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Hey there, my name's Chris. I've been part of since I was eleven years old. Granted, this is not my first profile, otherwise you would find ten to twenty unfinished stories sitting below this about me section, instead of just one or two. If there's anything to be said about my early work, it's that it was terrible. That being said, if I find any of it lying around in a 3.5 inch floppy or a CD, I'll be sure to post it.

Aside from writing, I enjoy many other things. The first and greatest of which is music. I love music. I must have over four thousand songs in my library of all types and genres. Whether it's rock, rap, classical, jazz, pop, symphony, techno, dance, comedy or any other sort, music is my greatest ally and friend. I also, like any male under 40, enjoy video games. My favorite genre is probably the RPG, but I'm always up for a good survival horror, shooter, or even a good platformer if the mood strikes me. I love movies and the movie theater, as well as this magnificent thing they call Netflix. I list movies I've seen and am looking forward to near the bottom of this page. As you will probably be able to tell, I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi movies, but I also have a special place in my heart for gangster flicks and crime dramas. I love to read, and try to get through at least 2 books per month. I play dungeons and dragons with my friends and am a huge fan of the game. I also have a fascination with magic tricks (though I don't have the dexterity to do it myself) and card games.

Fandom vs. Story

This is something I wrote for Ben Myatt's forum that I really liked and thought I should place here for all to see.

When you're dealing with fan fiction, this is a big deal. Which do you give more allegiance? I think it's debatable based on the type of story you're writing. Something that's just a small piece of fluff, or an obligatory shipping piece, for example, is much more likely to have its allegiance lie in the area of fandom. The first piece of fan fiction I ever wrote (which is, sadly, not on this site, and probably doesn't even exist any more), was a piece of trash about Kari falling in love with some random Original Character I had invented (my own Tyler Durden at the time. That may need more explanation, but it isn't appropriate here). It was all about cutesy fun and an epic, Michael Bay-esque fight with Machinedramon. There was no real story to it, and so I focused on exploiting my characters. That and I didn't know what I was bloody doing, so it ended up in the trash, anyway. The point is that with pieces like that, I think that fandom in general (and characters more specifically) should be given priority against story.

However, when one is dealing with something on a much more grand scale, (my own pieces, Goggleboy's, most of Glory's fiction, etc.) there is an obligation to story that cannot be met via catering to fandom. Of course, story is not the only point that should be paid attention to. Plot, characterization, narration, description, voice, even conventions. Everything must be given equal attention in order to tell powerful, well written, coherent fiction. Especially fan fiction. I think you're setting your sights even higher when dealing with another person's work, because you must meet and exceed the expectations that they established.

Is this to say that you should look directly at what's come before and copy that? No. Absolutely not. It's a matter of knowing the rules before you break them. You must know what's come before, else there's no rules for you to break. And you must break those rules. What other reason is there to write fan fiction other than to break the established pattern? If everyone just wrote the Dark Master saga over and over again, nobody would read anything because we would have seen it all before. No. Our job is to explore the untold stories, the insecurities, the darkness, and bring it to the light. If all we get is a story where TK is a beacon of hope, Kari is strong, yet troubled, and Davis is an impulsive jackass, then we haven't anything, have we? All we'd be doing then is catering to the canon, to the stories told. I say that TK must face his inner darkness, Kari must be torn to shreds by her insecurities, Davis must be forced to bloody think for once!

And so, with a grand piece, something that is above the standard fan fiction plaguing this site, yes. Story must be given allegiance over Fandom. But Fandom, I believe, does have its place. That place, however, is not amongst the "Dragonflies in the Mist"s or the "Davis' Tears"s or the "Lighthouse"s or, dare I stroke my own ego, the "War of the Crests"s.


Note: Below each story is a progress level of the story.

The War of the Crests (RE-WRITE)

Five years following the destruction of MaloMyotismon, the digidestined have changed and grown, and digimon at large have been revealed to the world. But as machinations beyond their control--beyond the control of all humanity--turn and develop, they will soon need to decide what kind of person they are to be in the coming war. Will they lead? Or will they die?

Part 1: Light: The world now knows that digimon are a reality. And the digidestined, 5 years after their final adventure, have been forced to live in a brave new world. But change never occurs in a vacuum, and soon the ramifications of their actions will resound throughout not just one world, but all worlds.

Progress: Chapter 1: Semi-Charmed Life.

The War of the Crests Classic

Taking place four years after the events that concluded Digimon Adventure 02, the digidestined are starting to grow up. But for a few, the title of digidestined has little meaning any more. But soon, they will once again be called to defend the digital world and their own, as a new shadow rises to power...or is it an old one?

Part 1: Light: History tells us that peace cannot last. Four years following the defeat of MaloMyotismon, the digidestined will face this truth. And though Light has always triumphed over Shadow, can it overcome itself?

Progress: Canceled.

Other Stories

These are other stories I'm working on. Each of these will have a short summary and my progress. I will supply summaries for those that are incomplete.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Genesis: A re-working of the Sonic the Hedgehog continuity. Sonic is a young hedgehog, a loner without a path. But when he finds a girl that reminds him of his past and a people in need of help, he's forced to make a choice. Can he be the hero they need?

Progress: In-Progress.

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