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Wellcome to my profile my readers, grab a chair by the fire, and warm yourself.

Information About Me

E-mail: velvetyblack777@yahoo.com

Don’t be afraid to p.m. me. I welcome all. Besides, I think it’s of utmost importance to get to know people that you have connections with.

Penname: Detective CelestialGazer42

Other accounts on here: They are pretty dead, I probably will never log in again. I lost the information to them, and they are unretreavible. My names are Mary Lillian Johnson, and The Eternal writers.

Name: Rachel

Fictionpress name: Detective CelestialGazer42

Sites in General: On most other sites, I am to lazy to actually change my name, so it remains as Stargazeror stargazer777. Occasionally, if I didn’t or couldn’t change it my name could differ. Mainly Mary Lillian Johnson And Moongazer.

Location In California in the United states.

Age: I am fifteen.

Grade: Finishing up my Freshman year. In otherwords in form four in the system of the United Kingdom.

Birthday: November 12, 1992

Ethnic group: Chinese

Harry Potter house: Ravenclaw

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Personal Traits: serious, positive, hard working, determined, impatient, bookworm, funny, nice, Sarcastic, and helpful.

faith: I am Protestant Christian.

Belief: fairness and justice to all, harshness is no solution, You should do things for the greater good, Prejudice is not greatness, speech should not be sensored, People should be able to speak up,everything has a solution, positiveness will make you achieve greatness, and disabled

people should be treated the same as you would want others to treat you.

Occupation: I am just a student, unless you count my services to the church as Greeter and Usher. I also volunteer here and there. I do mostly aiding teachers or individuals in learning. Most have disabilities

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight, but I no longer have any objections to anything.

Fact: I am a canon person, I rarely venture in to fanon.

Disability: I am Visually impaired, and can see nothing, but can perceive light. That is called being a totally blind. I do not have anything otherwise, and my mentality is as sharp as yours.

Speaks: Cantonese Chinese and my second language being English. I am currently studying Spanish.

Book Character: People say I am Hermione in the Harry Potters and I am more of a Watson in Sherlock Holmes.



Original authors: Homer, Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Carolyn keene, Franklin Dixson, J. K. Rowling, Roald Dahl, Ann M Martin, Judy blume, Beverly Cleary, Harper Lee, Helen Keller, Ann Frank, Gertrude Chandler, Louisa May Alcott, Tennessee Williams, Mildred D. Taylor, Willson Rawls, J. R. R. Tolkine, Lewis Carroll, and some others.

Fanfiction Authors: Sweet Apple Pie, Gifted and Moonlight, Shadow Dragon Boss, Weird Sister One, Valerian Spellcaster, Perfectly Sirius, and Kelev


The Harry Potter Series: Sirius Black, Hermione Granger, Nymphadora Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody, James Potter, Sirius Black, Ronald Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Remus Lupin,Teddy Lupin, Rose Weasley Albus Severus Potter, James Sirius Potter, Hugo weasley, Scorpius malfoy, Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, Hagrid, Molly Weasley, and Harry Potter.

Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and Mycroft Holmes.

Pride And Prejudice: Elizabeth Bennett, Mr. Bennett, Fritzwilliam Darcy, Mrs. Gardiner, Charles Bingley, and Georgiana Darcy.

Great Expectations: Joe Gargery, Able Magwitch, Pip, Estella Magwitch, John Wemmick, and Herbert Pocket.

To Kill A Mockingbird: Scout Finch, Atticus Finch, Calpurnia, Tom robbinson, Walter Cunningham, Arthur Radley, and Dill.

Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry: Little Man/Clayton Chester Logan, Christopher John, Little Willie, Cassie, Mary Logan, Jeremy Simms, Mr. Wade Jamison, and

Moe Turner.

The Glass Menagerie: Jim O'Connor, Amanda Wingfield, and Tom Wingfield..

Jacob Have I Loved: Sara Louise Bradshaw, Hiram Wallace, and Joseph.

Tom Sawyer: Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Thin, Becky Thatcher, and Aunt Polly.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Violet Baudelaire, Klaus Baudelaire, Sunny Baudelaire, Justice Klaus, All the Quagmires, and Jerome Squalor.

Babysitters Club: Kristy, Mary-Anne, Dawn, Logan Bruno, Mallory Pike, and Jessi.

Nancy Drew: Ned Nickerson, Nancy Drew, Helen, Bess Marvin, George Fayne, Carson Drew, and Hannah.

Odyssey: Athena, Odysseus, Telemachus, and Penelope.

