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Author has written 12 stories for RWBY, Justice League, X-Men, Godzilla, Generator Rex, Danny Phantom, Pokémon, Marvel, Jurassic Park, Ben 10, Supergirl, Avengers, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Incredible Hulk.

Well, if you haven't read the head of this profile, my name is StormWolf150... I've been at this for a little over two years now, and well I can say that I'm pretty decent. Anyway, I'm just a simple guy who likes the simple things, and writing is a passion of mine, so that's why I'm here.

Also, I like to make things unique, but sometimes my luck doesn't let that be a thing and someone will probably point that out. Still... there are over several billion stories on this sight so one's bound to be similar to another. Anyway, here's my stories I plan on writing currently.

Also, if there are those artistic individuals out there and you want to make cover photos for my stories... I'm open to letting you guys doing that.


Planet Zilla: Is a Godzilla/Incredible Hulk crossover with a different take of the events of Planet Hulk involving my OC, Gojira Stevens, also known as Zilla. After being banished from his world for being to much of a monster, Gojira accidentally crashes on the planet known as Sakaar. Sold into slavery, the Prince of Monsters fights for his freedom, but it might not be the only thing he fights for. Follow the journey as the son of Godzilla rises from gladiator to the Gray Scaled King... the Godzilla of Sakaar. Long. Live. The King.


Storm of Remnant Part 1: Beacon Academy: Is a RWBY story using my OC, Edd Cravens, also known as Stormwolf. When he was a baby, Edd was sent to Remnant where he was raised Raven Branwen of the Branwen Tribe before heading out on his own to see the world. He was recruited by Professor Ozpin to attend Beacon where he will meet the interesting Team known as Team RWBY, fall for the blonde brawler of the Team, and start to figure out pieces of a past he was not a part of. All this while trying to become the one true hero world needs, as darkness is rising, and it appears that he may be the only one with the power to stop it... but will his power be enough?

Justice Lords vs. Justice League: Gods versus Heroes: Is a Multi-Crossover in which in an alternate DC timeline, the Joker and Lex Luthor had pushed the Justice League over the edge, pushing them to kill before they took control of the Earth. Though, some didn't like what the League, now Lords, have become and had since tried to bring down these tyrants, but only to fail in the end. Three rebels have managed to get to a foreign Earth, one where aliens, ghosts, dragons, mutants, and web-slingers ruled the hero community. Can these new heroes help the three build a new brand of Justice and save their home Earth? Or will the Lords prove to be to much for even these heroes to manage?

The Amazon and The Tomahawk: Is a Justice League story using my OC, Marcus O'Brian, also known as the Tomahawk. When Diana Prince, also known as the Amazonian Princess Wonder Woman, had just been stood up and cheated on by the Dark Knight himself. Taking her anger out on a bunch of weapon dealers, she runs into the mysterious Tomahawk, a vigilante she's been sharing new York with for four years. With heartbreak from the Batman comes a newfound love for the assassin himself as she discovers who is the man under the hood, but how will the Justice League react to her being with an alleged killer?

Girl of Steel, Daughter of The Wolverine: Is a Supergirl/X-Men crossover (first of it's kind) in an alternate timeline where the X-Men also existed on Earth-38. Kara Zor-El had ran away from her original foster family, the Danvers before meeting the legendary Wolverine, Logan. He had reluctantly took her in, but soon they along with his cloned daughter Laura, become a make shift family of their own. How will this effect the events of Supergirl? How about the Arrowverse as a whole? How will the presence of mutants effect Earth-38?

Marvel's Prince of Monsters: Is a Godzilla/Avengers (Comics) crossover involving my OC, Gojira Stevens, also known as Zilla. He was created by HYDRA to be a weapon, but they made one mistake... Nature can't be contained. Follow the journey of Gojira, who along with his now adopted daughter, Jessica, they journey through the land of Marvel. They will meet new friends, new enemies, and Gojira may find himself love as he prepares himself to take a mantle that is well in his blood. This is how the Half-Blood Prince becomes King of Monsters.

Of Aliens and Pokémon: Is a Ben 10/Pokémon crossover based during the events of Ben 10: Alien Force and beyond. Ben, after recently putting the Omnitrix back on, starts to notice sighting of strange creatures in the nearby town of Pallet Heights. Going alone to investigate, he runs into a girl with a watch not that different from the Omnitrix, but just as wild... maybe even more so. How will Ben Tennyson be able to handle Ashley Ketchum, Wielder of the Poketrix.

