, MegaX99, and Cosmic Hostility (And I'm sorry if I forgot anyone else, I'm doing this from the top of my head)

Okay, my ramble is done, I told you about flamers and how I'll handle them, I warned you about a few things, gave you my favorite pairings of characters. I hope that's enough for now. I'll be writing as fast as I can now! Hope you'll read my stories!

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