Boxcar children: All four children.

Eragon: Brom, Eragon, Arya, and Katrina.

Lord Of The Rings: Gandalf, Bilbo, Frodo, all dwarves, all elves in Rivindale, Sam, Mary, and Pippin.

Where the Red Fern Grows: both dogs, and Billy.

Number the Stars: Anne Marie, Ellen, Mrs. Johnsen, Mr. Johnsen, and Christi.

Holes: Stanley and Hector.

Spiderwick: Jarred, Simon, Mallory, and Lucinda.

Alice in Wonderland: Alice, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Two, Five, Seven, Gryphon, Mock Turtle, Mad Hatter, and March Hare.

Anne Frank Hellen Keller and The Bible


Hamtaro: Boss, Maxwell, Oxnard, inspectorHam, Elderham, Sandy, Stan, and Pashmina.


Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins and the two adorable kids.

The Sound Of music: Maria

Spirited Away: Haku.

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets: Everyone in the second movie on my favorite Harry Potter books list

Kind of reviews: constructive and friendly criticism

Color: Orange

Singer: Bejork

Songs: A Dios Le Pido, Sharp Shooters, human Behavior, and some older music like the oldies.

Sayings: It's hard, but never impossible.

For the greater good.

Practice, practice, and more practice!

Countries: Great Brittain and Japan

Obsession: The Harry Potter universe.

Food: Chicken, chocolate, icecream, and pie

Day: Sunday

Theme park: Any Disney ones.

Hobbies: Helping people, Roleplaying, Chattering away online, talking on the phone, collecting pencils, surfing the internet, reading, writing, and editing.

Words: Snigger, Nutter, rubbish, bugger, absurd, bloody, deuce, and jest.

Subject in school: English

Art form: writing, and acting.


Hinata, Gifted, Selena Midyette, Ashley Sparrow, mikurawr, and my many net friends!


I am going to give you four sites here. If you have a chance check my forums here also.

The Sherlock Holmes Comunity

I recently got in to these and we can discuss the books and films. We can also roleplay if you wish.

The General Forums

A general forum that gets surges of activity, and it has many topics and much variety. I spent over a spand of three months to make this completely. This has numerous boards and subboards, I can’t even count them anymore.

The Willow grove

A all time random chat, and it’s a very old site. If you prefer the slow sites, then it’s the one

Society Of Boredom


I occasionally go back and this is also a general chat site.


Here are some of them. Yes, some are new.

“Yeah, sure, I am a witch, and you know what, I am proud to be a witch, thank you!” Me when a bunch of girls decided to insult me and this was when I was obsessed with the Harry Potters.


“Pity those who live without love.”Albus Dumbledore

"Are you really Harry Potter?" Ronald Weasley from Harry Potter

And The Sorcerer Stone

“It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more”Albus Dumbledore

"Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we

begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are:

Nitwit! Blubber! O.T! Tweak! Thank you." Albus Dumbledore from Harry

Potter And The Sorcerer Stone

"ARE YOU A WITCH OR NOT?" Ronald Weasley

from Harry Potter And The Sorcerer Stone

"Alas! Ear wax!" Albus

Dumbledore from Harry Potter And The Sorcerer Stone

"I haven't poisoned

that chocolate, you know." Remus J. Lupin from Harry Potter And The

Prisoner Of Azkaban

"You look in excellent health to me, Potter, so you

will excuse me if I don't let you off homework today. I assure you that

if you die, you need not hand it in." Minerva, M. McGonagall from Harry

Potter, And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

"They see the grim and die of

fright. The Grim's not an omen, it's the cause of death. And Harry's

still with us because he's not stupid enough to see one and think,

right, Well, I'd better kick the bucket then!" Hermione Jane Granger

from Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

"I was hoping that Neville would assist me with the first stage of the Operation,” he

said, "and I am sure he will perform it admirably." Remus J. Lupin

from Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

"Professor Severus Snape,

master of this school, commands you to yield the information you

conceal!" Severus Snape from Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

"Don't expect me to cover up for you again, Harry. I cannot make you

take Sirius Black seriously. But I have thought that what you have

heard when the dementors draw near you would have had more of an effect

on you. Your parents gave their live to keep you alive, Harry. A Poor

way to repay them-gambling their sacrifice for a bag of magic tricks."

Remus J. Lupin from Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban "Jordan,

“if you can't commentate in an unbiased way-!" Minerva M. MCGonagall

from Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

"From early in the

morning till late at night, I really do hardly anything else but think

of Peter. I sleep with his image before my eyes, dream about him and he

is still looking at me when I awake." Anne Frank.