Horizon Zero Rex: Is a Generator Rex/Horizon Zero Dawn crossover (first of it's kind) that is set two years after the end of the Generator Rex series. When Rex loses everything and finally slays the man who cost him so much, he had nothing else left, nothing else to do. Then he was offered a chance at a new start, by taking out an old enemy. He arrives on an Earth where machines are the dominant species, and humans were back to their tribal routes. He will go on a journey with a young woman who is looking for answers of her past, something that he relates to. How will an EVO effect this world? Will Rex be able to move on?

This is a War: Is a Danny Phantom/Ben 10 crossover that is set in an alternate timeline. Several yefter the events of Phantom Planet, an incident happens where Danny loses everyone he loves. Tortured by grief, Danny turns it into rage, seizing the title of Ghost King and taking over the world, slowly flowing the Ghost Zone onto the mortal plane. After ten years of rule, King Phantom discovers another Earth for conquering, but is unaware that he was now setting up a collision course between himself and Ben Tennyson, also known as Ben 10,000. Who will walk away from this battle of the ages between the King of Ghosts and the Wielder of the Omnitrix?

Legend of Korra and Connor: Is a Legends of Korra/Young Justice crossover based at the beginning of Legend of Korra and about four years after Season 1 of Young Justice. A nineteen year old Connor Kent woke up in a strange world. A world where those can bend the elements with the purest of ease. Having no memory of how he got there, or how to get home, the Superboy begins to leave his mark on this new world, especially when he quite literally runs into seventeen year old Avatar Korra. How will a Kryptonian effect the events that are to come?

A Phoenix in the Storm: Is a Marvel story involving my OC, Edd Cravens, also known as Stormwolf. Jean Grey had enough. She was tired of Logan and Scott's rivalry when it came to her, she was tired of the constant dying and getting resurrecting, she was tired of it all. So she left, and that alone set up a meeting that would change her life. She meets a man named Edd, and is immediately interested into him. It didn't take long for that interest to turn into attraction, and that attraction into love. Though soon, the Phoenix will make it's return, and with it, the possibility of losing the man she's fallen in love with. Though, she will learn one thing, you can't keep a wolf at bay, not even with fire.

Generator Justice: Is a Justice League/Generator Rex crossover based after the events of Generator Rex series and beginning at Justice League War. After a mishap with one of his brother's experiments that launched him into another world, Rex is caught up in a whole new scale of war he hasn't experienced. One involving gods that walk among men. How can this eighteen year old EVO effect how the DC universe goes around? Will he be on a collision course with a being that made the likes of Alpha and Black Knight look tame? Also, how will he get along with the blonde that's dressed like a cheerleader who can melt his face off.

Jurassic World: A Complete Sample: Is a Jurassic Park story with my OC based off a species from Animal Planet's Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real. They said his DNA was the first complete genome they had ever discovered. Though they also said that his kind was never meant to exist. A myth. Yet, they chose to cage him, to treat him like nothing more than some useless thing, yet there was this one of them... it gave him company, and friendship. Then the beast that was not of nature appeared, and she claimed to have no challenger. How pitiful. He was the devil who dominated both the land and sky, the holder of fire. The one true king of this land, and he will show her not to mess with his power.


Sparrow of Star City: Is an Arrow/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover based on the beginning of the fifth season of Arrow. Captain Jack Sparrow had died, along with his beloved Pearl at the jaws of the Kraken. Apparently though, that wasn't the end for the rum-loving Captain as he wakes up in a strange place, with strange new people, with a lot better guns. Soon enough, Jack accidentally stumbles into the base of Star City's infamous Green Arrow, and what happens after that... will get interesting.

Storm Prime: Is a Transformers/Beast Wars story with my OC, Edd Cravens, also known as the Stormwolf, along with my other OC's Selina Cho, also known as BRUISER, and Will Thomas, also known as The Tarantula. What instead of three normal kids, Team Prime was stuck with three unique teens? Each with a different skillsets and personalities. How will they fit into the fold of Team Prime? How will they effect the events of the series?

Storm of Remnant Part 2: Wolf of Lightning: Is a RWBY story with my OC, Edd Cravens, also known as Stormwolf. It is also the Sequal to Storm of Remnant Part 1: Beacon Academy. The Stormwolf had fallen along with Beacon, that is what most believed... but there's one thing about lightning. It doesn't die. Rising from a seven month coma, Edd sets his sights on those who are planning to plunge Remnant into darkness. With the help of Teams RWBY, JNPR, RNGD, and the finally fully formed CALV, Edd will take the fight to the forces of Salem and Thunderjaw. The only question is... how far will Edd have to go between man and beast?

