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Now that Hunting the Haunted is finally finished, I am currently working on its sequel, titled The Path We Choose. Want a little sneak peak at the upcoming chapter?


Sam woke up in his usual manner when they weren’t on a hunt - very slowly. He stretched his legs and worked out the kinks in his neck and his back that were inevitable when sleeping on a small, worn couch. Yawning, he managed to focus himself up into a sitting position and adjust his eyes to the morning light.

"Dean," Sam sputtered out, surprised to see his brother in an uncomfortable looking position on the armchair, his jacket thrown over him for warmth. Dean muttered something in his sleep as Sam called his name. He turned on the chair, but there wasn’t enough room and he ended up landing on the floor.

"What the-" Sam heard his brother cry out as his body collided with the hard floor, his leg twisting in the air and his foot smacking into Jo’s wooden coffee table. Dean let out a grunt of pain as his body settled on the ground.

Sam couldn’t help but laugh; he didn’t even bother trying to hide it. "Dude, what happened to you?"

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