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Hey there, name's sugar stars, not really , wouldn't that be a fun conversation starter:) I'm completly nuts about Class of the Titans, curent story Light in the Darkness trust me you'll love, and if not whatever, no one's forcing you to. My favourite type of show is Drama I LOVE House. I'm canadian through and through even if i don't say aboot, which no one does, I mean come on. I love stories that have lots of fluff. And if you haven't figured it out yet I’m a girl. I’m also blonde and I love pink, yeah I’m a living cliché.

I’m the world’s biggest perfectionist and a lot of people hate that about me. But for all my perfection (and modesty) I am a total klutz. I once fainted from heat stroke, collapsed down a flight of stairs and when I got up again I slipped on a carpet. For my own protection I’ve put padding on all the sharp corners in my house.

I think every story I do has fluff in it, I can't help it I have a one track mind.

Age : ends with a 6

Favourite authors: Jennieman, anonomusalanna (so spelt that wrong, just click on favourite authors k?)

Favourite colour: Pink but I already said that

Favourite quote: Well don't that just kick a little ass, so funny if you say it in the right voice.

Favourite animal: penguin, adorable without a doubt.

Upcoming Stories

Well even though my first story isn't even halfway done I've already got a great idea for a new one. I wont give too much away though, but let's just say it's going to take place on valentines day and it's probably only goning to be a few chapters. There will be lots of fluff for both JxT fans and AxA fans(becauseI know how there isn't any AxA action in my current story, sorry).

This one is also a TxJ & AxA fluff piece (what's the point doing any other?) I won't say too much 'cause I'm paranoid that my ideas will get stolen but I will tell you there will be romantic candle light for Archie and Atlanta, and starwatching for Jay and Theresa, where they get very cozy. (God I make myself sick sometimes.)

Alright this is my first story that won't have fluff,(well there will be some at the end). Once again I'm not saying too much because you know PARANOID! but here's the small summary: How fast can a life change? Seven teenagers are about to find out when the are trapped in the school on the most terrifying day of their lives, and one will not come back out.


So if anyone is worried that I've stopped writing don't be, I just got a new dog and he's taking up most of my time. I will be back in a few weeks or sooner with my new chapter. See you soon : )

Also if anyone is such a big fan of my story that they checked my profile to see ifI hadn't disapeared off the face of the planet, I regret to inform you that I have done something I swore I would never do, I've started a new story. Don't worry though it's only a oneshot, but it is a long oneshot, it's a House fic if anyone cares. I don't know when my nextchapter for Light in the Darkness will be done, but I'm typing as fast as inspiration hits me.

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