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For anyone who wants to know, I have a msn addy. It's: dante.almassy@hotmail.com add me, message me, what ever you wanna do, coz I want to talk to my fellow fanfictioner's (if thats even a word) and not just wait for their e-mail reply's it's too slow!


Yo, thanks for looking at my profile! And becauseyourare looking atmy profile my guess is you wanna know more about me so here goes...

First Name: Dante

Middle Name: Lucas

Confirmation Name: Leo

Surname: Almassy

Age: 15

Gender: Male

D.O.B: 03/03/91

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: White, (if you imagine sephiroth's hair outa ff7mine is a bit shorter than that, Yes I have dyed it, and my eyebrows), My original colour is brown

Height: 6ft 2"

Weight: 203lbs (It's all pretty much muscle, I work out a lot! (and I mean A LOT!)

Hometown: Manchester, England

Also, just a little notice, If you ever wanted to become a vampire or a wearwolf, then click on my 'homepage' link. It'll take you to BiteFight which is a online RPG-ish game where you train your stats and fight others and all the crap like that! On the registration screen type in 'DeadLifeDante' for the "person who brought you to being section" Thanx! N I might see you on some time, untill then you better keep reading my profile!

Distinctive features: Well apart from my long white hair I have a scar that starts from my left temple that reaches across my face to bottom of my right cheek bone, it's what left of my slash wound when i was assaulted, i was a blue belt in Tae Kwon-Do at the time so i was really lucky to just leave with that and also i had a frature in the thigh bone of my left leg but that heald completly but my scar is permanent, or at least it's gonna be there for a helluva long time, I also have many stab wounds thats have healed and made scars, 2 of the stabs pierced my stomach, 1 in my left kidney and the rest caused serious bleeding. Apparntly i'm a medical marvel, i should be dead right now but for some reason i'm still here lol! Some people say it was my determination to never give up, some just thought i was really lucky, but i'm alright plus the scars make me look like a totall bad-ass so a load of people think twice before they try to insult me, which is all I really wanted coz i dont see the need to ridiculing people because there different.

Look-a-like: I guess that if you've ever thought what the son of Sephiroth (FF7)and Squall (FF8)looked like, a image of me would pop in your head lol!

Favourite music: Rock, Metal, Punk, 80's Punk, Rock n Roll, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Jazz... Kidding! Basiclyanything you can set fire, hospitalise people and destroy stuff to.

Favourite bands: Black Sabbath (the first band I ever liked, and no matter what you say they are ledgends and Tony Iommi is one of the worlds greatest guitarists ever!), I also like Linkin Park (WITHOUT JAY-Z, GOD THIS GUY TOTALLY FUCKED LINKIN PARK UP, WHO EVER AGREES WITH ME CONTACT ME SO THAT I CAN THANK YOU AND PRAISE YOU IN YOUR DESICION SO I KNOW THAT I'M NOT THE ONLY FUCKIN PERSON ON THIS PLANET THATS SANE), AC/DC,Guns n Roses (sweet child o mine kicks ass), Metalica, Bon Jovi, Lost Prophets, G/Z/R,Iommi,Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaugn, Jimi Hendrix Experience,Led Zepplin, Linard Skinard,Nightwish, T-Rex, Velvet Revolver,The Offspring, Flaming Lips, Black Label Society, Ozzy Ozbourne, Quiet Riot... And many more but these are my all time favs.

Favorite colour: 1, Black (for a few reasons). 2, White (for my hair). 3, Red (i like blood MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). 4, Silver (Coz it's mystirous)5, Gold (because i'm a 1st degree black belt i get a gold stripe, sown onto ma belt)

Favorite foods: LASAGNE, god i love lasagne. But i'm not too sure if this is how you spell it (hee hee), Meat feast pizza's (i'm very hyper when it come's to pizza , i can eat a 18"er in 20 seconds, it was a dare i did when me and my mates had a all-nighter fuck up! Chinese food is bum! I also like to eat coupious ammounts of canned meatball's, there my current addiction, and chrunchy nut cornflake clusters (some times with out milk!)

Foods I hate: Salad AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, GOD I HATE SALAD, I CAN'T KEEP IT DOWN, JAPANESE FOOD, last time i ate beef teriyaki i felt like i was going to die, noexaduration either ihad really bad stomach painsfor about 4 days, my uncle said that i was poisoned, and now i actually thought i was (can't be too sure can you!) DUH, DUH DUUUUUUHHHH!

Personal rant: I'm in my second to last year in high school, i'm probably going to college to do a music course but i haven't dicided yet, I get tonnes of stick about my hair and "why did you dye it white", "it need's to be cut son", "Yo grandad", "hahahaha you look like a cross between sephiroth outa ff7,squall outa ff8and dante outa devil may cry" (i don'tmind this one but when people tell you this every waking second of your life it gets really annoying). When i train i have to tie it back with about 6 cuffs to keep it in place, eveyone in the dojo respects me so they don't negitivly comment on my hair whew but i constantly have dickheads at school running at me with scissors trying to cut it off (as the shaven head thing is really popular in my school, coz every fucker in there's a scally.but i think it makes everyone look the same, and that's boring) but i kick the shit outa them and they run of shouting " ma brother will fuck you up man", then i usually shout back "your brother tried the same thing yesterday dickhead". But that's enought about my hair.