Heroes United: Is a multi-crossover from numerous shows with the Arrowverse set before the Invasion events with a bit of AU for the Arrowverse. Six heroes have lost everything, there Earth, their loved ones... their war. Now with nowhere else to go, they end up on a Earth far away from the evil responsible. At first, they all planned to peacefully retire... but the call of the Hero Complex never leaves. Soon enough, these six individuals will be changing the course of the Arrowverse unlike anyone else ever has.

For the Force Deems Me Worthy: Is a Star Wars: Clone Wars/Thor crossover set during the Clone Wars series and during the events of Thor: Ragnorak. Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela, right? Wrong! Despite being in pieces the hammer was reformed and sent to a Galaxy Far... Far... Away. A young, force-sensitive man who wish to be a hero stumbles upon the mighty hammer and is drawn to it. How will the Clone Wars be effected by this one event? Will the Jedi help him learn of the power of his newfound weapon? Or will Seperatists try and sway him to the Dark Side? One thing is for certain, this one man will prove that he is indeed Mighty.

The Avengers: Earth's Ultimate Heroes: Is an multi-crossover based on the events of Avengers with a few extras. Second story of the Infinity Cycle. There came a day unlike any other, where heroes of different walks of life, hell even different universes, come together to battle a threat no single hero could've done alone. The Soldier, The Knight, The God, The Monster, The Archer, The Spy, The Wolverine, The Dragon, The EVO, The Ice Queen, The Cat, and The Autobot come together to face down the threat of Loki as he unleashes an army onto the people of Earth.

Beware the Frozen Demon: Is a Frozen story with my OC, James Irwin, also known as The Demon and is set after the events of the first movie. Many thought Queen Elsa of Arrendale would never marry, that no man or woman would ever get through to the wild blizzard that was her heart. What no one expected was for a strangely dressed man to fall out of the sky, or for that man to immediately grab the Queen's attention by breathing emerald green flames. But still... it wasn't like James planned for it either. Shit like that just happens.

The Ultimate EVOlution of the Avatar: Is a Generator Rex/Ben 10/The Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover based during the events of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series and after the crossover special of 'Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United'. Rex and Ben accidentally get sent to another reality after there fight with the Alpha Nanite due to interference from The Pack, the duo wake up in a frozen wasteland where they are found by a bald arrow tattooed kid name Aang and sibling Sokka and Katara. They soon end up helping the three travel the globe and help Aang master all four elements. All this while grabbing the attention of a hot headed princess and a blind earth bending master (Toph will be aged up to sixteen in this story).

Rise of the Multiversal Avengers: Is a multi-crossover event with multiple shows and web series involved. A threat was coming from the farthest reaches of the multiverse to seize a power it can only hope to control. The only hope of stopping it... is a handful of teens? From several corners of the multiverse, several timelords bring together a group of exceptionally gifted teens from all backgrounds of life with different varieties of skillsets. Will it be enough to combat the darkness though? Will it be enough for them to save not just one universe, but all of them?

Gamma and Lightning: Is an Avengers (Comics) story with my OC, Edd Cravens, also known as Stormwolf. Edd Cravens has just moved to New York, trying to escape a life he swore he'd leave behind. Jennifer Walters is still getting used to her life as She-Hulk and balancing being a lawyer with her newfound Avenger lifestyle. Little did either of them know... the moment they meet, things will never be the same again. How will the cousin of The Hulk cope with falling in love with the almighty godkiller known as the Stormwolf? Will Edd be able to move on from his past and have a future with Jen?

Lightning, Death, and Thunderbolts: Is a How to Train Your Dragon/Pokémon story based between the first and second movies. Thuder Strike, a Pikachu with an attitude, wakes up in a world that is not his own. when he seeks shelter in what appears to be a work shop, where he runs into a certain Viking and dragon duo. Soon enough, Thunder Strike soon joins up with the duo and they turn into the family he always wanted. How will a Pokémon effect the How to Train Your Dragon series? How will the might of a Pikachu stand up to the power of dragons?

A Venomous Phantom: Is a Venom/Danny Phantom crossover based during the Danny Phantom series. What if ghost powers wasn't the only thing Danny was getting used to at the beginning of the series? What if he started getting a voice in his head? One that suggested he should mix tater tots and chocolate. One that desired to bite off some heads. How will Danny deal with this? Will the voice help him understand his ghostly powers or hinder him? How will the other ghosts react to taste of Venom?

