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To my readers:

Hey everyone! Thank you all for taking some of your time to read my stories. Please leave me reviews so I can know how to improve my stories. Thanks again!

About me:

Hey everyone, my name is Camay but I was given the nickname of Cami since before I can remember. You can call me Camay or Cami, which ever is more comfortable for you. Anywho, I eventually adopted my nickname to be my penname when I started writing a couple of years ago. I had starting posting stories here on when I was 16 years old; I am now 18 and a lot of things has changed so I've decided to update my "About me" section. Hehe. I am currently a full-time working university student, hence the seemingly endless waits for my chapters. >.> I still live in California, but I won't say where exactly, but if you'll like to know, why dontcha ask me privately & I'll tell ya. I love recieving reviews from readers. My readers' support is my motivation to write, so please review! I love reading/watching romance, fiction, drama, and comedies. If its a blend of all four (e.g. Fruits Basket) I'll be a fan! I am a HUGE Fruits Basket fan if you somehow missed my opening statement (look up! _), so most of my stories will be Fruits Basket fics, but I can't guarantee it'll continue to be this way in the long run. I might come across another awesome anime or manga and write a fic for it, but until then, I won't know for sure. But no worries, I'll let you know when I do! Well, that's about it. If you'll like to know me a little better, don't hesitate to PM me! I'll be looking forward to hearing from ya! Bye for now!

Anime and Me:

To be honest, I don't know much about Anime because I've only started reading manga resently. My friend introduced me to Fruits Basket about 6 months ago and since then I've been hooked to it...hehehe...Then I began to explore the world of Manga...and Anime...eventually this led me to a lot of different stories. However, I prefer stories with cute characters and/or regular everyday people. I guess I'm not fond of fighting and killing, so I don't like manga with the supernatural. Well, unless they're cute and adorable demons and angels like Misha-san and Shia-san in Pita-Ten...and if they don't kill anything then I'm find with it...I love Pita-ten just as much as I love Fruits Basket! I've watched Fruits Basket and Pita-Ten as well. hehehe...

My writing:

They probably aren't the bestest stories in the world, but I do put a lot of effort into them. I prefer to write in first person for some unknown reason, but not all of my stories are in first person. I enjoy writing fictional romance story, comedies, and the occassional drama. I don't write poems for several reasons: 1. I can't rhyme 2. I don't do it often 3. Well, I just suck at it...Sighz... =/ So my main focus is on stories right now...But even so, if I happened to write a good poem, I'll post it so you can help me improve my poetry. SO please post reviews, for my writing!

What's going on with my current stories:


HEY EVERYONE (again)!! I apologize for not updating me stories so long, but I've been really busy this past year trying to graduate from college. As you might have already guessed, I'm on summer vacation, but I don't have as much leisure time as you all might suspect. My time is most divided between school, work and a long-term relationship. So please, continue to bare with me on this. I know you all want to know how my story "Hidden from the World" ends and to be honest, I don't know if I can finish anytime soon with graduation preparation related stuff and senior year around the corner! Nonetheless, thank you all for being so patient with me.

I wanted all of my readers to know that I love receiving your messages and reviews, usually regardless if they are positive or negative feedback. However, I have to admit that I have been debating if I should finish "Hidden from the World" because I doubted how many people actually reads it. Logging on to fanfic after this past year and seeing so many positive reviews have made me very happy. Therefore, I would like to ask my readers to continue to leave reviews/send messages, because if you don't, I'll never know how many readers are actually reading my stories or how many people I'll be disappointing if I do not update! If you want me to update, keep letting me know, because my readers are the people that keep me motivated to write! Thanks again!!!!!

Update Dates:

-Hidden From the World-

Chapter 12: "The Boar"// HAS BEEN POSTED! GO READ IT NOW!! (Please review!)

Chapter 13: "God's Fury and the Cat's Love"// Kind of, sort of haitus...for now. Sorry!

.Cami.B. Says: Hey, I'm sorry about the long wait for Chapter 12. Well, its up now and I have receieved a few new reviews. Someone asked about whether Akito is going to come back. I promise you he will. After all this is a Akitohru story. hehe. But of course there will be a few surprises and twists here and there. Anywho, a little preview for the upcoming chapter, Akito finally stops by the house to visit Tohru at Shigure's house. How will he feel if he found out that his precious Tohru is working as a maid for the boys doing chores and cooking? And how will he feel if he knew how close Kyo and Yuki are getting with Tohru? Can you see jealousy anywhere? X Remember to read Chapter thirteen in July to find out!!

-Destiny's Curse, Fate's Prank-

Chapter 2: "An Introduction to My Life" // Haitus X(

Recently Completed:

"Bind by Destiny, Tortured by Fate": (Fruits Basket)A story that takes you through the pain and struggles of a slave who fell in love with her master. Filled with surprises, plot twists, and emotions, this story is told through the main character's (Tohru Honda) point of view. If you have time, read it and tell me what you think! Thanks a bunches!

Currently working on:

"Hidden From the World" : (Fruits Basket) I suddenly have a big thing for Akiru stories, so I decided to write one. (But of course, my beloved Kyo has to be in it...HINT XP)Although I am aware that Akito is a girl, I made Akito a male in this story. For now, I can tell you that this will be the story that I'll be working on from now on until it is completed. (I prefer to work on one story at a time.) But I might change my mind. We'll see. So check it out and tell me what you think!

"Destiny's Curse, Fate's Prank": (Fruits Basket) This is the sequel of "Bind by Destiny..." as you might have already known. I've finally started on this story. Sorry it took so long! I decided to tell this story through Tohru's child's point of view instead of Tohru's just to make it a little more interesting. Please read it and let me know what you think! (Currently Haitus! Sorry.)

Upcoming Stories:

"Imperfections" : (Fruits Basket) I decided to change "Loving Imperfection" to just "Imperfections". Anyways, this is also a KyoxTorhu story like my first story. As for the details, I'll have to let you read the summary when I create the story. Sorry =P By the way, I probably won't start this story until much later.

Hugs and Kisses to: (TRANSLATION: Special Thanks To...)

LadyYuina, or Diana, she has introduced me to the world of Fanfiction...hehe that sounded weird, but whatever...hugs...she's the person that inspired and helped me...she's like my mentor...hehehe...she's such a great friend too...

Melting Snowflake for supporting my story since the very beginning. She was one of my first readers and reviewers. And for this, I thank her very very much.

Sage of Downtown Hyrule for also supporting my story. This person has been reading and reviewing my story a little after I started it. Thank you!

I also want to thank all of my reviewers for supporting, encouraging, and helping me. Without them, I probably would've never continued it. Thanks again=)

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