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Author has written 2 stories for Teen Titans, and Dynasty Warriors.

Name: The Chief/ Keiko-kun

Gender: I'm a guy

Background Info.: Well, I'm Pacific Islander. W00t! Island Pride! Haha. I'm half Guamanian (for those of you who know what this even is...thank you and I love you, for those of you who don't even know what I'm talking about...-.- then screw you too! LOL. j/k.) part Filipino (That's right...Pinoy! Haha.) and part Caucasian (I say Caucasian because White is not a race, it's a damn color. Get it strait people! Haha.) I'm still in High School. I'm such a Geek, but a WAY cool and down Geek-if you catch my drift. Uhm, lets see, what else...Oh yeah! I'm a strait "A" student-I just have to include that. For those of you "haterz"out there, let me tell you something. Just because my GPA is higher than you can count, DOESN'T mean you need to be all ANAL about it. Yes, ANAL. As in..."Dude,what's upYOUR ass?.!" So yeah, for all of you out there who are like this...well you can all KISS MY ASS! LOL. j/k. j/k. I'm really a passive guy and will probably just curl into a ball if you come up to me trying to beat my ass. So yeah, just for future references, if any one of you guysDO come up to me to beat my ass...just be gentle okay? I'm sensitive. LOL. Haha.

Likes:Teen Titans, Bleach, Naruto, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kingdom Hearts, The Dynasty Warriors Games, and I don't mind some yaoi. It's actually pretty interesting. That's right! I said it! 0.o Haha.

Dislikes: Hrm, I guess I'm pretty positive with everything. Wait! Wait, hold on, ok. I'm kind of not into the whole Yuri thing. Yes, the Yuri thing for those who know. Nods Head.

Favorite Pairings:

BBxRae-Forever! Haha.

NarutoxHinata-I think this couple makes the most sense in all of Naruto. =D.

RenjixRukia-Yes, I think this also makes the most sense in Bleach.

Yaoi-Sure, why not? It really isn't all that bad people. Besides, you will be surprised about how many animes actually hint at some yaoiness. 0.o!


Emotions of the Heart-Ch.6 now up! My very first fanfic.! I am so proud!T.T I'm not sure how many chapters this is going to turn out to be. But, as long as I get those much appreciated reviews, I will gladly continue to write just for you!

The Spoils of War-My very first yaoi fanfic.! Yay! w00t! Haha. Also, this will have ALOT of yaoi goodness. LOL. So yeah, only for MATURE audiences. But if you under age, well, I probably won't know and I won't bother wasting my time trying to file a report on you. So...I really can't do anything about that. I just hope you all enjoy!

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