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Hello to anyone who's reading this, and thank you for taking the interest.

I am a 21 year old Egyptologist.

Now that I've got your attention . . .

Seriously, that is true. It used to say 'Egyptology student' but I have now graduated which means I'm in Scotland doing a teaching course. Outside of studies though, I am incredibly fond of reading, and from that I got into the hobby of writing - I always found myself re-writing plotlines in my head to satisfy my curiosity, or get what I thought was a better ending.

I discovered fanfiction only relatively recently, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories put up on this site, so thank you to all the wonderful authors who contribute their work. You guys have inspired me so much.

It's from that inspiration that my story comes. Just one at the moment. We'll see what happens in the future as to whether there will be more (but I'm feeling hopeful. . .)

Just one little note: I've seen how often writers ask for reviews of their work. Now that I've actually got a story up,I can appreciate why. It is a little frustrating seeing the hits counter climb, knowing that people are actually reading your work, yet not knowing what the verdict is. So for anyone who reads my work: I promise I will respond to every review that is sent. And I will try harder to review the stories I read.

I am also rather addicted to music (and no, that isn't an exaggeration). I was brought up on classical, but my tastes are quite varied. I am a huge fan of Celtic dance music - so much so that I took Irish dance lessons in uni. I also read a lot, and have been writing stories since I was . . . a lot shorter (I'd say younger, but I don't need help feeling old). It's only recently that my work's gotten to the point where I don't cringe every time I read back over it.

Oh, and if anyone's on AIM and feels like having a natter, my screen name's Merwty Keku. It's another Egyptian thing, and the only way to find out what it means is by asking. . .

Anyway, thank you for showing interest in myself and my work. It is appreciated, an awful lot.


(It's an Egyptian word if anyone's interested. It means 'sweet one'. Just a pet name really. And me being daft.)

PS Huge apologies to all my wonderful readers - life is crazy at the moment, so updates won't be as regular as I'd like. Fear not! You are not forgotten!

Come, journey with me; your mind is the door,

To a land of dragons and Minotaurs,

Come, journey with me; your mind holds the key,

To a world where you decide what you see,

Come with me to the land you know so well,

To the land where griffins and stories dwell.

Come, journey with me, mystery awaits,

Elves, Dwarves and fairies stand at the gates,

Come, journey with me and open the door,

To the land where imaginations soar,

Come with me and see Fantasy's glories,

Come with me and see the realm of stories.

Come, journey with me to a land of old,

To a land of legends and castles gold,

Come, journey with me to a land of new,

To a land where all your dreams will come true,

Come, journey with me to a world of rhyme,

Come with me to the Realm of Storytime.

Come, journey with me to a land that's rare,

To a land of brave knights and ladies fair,

Come, journey with me to a land for youth,

To a place where you shall decide the truth,

Come, journey with me to where voices chime,

"Come, join us in the Realm of Storytime."

'The Realm of Storytime' Copyright Hannah Corbett

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