"I don't know What's going on here, but I suppose I'd better do something about it or you'll never get any work done." Mary Logan from Roll Of Thunder,

Hear My cry.

“Do you hear the snow against the window panes Kitty? How nice and soft it sounds! Just as if someone was kissing the window all over outside. I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says "Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again." And when they wake up in the summer, kitty, they dress themselves all in green, and dance about-wherever the wind blows-oh, that's very pretty!" Alice from Through The Looking Glass.

“Pass the damn Ham.” Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird.

"I already know what I am!" I retaliated. "But I betcha you don't know what you are! And I could sure tell you, too, you ole" Cassie Logan from Roll Of Thunder, Here My Cry.

"It will be easy for anyone to see whom responsibility it is Daisy, by opening any seventh grade book. Because tomorrow I'm going to "Mess them up" too." Mary Logan from Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

"Cause … Cause I said I was gonna tell what happened." T.J. Avery From Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry.

"C-cassie, you didn't have to do that. T-That ole Lillian Jean, she ain't worth it." Jeremy Simms from Roll Of thunder, Hear My Cry

"I-I said may I have another book please, Ma'am," he squeaked. "That one's dirty." Clayton Chester Logan aka Little Man Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

"Yeah, I promise. Just get to Papa and Mr. Morrison 'fore they-fore they hurt them some more." Stacey Logan from Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

"Y'all decide to hold court out here tonight?" Mr. Jamison from Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

"Now?" said she. "You little coarse monster, what do you think of me now?" Mrs. Gargery from Great Expectations

"Who the blue blaze is he!" A convict from Great Expectations

"Why is it that the young are never grateful?" Ms. Hubble from Great Expectations

"what a questioner he is. Ask no questions, and you'll be told no lies."Mrs. Joe Gargery from Great Expectations

"Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts." Sherlock Holmes.

"My dear Doctor, this is a time for observation, not for talk." sherlock holmes

"people with no vision don't see darkness--they see nothing." unknown

"I confess that I have been as blind as a mole, but it is better to learn wisdom late, than never to learn it at all" Sherlock Holmes

Data! data! data! he cried impatiently. I can't make bricks without clay." Sherlock Holmes

"A problem without a solution may interest the student, but can hardly fail to annoy the casual reader." John Watson

Come at once if convenient--if inconvenient come all the same.--SH. Sherlock Holmes

My line of thoughts about dogs is analogous. A dog reflects the family life. Whoever saw a frisky dog in a gloomy family, or a sad dog in a happy one? Snarling people have snarling dogs, dangerous people have dangerous ones. And their passing moods may reflect the passing moods of others. Sherlock Holmes

It has been a case for intellectual deduction, but when this original intellectual deduction is confirmed

point by point by quite a number of independent incidents, then the subjective becomes objective and we can say confidently that we have reached our goal. I had, in fact, reached it before we left Baker Street, and the rest has merely been observation and confirmation. Sherlock Holmes

It is usually wiser to tell the truth. But why did you lie to him? Sherlock Holmes


I come from a Asian culture, and I guess it effects me in ways that is negative. I am not proud of it, myself, it’s depressing. No, I don’t like or get along with my family much at all. I usually have my ways and methods that are completely different from my parents. I think quite out of the box, and it unnerves my parents, and generally speaking up for my ideas is also to their disapprovals. I have a younger sister who is ten and she is in the fifth grade and for the people in the United Kingdom it’s year five. I have a mother and a father. There’s no stepparents, nothing complicated there, my two parents are still married after maybe twenty years. There almost fifty and are one of the older folks in existence. At the present, no pets for us. We had plenty in the past, but they aren’t alive anymore.


I usually write humour, but I am starting to venture to darker things. Revolving upon slightly disturbing sceens. This world is not so clean anymore, and much could be said about this world that is not so holy. I write to express and to take out my stress and I do do morals if I can find fit to slip them in. I perhaps won’t come out and blatantly do such, you have television to do that, but I conceal it and hope you find it. I write for many reasons and you might be able to perceive it. Sometimes I’ll come out and say it in my author’s notes, but occasionally that is. Sometimes, I do it unwillingly, but if it’s good enough quality I’ll put some of my fanfictions I write for class on here. I have some up. Some of my stories contains prejudices, and that’s not because I am prejudice myself, I got over that a while back, so that’s not the reason. The correct explanation is because I want to show how it ruins people, sceens, and the world in general so that it being very ungraceful in all points of view showing through.

