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Author has written 3 stories for Cartoon X-overs.

Real Name: Andrea

Location: Lima, Peru

Fav. color: pink

Hobbies: Drawing and tracing, watching tv, playing computer games, taking naps

On Deviantart I go by Energywitch.

Favorite TV Shows: Camp Lazlo, Codename: Kids Next Door, Catscratch, Winx club, KND, Xiaolin showdown, WITCH, and Fosters home for imaginary friends. I'm still into Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates(What? The show rocks!), Swat Kats, Invader Zim, Darkwing Duck, Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z

Favorite Toon Characters: The Jelly bean trio, The Justice Ducks, The Fearsome Five, The Ed's (What? they're all fun), Numbuh 1, Bloom, Goku, Supreme Kai, Dib, Sailor Jupiter, the cat brothers (Blik, Gordon and Waffle), Basil of Baker street, the fosters gang (Mac, Bloo,Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo) and Will Vandom

My twin sister aka Whiteling and I (Yes, I’m a twin, there's proof in my home page if look at the photographs!!) made up some different versions of WITCH. Only there are eight girls ( the other 3 elements are Heaven, thunder and star); Beth carries an orb similar to the Heart of Candracar, only it's the Heart of Etherea

They protect a Veil (NO metamoor) that keeps oppressive invaders such as space tyrants, demon sorcerers, goblins, evil Digimon, dark witches, etc. And there are hundreds of worlds beyond the Veil (like Etherea or the Digiworld).

They appear in the fanfics my sister and I write as a hobby at home. Fanfics of our fav shows written our way.

In order of appearance:

1st in Dragonball/Z/GT (the past of Beth, Kylie, Dana, Theo and Kurt)

Note: They go back to their rightful ages and real homes through the Ethereal Veil at the end of GT. (I'll explain another time)

(Here as they advance they make new friends, new discoveries, see through another's eyes and battle the forces of evil with the support and help of their loved ones.)

- Codename kids next door
-Ed, Edd & Eddy (exchange season) (I didn’t like this at first but now my sister and I love it as much as all our fav. Shows.)
- Foster's home for Imaginary friends (part time job)
- Xiaolin showdown
- Camp Lazlo (summer job)
- Digimon adventure
-Jackie chan adventures (Demon sorcerer and Drago sagas)
-Winx club (seasons 1 and 2)
-Digimon 02

I'll write how the KMQ (King's Magix Quest) stories go as soon as I'm inspired to do so.

My characters for fanfics (my own made up)

W.I.T.C.H characters:

Beth Pantheon: Beth has a feisty aurora about her, it might be her red hair or just her fighting spirit but she's got what it takes to be a Guardian of the Veil. She is a energetic, and sometimes aggressive, girl; she can easily lose her temper with either a conniving enemy or a totally unfair teacher. But even though she does get angry, Beth does have a friendly, feminine side.

She's stubborn and goes against the rules 'cuz she knows when to stand up for herself and is always ready to protect her loved ones and the people of Earth. Like many teenagers, She does not feel "understood," and is forever trying to make her friends, and especially her parents and family friends, see things her way.

As a guardian, she wields the heart of Etherea (a twin sister of the heart of Kandrakar)- - a crystal orb that popped out of her palm when she needed it. And every time Beth unleashed the pink, glowing orb, she and her friends all turned into the legendary Guardians of the Ethereal Veil. A powerful telepath, Beth can read minds, project thoughts and illusions into others' heads, and discharge mind numbing bolts. She can use ofuda to seal or dispel evil, and sometimes has visions of future battles. She has the ability to teleport people wherever she wants and can sense magical phenomena.

Ideal voice actress: Liza Jacqueline (Bloom)

Fanart of her and Will Vandom:

Sara Goodman (based on one of the characters of Flint the time Dectective, not mine actually only the powers and background infoI give her): The cheery smart one of the group and has the power over the element water.When she's not studying, Sara loves hanging with her best friends. She's a quick thinker, she's got a photographic memory.

