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Author has written 2 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Anime X-overs.

Note: People, people, I don't like to flame! I only flame stories that are REALLY bad, or are too Mary Sue-ish. I only flame if it's a really bad story. Really bad.

About me 8D

Pen Name: Kazeri~ Don't steal it kplz, I've had it for over 3 years ._.;
Birthday: August
Age: 14
People call me a 'kawaii girl' ;_; And I got it twice on this quiz on a fansite
Likes: Crack fics, sporks, parodies, not retarded OC fics (very rare), video games, MMORPGs, anime, tae kwon do, shoujo anime and manga
Dislikes: Bad grammar/punctuation, most OC fics, yaoi and yuri/shounen-ai and shoujo-ai, Mary Sues, bugs, and a lot of other things :D
Fears: Things I can't see (mostly in video games- I stopped playing a lot of games because I couldn't see what was making that creepy sound -coughRE4cough-), spiders D:

Favourite fandoms: Legend of Zelda, Criminal Minds, Phoenix Wright, Death Note, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Brawl, Harry Potte- no wait, nevermind.

Favourite pairings:
Legend of Zelda; LinkxZelda, LinkxMalon, LinkxAgatha
Criminal Minds; ReidxPrentiss...ReidxOC?
Phoenix Wright; EdgeyxFranziska, LarryxFranny HAHA, don't ask., PhoenixxMaya, Diego/GodotxMia, etc, etc...
Death Note; LightxMisa SHADDUP, MattxMisa AGAIN, SHADDUP, MelloxMisa I LIKE MISA, OKAY?!, LxMisa Oh yes, I JUST DID THAT.
Kingdom Hearts; I like pretty much everything...even if it has Kairi in it. Except same sex pairings. DO NOT WANT. By the way, I hate Kairi. 8D
Resident Evil; LeonxAda, LeonxAshley HUSH D, LeonxClaire, etc.
Supar Smash BROTHAHZ; MarthxZelda FAVOURITE PAIRING 8D!, LinkxZelda, SnakexZelda, IkexZelda... I like Zelda a lot. >_> C. FalconxSamus LYNI DON'T HURT ME, MarthxSamus, SnakexSamus, etc. I love a lot of pairings in this fandom. It's like the best fandom ever >w>

Um um um my profile sucks D:

Storiezzz :O

I miss you. - DELETE'D
Summary- Kairi's twin sister, Kazeri is kidnapped when they were about seven years old, before they moved to the Destiny Islands. Sora feels the need to save her to end Kairi's depression, but can he?
Please R&R =) first fic (Oh noez, Mary-Sue fic D8)

Hogwarts Castle Oblivion - Complete!
Summary-A crack fic me and my friend Lynn made up over the phone and MSN. All the Organization XIII members have just finished reading Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince and want to make a play about it. How will THIS turn out?
R&R please =3

Rainy Days - In progress! ...Kinda.
Summary-Another crack fic I made! Crossover, FTW! Yes...it's Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Death Note high school crossover with a few other anime/video game cameos! ;3 Sakura has fallen in love with Light, Riku joins a "host club", Naruto wants to grow an afro, and Sora is a...band geek? Inspired by my friend Fate No Ito who originally made a KH high school crack fic like a year ago, so I stole some of her ideeeeaaas! Teehee!

More coming soon!

One review makes me overjoyed! SO REVIEW! All my favourites are recommended for YOU to read!

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Rainy Days reviews
[Crack fic, slight AU, slight OOC, Hight School fic]Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Death Note and many other games and animes crossover. One word: Chaos.
Anime X-overs - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,607 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 5/5/2007 - Published: 1/25/2007
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