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Hey guys!

My name is Samantha Aswad and I'm from so many people (I swear, the Germans are everywhere! It's kind of scary...)

I'm reading Harry Potter Fanfictions now for about 7 years and write them for 6...but mostly in German and my story "And still can't stop hoping" is my first English please, give it a chance ;)

"And still can't stop hoping" is an AU, where Neville was namend the boy-who-lived, but Harrys mother died anyway giving birth to him. He has an older brother, Jonathan, which is the most important thing for James, who is still alive but blaming Harry for his mother's death. In later chapters, there will be a lot of Severus Snape in that fanfiction, of his son and of Poppy Pompfrey...she will probably be one of the most important character...

But because Harry is the only "main" character all the time, the second character will change case you are searching for my story by characters...

And please, review! Please! And of course a big thanks at everyone who reviewed :)

NEWS 12th April 2007

I got some messages asking me about Slash in my story so I just wanted to write it for all:

there will be Slash/Romance in my story BUT it will be very, very small.

The story is mostly about Harry/Lucus, his friendships, Snape, his family and finally, what will happen to Voldemort.

I'm not even sure yet if there even will be kisses between Harry and ..., but I promise there will be nothing about Sex or anything more intimate than kisses (because I think that even book/story characters deserve some privacy ;)). And the Slash will probably start in Harry's 6th year, so very, very late...

I fear that people are generally quite divided when it comes to Slash...On the one side, they want the whole story to be about Slash or on the other side non at all...

I still hope that like my story and I won't lose any readers because of that...


Sam :)

Now to the story I personally love to read:

I really love ffs with Harry and Snape and I don't really care in which direction the story goes...I love Slash, father-son, mentor...nearlly everything if it has a lot of Harry-Snapein it:)

But I also love Harry/Bill, Harry/Charlie and if it's written really good also Harry/Lucius. But now I can see Harry only with an older, "stronger" man by his side...if you know some good Bill or Charlie stories, please tell me...I can't find that many :)

I also love AU, because it shows how things could be and sometimes, how much better the "real" life is, even if we don't think that at the can be always worse.

So..that was it about me...if you have questions, just ask me :) (You can even choose your language ;) English, German or Spanish..And normally I also understand French and Portuguese)


Sam :)

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