Voiced by: Tiffany Christun

Theo Schaffer: (Apearance) Tall, hazel-brown eyes, scruffy black hair with a beaded braid on one side of her face (personality)Theo is a sassy and carefree orphan with the difficult gift of fire. She's a joker, but can become enraged at anything unfair or frustrating, making her a dangerous adversary as well. She is headstrong and determined, and in many ways very childish, but she is fiercely loyal to her friends. Her powers include intuition and manipulating fire to do her bidding.

Ideal voice actress: Chiara Zanni (Ruby)

Fanart of her holding Spartina, the doe:

Kylie Pantheon: (Appearance) looks alot like Cornelia from WITCH; only Kylie is pale, humble, a daydreamer, kind and a bookworm. (Personality) Although being Beth's sister, she is the most shy of the girls. This is probably due to being picked on and denigrated so much; Kylie compensates by putting up a serene font.She is as lovely as her name, but her angelic beauty is far more than skin deep. A sweet, avid reader, she yearns for faraway places and exciting adventures. She's a kind, loving girl and when a person finally wins her trust, she gives him/her all her kindness and patience. With her inner strength and outward beauty, Kylie is a young woman who can and does make things happen. As a Guardian of the Veil, Kylie feels released. She's protecting the innocent and helpless, and no matter what, she is always looking to help others, even when she is very ill. Her powers include summoning celestial phenomenons like the rainbow and charming fearsome creatures ; children and Digimon are empathetic to her feelings and she can understand them.

Ideal voice actress: Michelle Nicastro (Odette) or Veronica Taylor (Diaspro)

Fanart of her meeting Cornelia:

Zaira Baker: The semi-goth guardian of thunder goes through life with her eyes wide open. Zaira's rarely caught off-guard and she relies on her brainpower to see you through every situation. Which is a good thing too, because she seems to have a knack for getting herself in trouble. Although she can be a complete stick in the mud sometimes, she's always there for her friends and she's always got their backs - no matter what!

Ideal voice actress: Stacey Depass (Nikki)

Yui Kasuga (based on the main character from Corrector Yui, not mine actually only the powers I give her) She controls the stars and with the ability to convert sound vibrations into light and energy beams.Yui is cheerful, creative, and always full of energy. This bouncy haired girl could be seen smiling, or goofing off,or trying to cheer her friends up. Deep down, Yui didn't feel up to the challenge of a guardian due to her lack of confidence. But while she knows nothing about computers, Yui is quite a challenge to the forces of evil.

Ideal voice actress: Olivia Hack (Chloe)

Haruna Kisaragi: (based on the character from Corrector Yui, not mine actually only the powers I give her) She may be charming and humble, but Haruna can be very determined when she sets her mind to a goal. Out of all her friends, she is usually the one that has to remind every one about an important task at hand. Her powers are that of Earth, she can make plants glow at will or the very earth beneath her to shift or quake. Haruna controls all forms of vegetation around her, she attacks with roots from underground, and uses vines and thorns to trap and pierce enemies.

Ideal voice actress: Alexandra Carter

Dana Pantheon: (Appearance) Long flaxen hair, rosy cheeks and emerald green eyes (Personality)Dana is your usual sweet and innocent little girl, anything but a spoiled brat. Her pure, lovable nature also wins her the friendship and protection of various characters and of course, her family. Despite moments of hardship and disappointment, Dana holds onto her hopes until innocence and compassion are rewarded and dreams that she's dreamed do come true. Her curiosity and independence make her a strong girl whose passionate spirit touches and changes all who know her. She has power over Air and being able to recall the past by the use of sound. She can also touch an object and get a complete history of where its been and the atmosphere it came from.

Ideal voice actress: Andi McAfee

Dana's KH stained glass:

Stories in work:

My twin sister and I will be writing future stories together ( I let you know which ones were written by me) And PLEASE Don't rush me I can't keep updating everyday creativity in improvation takes time!

