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Name: Jessica
Age: 18
Country: UK
Gender: female
Sexuality: Queer
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I support the LGBT community and may feature some of it in my stories.

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Name: Orla

Age: 9 (as of Clocks)

Gender: Female

Species: Platypus

Occupation: O.W.C.A. agent

Appearance: Orange fur, scar on her ankle, scar above her left eye

Personality: Orla is very reserved in situations where she has to socialise with more than half a dozen people, but other than that, she is very passionate, fierce, and loyal to a fault. She has extreme guilt and self-hatred over her sister's death and just as severe abandonment issues because of her mother's disappearance which caused her to get left behind. If anyone insults her, she will attack them, but this is 99% due to her strong insecurities.

Bio: Orla was captured by Dove Walker at age four along with her mother and sister, and all three forced to be Dove's slaves. Her sister was killed

Family: Ophelia the Platypus (mother, missing), Atticus the Platypus (father, missing), Una the Platypus (younger sister, deceased)

First Appearance: Clocks

Name: Sparkfire (formerly Sparkkit and Sparkpaw)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species: Cat

Occupation: Warrior

Appearance: Brown fur, red eyes, white paws, pink nose

Personality: Sparkfire has always been passionate, curious, and feisty, despite her mother's best efforts to curb her fire. As a kit, she was very hyperactive and mischievous, which she slowly grew out of as she got into her apprenticeship. She is very hardworking and has the ambition to become a great warrior. Being leader does not interest her; even though she'd be following in her mother's pawsteps, her mother was a great warrior as well as a great leader, so she believes that she will still be doing her mother proud.

Bio: Sparkfire's brother was stillborn, and another of her littermates died of infection a few days later. When they were apprentices, Sparkfire's last surviving littermate was bitten by a snake and died. And while they were still getting over this loss, Sparkfire's father died in battle. Despite all this grief, Sparkfire has managed to stay positive and she continued to train to be a great warrior.

Family: Silverstar (mother, deceased), Redheart (father, deceased), Darkfoot (older brother), Peachcloud (older sister, Darkfoot's littermate), Rainstorm (older sister, Darkfoot's littermate), Amberpaw (littermate, deceased), Blackkit (littermate, deceased), Adderkit (littermate, deceased), Bluepaw (younger brother)

First Appearance: Sparkfire's Rage

I do not own any of the images you see:

Profile image: made using Sci-Fi Warrior Dress Up on Azalea's Dolls (depicting human Orla)

Clocks cover image: Found on Google Images

Sparkfire's Rage cover image: made using Fire element Dress Up Game on Dolldivine (depicting human Sparkfire)

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Clocks reviews
Perry's life hasn't been very exciting so far, despite being a secret agent. However, with the arrival of a dangerous new L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. leader, this all changes. He soon finds out that this new adversary will not be easy to beat, especially when he discovers just how high the stakes are. A boring life suddenly seems better by comparison.
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Ever since I was a kit, everyone around me has been telling me to control my fire, especially my mother, the leader of LifeClan. But she has just lost her last life, and even though she and I were close, I feel almost liberated. I vow to hunt down the cat who took my mother's last life and get justice for my Clan. My name is Sparkfire, and I am finally releasing my flames.
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