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Author has written 2 stories for Fruits Basket, and Naruto.

Yo. Well, I'm lilhazelnutta and I feel like typing this in italic because it looks fancy-ish.

To business! I am siiiiixteeeeeeeen and live at the bottom of the world (but then again, the earth sort of turns so I'm not always at the bottom. But on the maps I am!)

Muahahahahahaha... I like writing, manga, anime, martial arts, PS2, and laughing evilly. Except I'm not so good at that last one I mentioned. Heh heh?

Aaaaahhh, my favourite animes/mangas right now are Ouran High School Host Club, Naruto, Death Note, Zombie Loan and Fruits Basket. And on the PS2, I'm working on Metal Gear Solid 2 (my first Shooter.. I'm terrible at it.. DX) and FFXII. Haven't gotten around to finishing either of them.

Well, fanfiction. Fanfiction is alright. I sometimes leave reviews. Usually I only review stories where people use proper grammar etc though... I can't stand titles or stories where the grammar is so excruciatingly terrible I can't bear to read it. So please... keep it literate and so I can understand. @_@ The only exception is if you review my stories, I'll probably have a look at some yours and review one if I know what the book/movie/anime is about so I know what you're writing about, even if it's full of grammar mistakes. Because I appreciate you taking the time to review for me and it's only polite to return the favour.

But you know what BUGS me? When people write in the summaries, "I suck at summaries" or "Bad summary". If its such a bad summary, write a better one! I can't say much about mine (muahahaha that makes me a hypocrite I think) but when I write more fics, I'll make summaries without the whole "I suck at this" stuff. Heh heh. =P

That's about it. Yes yes. Or not. But who cares.

Incomplete fanfics: They're Not My Friends

Complete fanfics: Tohru's mistakes

Note: Uhh... I haven't exactly gotten around to writing many fanfics yet, but I will eventually. Some day. In the very distant future.

Another note: Grrr. I wish it would stop getting rid of the lil asterisks I put in.

ANOTHER note. Coz I'm a pain like that. Yeah I dunno... this is my mumble space...

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They're Not My Friends reviews
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