The Order of the Duck (non-parody) (Working on it. IF you guys got any suggestion I'd appreciate it...)

Beth, Bruce David and the guardians travel to St. Canard, their mission is to meet SHUSH. Also along are the Eds (stowaways) with Mr. Oscar Proud and Tommy Oliver as chaperones. While everyone is excited about the opportunity to travel to the famous city, Beth is disturbed when warned of the danger of the city.

Along the way, as you have guesses they meet our heroes, but they’re seen using magic, by the villains who attempt to kidnap the girls and use their powers in order to take over the world. Can our heroes and heroines help protect their new friends?

Legendary Hearts (Sequel to Nigel and Beth) [In progress]

Numbuh 1 returns with his team, where they meet up with Beth, who must find her family and the rest of the guardians by going through different worlds, across the Etherium aboard a ship 'The Parthenon' to fight in an epic battle against the darkness. They're accompanied by other characters to help on the quest.

Note to "certain reviewer": NO the fanart has nothing to do with the fic. Yes I will add that arc but different. If you're SO desperate would it kill you to sign in and PM properly.

Ed, Edd n Eddy's Chaotic Halloween

The kids around Halloween, have their haunted house torn down by the local bullies. So the Eds decide to make a Halloween festival in the black forest while camping. Unfortunately right where the statue of Discord is!

The Eds get into BIG trouble when they accidentally unleash the ancient spirit of chaos, who begins to target the ones, who sealed in the first place for revenge and starts to corrupt most of the other toons.

Of course since the Eds are always pulling scams, no one believes them. The three friends have to stop the draconequus, and get him back to where he belongs!

Future stories coming soon

The Call of Never-land (W.I.T.C.H./Winx club, Fosters, pokèmon, Peter pan and the pirates crossover for those who love the classics this fic is for you.)

On the last day of school, the four ethereal guardians (Beth, Kylie, Theo and Dana) are dragged on an unwanted chaperone trip with the Foster's Home For imaginary friends cast (Mainly Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo and Coco) plus the temporary loss of their powers. Embittered by the turn of events, they are hardly the enthusiastic sitters but events arise when they're shipwrecked in the magical island of Neverland.

Underwraps with a twist! (Frankenweenie, Tutenstein, Monster High, Scooby Doo n the Ghoul School crossover)

Victor Frankenstein and his companions venture into an old house of a “dead man” only to find a mummified body of a child Pharaoh Tutankhansetamun. They are scared of him at first, but with time discover he is harmless, lonely and homesick. Also, someone cruel is out to get him to unleash an evil god. They discover that if the little mummy is not put back in his coffin before the next full moon, midnight on Halloween, the mummy will cease to exist and lose his chance of returning home to his friends.

Some Enchanted Mystery

The guardians of Etherea continue the task of ambassadors of peace between worlds of the Etherium, Faragonda assigns them a special quest to London 1897. Upon their arrival they learn of the rodent world’s Sherlock Holmes but encounter dangerous traps and unexpected obstacles when a rogue warlock is involved in a plot against the Crown. This leaves the hero and heroines to fight not only evil rodents, but the unimaginable forces of Black Magic.

Magic Quest: Twist in Time

The Oliver sisters alter the cosmic Tapestry turn reality topsy-turvy, which magically steal the Guardians identities
and powers, Marik trades lives with Yugi, so he'd become pharaoh and Beth can love him.
They rewrite the events in the Dragonworld (during the events of Dragonball Z) with
the villains in place of the deities position. It effects everyone except for the Mr. Men, and KND,
Find themselves in an alternate reality where the Z fighters haven't formed yet, and the other allies no knowledge of
their existence and that past villains have come back to haunt them.



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Monsters Inc. - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 45,260 - Reviews: 119 - Favs: 104 - Follows: 125 - Updated: 1/1/2014 - Published: 7/13/2013 - Sulley/James P. Sullivan, Randall B.
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