Futures And Enjoyment

I hope to be come an English major and hopefully teach English and be a published author on the sidelines to make extra money to live on. Money’s not the main reason for writeing, however.Henceforth, I naturally write and read a excessive amount. My work only looks bad when I have to constrict it and mutalate it. I love critiquing, and will do it often, so people can improve and the site can work on being better together. I do very much so hope other authors will too gather and assemble to make this great site better. We can all do this by uniting to critique, chat, and not being bullying flamers, because there’s better things to do then that.


This sadly has to be infrequently because of homework, and school business. I hate to say I won’t update for a while, but I must. I am in all honors classes, and will take one Advance Placement starting next fall. I ask you to be patient, please. I don’t mind p.m.s That’s always welcomed. Make yourselves availlable to me and I will also.


Most of you I do owe an apology to. I would appreciate if others of you try to be a little more frank with me. If you don’t like it, report it. I don’t like this nonsense with hiding the stories or whatever you have done. I see no correcting it with my version. On the other hand, I did not receive a single p.m. I insist if you refused to use my betaed Manuscript, you tell me exactly that and perhaps if you have enough kindness to, why. At present, I’ll only beta in the summer, because when school is still in procession I am quite unavaillable. P.m. me if you wish me not to do it, because I will. Last note here, I just want to tell you all, I do hold my people I beta for responsible, because that’s just justice. If I have to be responsible, so should you.

A History: first person account

Heya, I am detective, call me whatever you like. Anyone that knows me from about a year ago is welcomed to call me Moongazer if you are for old time sakes. I suppose the rest of you can do so, but it might seem a trifle too random to play with. My real name is Rachel and I am fifteen. I have endured in a flame war, so I have seen it all, hell, I cried through it all, and all in the name of supporting a certain girl. I felt sorry for her actually. I wrote pretty bad as well, but have since improved in many directions. I have been telling stories ever since I can talk no matter if it was a actual entertaining story or a talk about a imaginary friend. My father told me bedtime stories when I was younger and I would insist on telling him one back. After they ceased and before, when I learnt to inscribe on a paper, I recorded some of them. Sadly, most has been lost. Well, most never made any sense until maybe sixth or seventh grade. As English is my second language, I naturally found it cultavatingly interesting and quite unique. I did vex over matters of learning it, but obviously as deductions serves you, I can use it. Hence, I started picking up writing utensles and scribbled some of my most astonishing stories down. I Endeavoured myself to do so from textbooks at first. I never knew about fandoms until the end of seventh grade, when I found my friend talking to my former friend about it. I was at the time a very heavy worrshiper of the Harry Potter book series. It was so intense, I have to thus admit that I will probably never forget the content. Then came the history of the flames. If you have been on this site long enough you might have heard of the Knights of Fanfiction. I joined in the second round for about six months, and I think the leader on our side was Gamecube Professional. The leader on the other is Kaiser Scott. The idiotical bastards flamed, duplicated our profiles, duplicated our stories and went impersonating us. On there forums they would mock us. They did a pretty bad immatation of me. It was muchly unpleasant and can make any man sick. I like it no better then you readers, but I also admit I was being a little rash on my part. I took all of my old stories down, but I suppose it was for the better, because they weren’t of decent quality. I wrote Sitting Trouble, Four Founders, Second Chance, Adventures At Disneyland, Moony Wormtail, Padfoot And Prongs, and The Very Perfectly Disastrous

Birthday Party. I will rewrite almost everything, but the exception for the Disney one. My friend Gifted will be now working on it. Now, back to my past, at this point in time about May of last year, I went in to my other account in disguise telling no one of any past. I wrote differently, actually a bit differently so that no one can have the slightest recognition. I authored one storie, but it was not that good either, thus I was still discouraged. It was My Dirty Side Of My world, a Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry fanfiction, and was narrated by Little man. I fear that I could never at one point or another come back to this original account that has been here almost two years. This account is reaching it’s second birthday on the nineteenth of May. Finally, I do eventually return to my account that did so much deucely works. I had returned in the end of December, with the sight of no more flamers that duplicated, flamed and impersonated. I still don’t quite agree with flamers, but I think I can understand them more. I return with awareness of my writing skills which I sought to improve

and care about. I also rid myself of my habbits of old of bad character development, and enjoying it. Henceforth, I conclude this trifling story, and you decide if you approve of me or not. Let me tell you so, if you’d let me have a go at it, and that’s I try to be as honest as I can, really. Thank you for reading.

Detective CelestialGazer42