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Author has written 10 stories for Resident Evil, Ragnarok Online, Naruto, and Super Robot Wars.

Name: (Just call me Buff, Maverick, or Mav...whatever suits your fancy)

Age: 22 (currently)

Country of Birth: Malaysia. Currently located in Kuala Lumpur (God damned traffic jams!).

Occupation: Uni Student

Race: Chinese...though my mother says there is a small bit of Malay and Thai blood in me...


Manga: I read several of them, my all time favourite being One Piece.

Anime: I love to watch anime, but I don’t have much time to do so and my parents don’t approve of it, so I occasionally watch them when I can find the time. One of my favourites is Fuli Culi (FLCL…not too sure how to write the name) because it is insane and it doesn’t make any sense. Ghost in the Shell are also my favourites, both movies and the series. Lately I have turned into a mecha fanboy, as I have been watching all sort of mecha anime, mostly from the Gundam series. Attempting to find the old Macross series, but to no avail.

Books: I’m not really picky. I just read what I can salvage from the state library. Books sold in stores where I am from are rather pricey so I can't buy much books. I prefer fantasy and action/adventure books. Right now, I'm done with the final Harry Potter book, and thus, I have bring closure to the final book that had intrigued me since I first watched the movie (yes, I'm probably one of those rare people who watched the movie before reading the book.). Been reading the Twilight series lately, while not overly groundbreaking, is still a fairly entertaining read. Still prefer vampires like Alucard.

Video games: Anything RPG or tactical...or whatever that suits my fancy. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 9 (old game, I know, but was the first, technically, RPG which I played) being two of my far. The Final Fantasy Tactics series is really good, and I have managed to play all three of them. Managed to go gamehunting for Resident Evil, so now the only one I have yet to play from the main series is RE Zero and Code Veronica. Resident Evil 5 is made of pure win (blowing zombies heads off with a shotgun NEVER gets old). A new remake for the old Fire Emblem is coming out on the DS, man I can't wait for it!

Updates: Since I'm quite busy studying, I can only update usually about once a week when I'm up and about with an idea for a fanfic. Just to keep things fixed, I'll update on Saturday, either in the evening or at night. This is about 8 hours ahead of the timeline located at Greenwich, so you can figure out yourself when that is in your own timezone. If I don't update then, it will be because my computer is down, the internet is down, the electricity is down, I'm down, I forgot or I'm dead (the last doesn't apply if I update later.). If I'm in a swinging mood, I might post more than one chapter, but I'll almost certainly post something within a week. Thanks for reading my fanfics and thanks to those who will. I graciously accept and appreciate reviews, comments and flames (if necessary).

Finished works:

Resident Evil: A New Beginning. (well, don't need me to tell you what genre this fanfic is about right?)

The Alliance: Questionable Honour (Ragnarok Online)

The New Generation: Students (Naruto)

The Alliance: Rise of the Champions (Ragnarok Online)

The New Generation: Shinobis (Naruto)

Currently working on:

Valkyrie (Super Robot Wars)

The New Generation: Elites (Naruto)

The Alliance: Of Valor And Trust (Ragnarok Online)

Full Circle (Ragnarok Online)

Upcoming plans (None which will come very soon with my one chapter per week update rate):

Possibly 1 Naruto fanfic

(Did a major revamp on Heroes of Valhala, and I didn't like where it was going, so I renewed it with a brand new plot in Full Circle)

Note: Not sure what happened, but has canceled the spacing in my chapters, which means the separated segments are now meshed together, making it difficult to read. I will try to remedy this, but it will take some time. Sorry if this causes reading problems ( it's not my fault, honest...XP)

Disclaimer: The quotes below are not mine. They have been said by other people or media, and I've placed them here since I have a fancy for interesting and thought-provoking quotes. I've tried my best to name those who have been said by the relevant party, but for the ones that I am unable to, I must sincerely apologise. (Will add quotes once in a while)

Who in the world would want something as common as money?! My God, they print more of it everyday! (Taken from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

If he's worth shooting once, then he is worth shooting again. (Tom from Alias)

The Japanese eat little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British and Americans. The French eat a lot of fat and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British and Americans. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and also suffer from fewer heart attacks than the British and the Americans. Conclusion: Eat and drink what you want. Speaking English is apparently what kills you. (Irwin Knopf)

Life is pleasant, death is peaceful. It is the transaction that is troublesome.

My identity is so wrapped up in what I buy that I paid the company to advertise its products. (Calvin & Hobbes)

It is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but in the haystack there IS a needle.

Chastity...the most unusual of all sexual perversions. (Aldous Huxley)

My friends, this is our final hour. Not all of us may survive the coming conflict. Yet death may be a blessing should we fail here. (Tassadar from Starcraft)

The best thing to do about work is not to think about work, study for work or prepare for's work.

It is troubling to learn that medical students only need to save half their patients to become fully qualified doctors!

You scare me shitless then ignore me?! (Bleach)

Fate has no forgiveness for those who stand against it. (Game over screen for Chrono Cross)

50 of the female population in this country are not having orgasms. If that was true for the male population, it would be declared a national emergency. (Margo St. James)

A man will love his girlfriend the best, his wife the most, and his mother the longest. (Picked up from a chalkboard from a flower shop)

The fact that you've got 'Replica' written down on the side of your gun (draws his gun) and the fact that I got 'Desert Eagle point five O' written on the side of mine, should precipitate your balls into shrinking, along with your presence. Now...fuck off. (Taken from a movie which I forgot the name)

Everyone is born with photographic memory. Some people just ran out of film. (Unknown)

The past is just like the future with the lights turned on (Come on Baby by Plus 44)

Lawyers should not marry lawyers. This is called 'inbreeding', from which comes idiot children and more lawyers. (Unknown)

A black man would never dream of talking to a police high...that's a waste of weed. (Dave Chapelle)

Give me a minute, I'm good. Give me an hour, I'm great. Give me six months, I'm unbeatable. (Liam Neeson as Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith in The A-Team)

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