King of Monsters, Savior of Alagaesia: Is a Godzilla/Inheritance Cycle crossover based during the books of the Inheritance Cycle. He never knew his father, all his mother ever told him was that he was a king, which made him a prince. Then came the day that her mother was killed by the birdmen. Outraged and desiring revenge, Gojira makes his trek through the land of Alagaesia, where he meets the last free Dragon Rider, and falls for the last free dragon, but soon his father's side will begin to show through him, and he will ascend to the thrown that is his birthright. For he is to become the King... the King of Monsters.

The Avengers: The Injustice of The Ghost King: Is a Danny Phantom/Avengers (Movie) crossover in an alternate timeline where the Sokovia Accords didn't happen. "She was my world Steve, and he took her from me." That was the beginning of the Ghost Kings transcendence to madness, a need for vengeance in the one that killed his beloved. He soon goes past this and attempts to take the world, but Earth's Mightiest Heroes are in his way. Will the Avengers be able to stop the biggest threat the Earth has ever faced? Or will they need those to avenge them?

World War Titan: Is a Godzilla/Justice League crossover with bits of TMNT, Danny Phantom, and the Incredible Hulk. It is the sequel story to Planet Zilla. Three years have passed since Godzilla had taken his place as King of Sakaar, and the planet has flourished and has began to turn from wasteland to paradise. That is until the Oxygen Destroyer nuke that was on the ship that brought him there went off. It took away his world, his kingdom, and his first-born. Outraged and craving for vengeance, Godzilla, Caeira, and the Warbound head to Earth, wanting to even the score with those who were held responsible. Who will side with who? Will see the rise of a new Regime? On ruled by a King of both Monsters and Gods?

Of Phantoms and a Spider: Is a Danny Phantom/Spider-Man crossover based two years after the end of the Danny Phantom series. Seventeen year old Peter Parker and his Aunt May move to Amity Park after the events of Gwen Stacy and Norman Osbourne's deaths. Peter has since left behind being Spider-Man, and well... that's when he meets Dani. Will the half-ghost be able to bring the old Peter back? Will her older brother try to drive the two of them apart, or will he be to busy with a certain cat burglar? Well one thing is for certain... Amity Park has gotten a lot more... Amazing (or Spectacular).

Ketchum Supergirl: Is a Supergirl/Pokémon crossover based in the series of Supergirl. Supergirl thought dealing with aliens would be an issue, but when a strange being with a unique set of abilities starts to take down criminals and aliens throughout the city, it piled up even more issues. Ash Ketchum never expected to be transported to another world with his best friend Pikachu, along with the powers of one of his strongest Pokémon. How will these two hope to coexist? Will they fight? Or will they become something more?

The Avatar's Titan: Is a Godzilla/Legend of Korra crossover (First full story of it's kind) set during the event of Legends of Korra involving my OC, Gojira Stevens, also known as Zilla. Gojira didn't know where he had woken up at, but the first thing he saw was a whole lot of ice... and a girl. Korra wasn't sure of what she found when she took Naga out for a stroll, but it shocked her when it turned into a boy. How will the events of Legend of Korra be effected if she had a Titan by her side? And what if he wasn't the only one to show up?

The Lethal Protector of Alagaesia: Is a Venom/Inheritance Cycle crossover based during the events of the Inheritance Cycle books. Drake Maverick and his symbiote Venom, get sent to a strange world after a nasty battle against Carnage. A world under siege by a mad King, and a world where dragons, dwarves, and elves exist. They eventually join forces with the last free Dragon Rider, and capture the attention of a lovely elven princess. How will the land of Alagaesia react to having a major dose of Venom?

Frozen 10: Is a Ben 10/Frozen crossover based during the first movie while the rest of the world is in more modern times. Inspired by Spiderfan626's A Spider's Frozen Adventure. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are sent to the Kingdom of Arrendale to discuss future Plumber business with the new Queen. What happens is the Queen starts to fall in love with Ben, only for her to get exposed for having powers over ice and accidentally starting an eternal winter. Now... the Alien Force trio have to not only save the queen, but also the entire world before they all freeze solid.

The Phantom and His Power Girl: Is a Danny Phantom/Justice League crossover based years after Danny Phantom series ended, no Phantom Planet. Danny had moved away from Amity Park to escape the pain of a broken heart. New York might not have been the best choice, but he soon learns to roll with it as he meets a new set of friends and the woman of his wildest dreams. Will Karen accept him, or will Danny slowly start to see that he isn't worth it? What happens when the Girl of Power meets the King of the Dead?

