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I really do hate these open spaces; you never really know what to say...

Where to start? I'm 18 years old and a total bookworm. I live and breathe books, if that makes sense. If not, what I mean is that my life is books, yup that's better...I think...My passion for literature is the reason for my major, yeah you got it, English...like duh!

Hhmm, my life time goal is to one day write and publish a novel, so how better to practice my writing skill than with fanfic, huh? So if you do read the only story I have posted so far, do be kind and review...lets just say that my hunger for acknowledgement is a weakness...jk!

Yup, I guess that's all to say at the moment, since there isn't much more that my life consists of at the moment than this website, and of course books...

Here are some of my favorite novels:

Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen is a genius!
Sense and Sensibility-again Jane Austen is a genius!
Emma-look at the reason for the above novels.
100 Years of Solitude-Marquez is just brilliant and twisted, that is just plain yummy!
The Catcher in the Rye-who doesn't like Holden and his chivalrous attitude...the world is just soo phony! lol!
The Harry Potter Series (all 7 brilliantly crafted books)-J.K Rowling is one of the best authors around!
The House of the Spirits-Isabel Allende is in the top of my favorite authors lists, her books were the first to open my puny mind to the wonderful world of detail.
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (which never really includes The Hobbit but I'm including it)-what person can like fantasy and not like these book? Huh?
Gingerbread-growing up in the conservative world I grew up in, this book opened my eyes to the ‘bad girl' image and also to other issues...

Well, you get the point. I love to read. O_O

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