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hello everyone!

ok...lets see...i am in love with the harry potter books!

yay for me.

me and the purple spotted penguins and the gummy bears will one day take over the world.

but shh...itz a secret.

I am in the middle of a whole bunch of storie right now but I still have to get them posted.

so hold your horses.

personally, I think that the best ships are:

james / lily (this is the BEST pair!)

harry / ginny (second best)

ron / hermione (eeehhhhhh, its ok)

luna / fred or george

ships i absolutely DESPISE:

draco / ginny

draco / harry (they might be gay but they dont belong together!)

sirius / remus (neither one is gay, gawsh!)

...yea, thats about it.

...annnd i cant wait for the senenth harry potter book to be released!

jkr should really hurry up!

Story Statuses:

1-Fighting, Friendships, and the Final Battle -- this story only got one review, so I might be deleting it. I haven't updated it in ages, but I will still consider it.

2-Sirius Black and the Sorting Experience -- a oneshot about Sirius getting sorted, and how much trouble he gives the hat.finished, as its a oneshot! review!

3- Stale chocolate frogs and a certain redhead-- story about marauders' seventh year, and how lily and james fall in love. pairings are: L/J,and possibly SB/OC, I wrote chapter 1 of this, but for some reason it won't upload. i will try again, but it might not work, grrr!

Stories Coming Soon:

1- I haven't picked out a title for this story yet, but when it's posted, its going to be about Lily's eleventh birthday to her seventh year, later on flashing to harrys fifth year, and what will happen when Lily gets sent forward in time, along with james, sirius, and remus. first chapter will be posted soon!

2- Haven't picked a title for this one either. Harry gets sent back in time to the Marauders' era, and becomes the defence against the dark arts teacher. but what will happen when remus lupin beomes suspicious of the professor?

3- A silly fanfic that me and allison and amber(tribewar) were writing in school. it will be rated M for safety, seeing as SOME people thought the need to make it perverted!!! but its kool.

i'm probably not going to update any of my stories for another week or so, but hopefully i will soon! I lost the draft of stale chocolate frogs and a certain redhead before i had a chance to type it up, so I have to rewrite it, no fun. well, I hope you like my stories!!!

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Stale Chocolate Frogs and a Certain Redhead reviews
James loves Lily...but Lily thinks nothing of James. Or does she? how did the pair fall in love, anyway? please R&R! i suck at summaries!
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fighting, friendships, and the final battle reviews
after harry's sixth year, he is left with much grief and guilt, as well as the task of finding the horcruxes. will he be able to cope, when his feelings for ginny keep growing stronger? this is my first fic, so its not the best! review please! and i do ap
Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,026 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 8/11/2006