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A few things you need to know about me if you don’t already know (my friends are the only ones who know me on this…at the moment) are…

I love Doctor Who! I love Doctor Who! And I love Doctor Who! Oh, did I mention I love Doctor Who!

My favourite Doctors are: Tom Baker (4th), Peter Davidson (5th), Sylvester McCoy (7th), and David Tennant (10th) ...Matt Smith (11th) has sort of won me over too now...I think...

My favourite companions are: Romana, Sarah Jane, Ace, and K9. Can’t forget K9. ..and Amy and Donna! Who have only recently joined the long list of companions.

– I think Amy is better without Rory though...Sorry to say he really annoys me and I was actually happy when he died -all three times he died- And as for Donna I think she's awesome. The Doctor needs someone who'll stand up to him once in a while. Its refreshing. Especially after Martha who, I'm sorry Martha fans, I reeeeeally most emphatically DO NOT like. I honestly cannot decide who wins for least favourite companion between Martha and Adric and that is seriously saying something!

...incase you were wondering how long exactly that list of companions is - in my infinite boredom while sick I started a database...complete with pictures!!! To date I figure the companions number around 52 although what defines a character as a companion is a bit blurry...soooo give or take...

My favourite books are: the Obernewtyn Chronicles (by Isobelle Carmody), Sabriel (Garth Nix), Most Tamora Pierce books (exept Kel -ick) and the majority of Doctor Who books. I also like some other books except I can't remember them. (Honestly this has been on my profile since I created it as a 14yr old and sadly it hasn't changed... I really cannot think of any other books that top these as my favourites... that's a bit depressing isn't it?)

My favourite movies are: The Aristocats, and…Star Wars! Hoorah! I have two. Aren’t I brilliant? ...Although Star Wars is kinda more than one... To clear that up I like the original three Star Wars movies...and most days the first of the new ones...the latest two released I actually refuse to acknowledge... And to add to that never ending list of films, I must say I also rather like things like High Society, Cat People -the original black and white one-, Mary Poppins and The Little Minister...If you haven't heard of half of those and associate the other half with childhood well, I wouldn't be surprised but they really are good!

I also have a fascination with Fish. Not "Fish" the creature, "Fish" the word.

My profile is pretty dodgy incase you hadn't noticed. I'm not good at these things. It's only because my friend made me do it that it actually exists. And sometimes every couple of years I remember to update it...


I also like random things, like saying random words in the middle of conversations... like FISH!!

My friend's profile is really good she has things like her favourite quotes and sayings and all sorts of other things. Plus, it's logical. Unfortunately mine's not like that. I wish it was but I can't be bothered doing it. She won't do it for me either. Believe me I tried everything; bribery, threats, even the Puppy Dog Eyes. None of it worked :( One day I'll get to it...maybe when I finish my Companion Database...then at least I'll have an easy reference for my favourite quotes...

If you have actually read this much of my profile I congratulate you and appologise for the blandness... and probably for the spelling and grammar. I'm not good at that either.

I also like the TV shows Doctor who (If you hadn't figured that out already), Toorchwood, BBC Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, BBC Robin Hood, Bones, the Mentalist, Buffy, Angel, X-files, oh and Inspector Rex. Sad rather, but hey they're good too and actually, when I think about it not as sad as the books and movies I like...

I really don't know what more to write you're probably bored and confused already if you are reading this so I think I shall stop. If you're particularly interested, which I doubt, you could always ask. I like talking- as is probably obvious by now.

Anyway, that is my profile and essentially me. Hi!

Oh PS. If you are at all wary of stories I have written in tandem with friends. They were written while we were at school. School does strange things to your brain. I am not accountable for anything written as a creative outlet for academically generated insanity...

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