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Author has written 13 stories for Dracula, Phantom of the Opera, Dracula 2000, Movie X-overs, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Escaflowne, and Twilight.


August 2012:

Since I am currently working on the novel versions of some of my fanfictions, I decided to deleted those fanfictions. My first novel should be published real soon: I am working hard to make it happen.

Also, I don't think I will write any more fanfictions. I need to concentrate on my original work. I hope you will forgive me. ;)

The remaining fics that are here will stay here.


I now have my own DeviantArt account. You can see and enjoy most of my fanarts, more will be added in time.

AniP made a wonderful drawing of my character Corrine, from The Soul Maker! Go see it!

Where I come from

I come from the most beautiful province in Canada, Québec. I live near Montréal, on the south shore. To answer some questions I once heard; No I don't live in an Igloo and No I don't know anyone living in an Igloo. Yes it can be cold out here, between -10 and -40 Celsius in winter but in summer it can go to 40 Celsius and the humidity is sometimes unbearable. :Þ

Some information on me

I'm a Phantom of the Opera phan! You can tell by the number of phanphic I wrote! lol

I'm also quite fond of the Lord of the Rings movies. I read the books, of course... but now I'm talking about movies lol I finally found the courage in me to write a fic about these. Its based on dreams I had and songs I heard and loved.


-Writing! What else? Hmm, well, History. I like old civilizations. I’m passionate in all that touches Ancient Egypt. Inca, Maya and Native Americans are also on my lists. I am part Native American by the way…

-I like architecture, but would not go into the details if ever talking to an architect. lol I like old buildings, let’s put it like that.

-Music! I don’t play any instrument, but I like music very much! REAL music, like Mozart, Beethoven and some other classical. But what I listen most is movie soundtracks. Last I counted, I had 155 soundtrack, but I lost count… My favorite composers are: John Williams, Danny Elfman, James Newton-Howard, Harry Gregson-Williams, Thomas Newman and the lates Basil Poledouris and Michael Kamen, may these two great composers rest in peace.

Favorite actors/actresses!

-Viggo Mortensen. I'm a fan of is art in general. Paintings, pictures and music. Oops, I forgot about his acting. Well...he's the best one! He can play everything. From an evil man or Lucifer himself, to the strong and yet quite shy King Aragorn. Ahhhh...okay, enough... lol

-Gerard Butler. I first heard of him as the Phantom, but I saw 8 of his movies and I'll say it; He's a great actor. Though, he doesn't replace Viggo in my heart! lol

In that "male" list there is also Sam Neill, David Thewlis and John Malkovich.

For the "females": Natalie Portman (not in Other Boleyn girl though, I was quite deceived with this movie), Dame Maggie Smith, Miranda Richardson, Rachel Weisz.

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