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Hello and thanks for taking the time to check out my profile!

My name is Sarah and I'm 28. I started writing as a hobby to keep me from getting bored at my job. Office work can be so dull. Anyway, feel free to drop me a note or say "hi" sometime. My email is and I can be reached via Yahoo messenger as sangelsigma and MSN messenger as I'm looking for someone to beta my stories so if you're interested let me know. Thanks!

Current Fandoms and Pairings
Yuki x Shuichi
Ryuichi x Shuichi
Tatsuha x Ryuichi x Shuichi
Yuki x Tatsuha
Yuki x Tatsuha x Ryuichi x Shuichi
Kingdom Hearts
Axel x Riku
Namine x Kairi
Kadaj x Axel
Kadaj x Axel x Riku
Kadaj x Axel x Yazoo x Loz
Axel x Riku x Reno
Axel x Kairi
Riku x Rikku

Anyways, I have a few projects in mind and thought I'd share them. If you have questions or suggestions for any of these please contact me.

Till Death Do Us Part?: Gravitation, AU. A vampire takes an interest in Yuki and turns him. Will Yuki be able to control his new hunger or will Shuichi become his next victem? Can their love survive undeath? Yuki x Requiem OC, Yuki x Shuichi. Special thanks to Tracy for cowriting this story. Yuki wouldn't be half as kick ass if it wasn't for Tracy's amazing brain. Rating will be T. This story is on a short hiatus so I can work on my other stories.

Thanks That Was Fun: Gravitation, AU. What happens when Yuki enters a no strings attached relationship only to find himself falling in love? Will his partner return his affection or stick to the promise of no emotional attachment? Yuki x Shuichi. Inspired by the Bare Naked Ladies song. Rating will be M for smut.

Tainted Love: Kingdom Hearts, AU. Axel falls in love the youngest of three brothers but all is not well in paradise. This is a prequel to an rp I'm currently involved in. Through the process of gaming I've half created this story and now it's demanding to be written. Kadaj x Axel, Kadaj x Axel x Yazoo x Loz. Rating M for smut and violence. This story is getting moved to It is too graphic for this site. Ch 1 posted on Go check it out!

Rainy Day Memory: Kindom Hearts II. A rainy day and simple melody sparks a memory. This one I wrote a long time ago and I want to rewrite it. Rating K possibly T when rewritten.

Untitled: Gravitation, AU. Shuichi has always admired his older brother Ryuichi and wants to be just like him. But as he matures Shuichi realizes that his feelings go beyond admiration. What will Shuichi do when Ryuichi's brotherly love becomes something more? Ryuichi x Shuichi. Rating most likely M cause I like the smut.

Untitled: Kingdom Hearts II, AU. Kairi is a model student at an all girls boarding school. Her new roomate seems sweet and nearly perfect but that's just a facade hiding the girls true nature. Will Kairi discover the truth? Namine x Kairi. Rating T maybe M.

Untitled: Kingdom Hearts II, Slight AU. With Roxas returned to Sora's heart Axel is left alone and lonely. After a training session Axel and Demyx get close. Will Demyx understand as Axel seeks out Sora to say his final goodbyes to Roxas or will old love destroy the new. Axel x Demyx, Axel x Roxas/Sora. Rating M for Lemons. Inspired/based on an Rp.

Lap Dance: Kingdom Hearts II, AU. Demyx starts a new job DJing at a club and recieves a suprising welcome. This is a gift fic for my friend Suma-chan. Reating is R and this fic is posted at Axel/Demyx .

Clue: Kingdom Hearts II, AU. KH does Clue. Inspired by the movie and a rp. Pairings and Rating unknown.

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Ghost Monk by Zemia reviews
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Gravitation - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 55,292 - Reviews: 59 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 5/13/2007 - Published: 4/19/2006 - Shuichi S., Tachi A.
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Till Death Do Us Part? reviews
A foreign vampire takes an interest in Yuki and turns him. Will Yuki be able to control his new hunger or will Shuichi be his next victim? Can their love survive undeath? Please R&R!
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