The Flash and The Avatar: Heroes United: Is a Flash/Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover based during the third season of Flash and during the series of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Guilty over what the events of Flashpoint have done to his two best friends, Barry ran faster than he has ever ran before, and ending up with two things. One) He ran so fast he made himself into a sixteen year old kid again, and Two) He ran into a world where a good portion of the population bend the elements without fail. Will he be able to set aside his guilt and help Aang master all four elements? Or will the past finally catch up the 'Fastest Man Alive'?

Ice Cold Redemption: Is a DC's Legends of Tomorrow/Star Wars Rebels crossover based after the end of season one of Legends of Tomorrow and during season one of Star Wars Rebels. Leonard Snart was dead... or so he thought. He wakes up in a galaxy far, far away where the galaxy is under control of the galactic empire. Stuck on the planet of Lothal, Captain Cold goes back to his old criminal ways, until he is pulled into a Rebellion he wanted no part of. Yet again, he said he was no hero before, and looked where that take him. How will he effect the ways of the rebellion? How will he effect the Ghost Crew? Or that ex-Jedi with the hair tails?

Spirit of the Pridelands: Is a Lion King/Spirit based during the first part of the second Lion King movie and slight AU during the Spirit movie. Spirit didn't get the chance to escape, having been shot dead for almost killing the Colonel. He was about to slip into oblivion, a fallen king offered him a second chance at life. Now, at a new land where nothing was the same as the old, Spirit is integrated into the world where lions are King. Yet, despite this, he becomes a guardian of the Pridelands, and unofficial uncle to a certain princess. How will Spirit move forward in this second chance?

Wolf-Raptor: Is a Jurassic Park story with my OC, Storm. Storm was just a young wolf about to leave the pack, but he was then taken. Brought to Isla Nublar under Project 'Super Predator'. He is then soon mutated into the perfect hybrid of two of the most devastating pack hunters on the planet. Wolf and Raptor. What will happen when he is placed into a paddock with actual raptors? How will he effect things from here on out? And will he prove that he is indeed the Head of the Pack?

Heroes of Remnant: Is a Avengers (Movie), Arrow, Logan, and RWBY crossover that is set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Logan, and Crisis on Infinite Earths, and before the first season of RWBY. After giving up their lives for the greater good, the heroes Iron Man, Black Widow, Green Arrow, and The Wolverine are given a second chance of life on a World of Bloody Evolution. The only catch... they're teenagers again. Follow these four as they change the fate their newfound home as they meet new friends, and make enemies new and old. How will the people of Remnant, especially four girls in particular, react to the fact that they have heroes in Remnant?

Renegade Justice: Is the first of a Multi-Crossover series associated with UltraPhantom's Young Justice Heroes multiverse and is set a few months after an AU version of Young Justice season 1. Heroes are defined by many ways. To some... a soldier is a hero, to others the Justice League. The difference, the soldier gets the job done. The League... they don't. They leave the chance for villains to rise back up, to do evil again... to kill again. Now, a new team rises, to get rid of evil so no one else has to do it after them... they might not be soldiers, but they're not the Justice League either. You could say... they're just a bunch of Renegades.

Spirit Beasts: World of Remnant: Is a RWBY story with AU due to the inclusion of a beastial partner. Remnant wasn't the same as in the original timeline. Here, each human or Faunus has a partner in which they have a spiritual bond with. A Spirit Beast. We follow the tale of Ruby Rose, a fifteen year old Huntress-in-Training who has yet to unleash her Spirit Beast, as she get accepted into Beacon two years early. Despite her lack of a Beast, Ruby heads to Beacon, but during the Initiation... she unlocks something both primal and untamed... very untamed.

Arrow of a Half-Shell: Season 1: Is an Arrow/TMNT crossover with a tiny smidge of RWBY that begins at the first season of Arrow. First story of the Infinity Cycle. Oliver Queen has been found after five years of being presumed dead. Though now, he comes with a new purpose... To save his city. Though now he won't be doing so alone, as he receives the help of four brothers that are of the shadows, and an Ice Queen from a world of Bloody Revolution. Even with this assistance, Oliver needed to become someone else... something else. This is the tale of Oliver Queen, Winter Schnee, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michellengelo.

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Crossover - Pokémon & RWBY - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 82,538 - Reviews: 46 - Favs: 135 - Follows: 141 - Updated: 11/4/2018 - Published: 8/16/2016 - [OC, Yang X.L.] Team RWBY
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