I also play video games a-lot (what self respcting 15 year old dosen't?), which suprisingly helps your hand-eye co-ordination (it's true honest). With all the crap i do, i don't have a huge social life, but if i do get outi'm an offical wall stander at parties, i don't like to dance, apparently i can dance (my girlfriend seems to think so) I just don't like to, i'm willing to try anything new, as i'm a stubborn bastard and i'll always see things throught to the end. Apparntly i'm funny, as i seem to make all my friends laugh, and i'm told i am fun to be around as i can always lighten up anyone's day, even thought i'm a totally serious guy and i pretty much take no shit, and i'm really dark, and evil, isolated, mysterious and there's are a helluva lot of people at my school who think that i'll end the world some day (don't ask, RREEALLLLYYY long story).

Hobbies: Playing my guitar (I gotta Gibson Les Paul, cost a shit load of money but it's worth every penny, And a Fender Stratacaster, i'm saving up for a Ibenez RG/JEM), Sleeping (you gotta love sleep!), Tae Kwon-Do (i'm now thebest in my class, and thats saying something, it took me ages to beat this guy calledRick Mathew, the guy who is now the second best, and Rick if your reading this " AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BULLIED, YOU GOT BEAT BY A OLD TIMER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!), Working-out (i'm a absolute gym nut, i gotta keep my body in peak phyisical conditon for my Tae Kwon-Do lessons, so i run 10 miles a day too! I sometimes take my friends but they can never keep up for long, and i piss myself laughting at their crap attemps to impress me, then i put them all to shame by taking all of them on at the same time and wiping the floor with their asses in like 10 seconds), Iam also aswimming fanatic, great way to exercise!

Likes: Music (Listening to it, Playing it etc), Skateboarding (Although, when I broke my leg once a Dr. told me stop so I did), Drawing (I mostly draw cartoons like teen titans, since they are my fixation at the moment but I also draw Gothic shite like people being tortured, Pentagrams and Hexes, Raven (out-of teen titans), Things being engulfed in flames you get the picture), School Holidays (Gotta love the hols, I don't hate school but I can't say i'll miss it too muchwhen I leave), Vidieo Games (especially Devil May Cry, I think thats it's totally freaky that my parents named me after a unstoppable demon warrior (F.Y.I: Thats why I dyed my hair white) and the final fantasy series).

Dislike's: Kinds Of People: TIM WESTWOOD (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHFUCKIN HELL I WANT TO RIP OUTTHIS TWATS VOCAL CORDS AND MAKE THE DICK EAT THEM., THEN I WILL USE MY KATANAS TO STAB THE FUCKER UP AND MAKE SURE I DO IT WHILE THERES ACAMERA CREW PRESENT, I AM NOT JOKING IF I EVER SEE TIM WESTWOOD IN THE STREETS I WILL ATTEMP TO KILL HIM, I CANT STAND THE FUCKER, IF ANYONE ELSE AGREES WITH ME PLEASE CONTACT ME SO I CAN PRAISE YOU AND FINALLY HAVE SOMEONE WHO AGREES WITH ME FOR A CHANGE AND YES I KNOW HE HAS FOREIGN ACCENT SYNDROME BUT HE IS STILL A TWAT!.(PEOPLE WHO CALL ME DANNY, OR DANNY-BOY, OR DAN THE MAN, OR ANYTHING THAT ISN'T DANTE,) People who don't like me beacuse of the music I listen to (I have constant fights at school with guys who think there hard who are like 4ft 2" and still try to take me on, someone please tell me where the sence is in that!), Music (Rap music, RnB, MCin, and all that dodgy shite like busted and Mc Fly who try to pretend that their rockers), Exams (I hate exams, A gotta shit load of G.C.S.E's coming up soon and they take WAY too much time to study for... total pain in the ass, plus the results haunt me for the rest of my life so I can't afford to fuck themup.)

Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, then weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile!

If you have ever fallen up a flight of stairs, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, (actually I have) Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Tsuyu Mikazuki (I do all the time!), WeaselChick, Dante Almassy (once did it while i had a coffee in my hands lets just say there was swearing involved, lots of swearing)

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Tsuyu Mikazuki, WeaselChick, Dante Almassy (I don't care what people think of me, I am who I am and no-ones going to change me!)

If you are a Optimist then the glass is half-full, If you are a Pessimist then the glass if half-empty, If you are a Anarchist the you throw the water in someones face and break the glass. Which one are you? (Me i'm an Anarchist baby! always have always will. Dante Almassy.)

Random Facts AboutMe:My all-time favorite past-time has to be playing guitar, i've been playing ever scince i was 7 and i'm going to keep on playing untill the day I die (which with the life I like to live, that day won't be far off!)

I am a black belt in Tae Kwon-Do which means: (clears throat). Signifying maturity and proficiency in Tae Kwon-Do. It indicates the wearer's imperviousness to darkness and fear. (My sensei made me learn that for my, big flashy presentation that i had to have) It took me 9 years to get it, and it was a complete pain in the ass along to way! I'm still a 1st Degree so I only have Gold stripe and i'm currently in training to get my 2nd stripe.

I havn't had aactual hair cut since I was 10! I only go toa hair dressers (not barbers, BARBERS ARE EVIL, PURE EVIL!)to have it dyed because I need a professional to do it, because the last time I dyed my own hair I ended up dying half the bathroom whiteinstead!

I have broken my left wrist mutiple times while playing my guitars, it hurts like fuck if you are reading this and this hasn't happend to you

I am just about double handed. Omni dextrous, think it's called in it's technical term!I write better with my right hand than my left, but I use my left handfor my mousepadIwhen im onmy lp (Like now for instance) I'm a freak like that!

Favourite Quotes

"Come on you fuckers, i'm standin right in front of this fuckin thing. If i can't here you now, how thefuck am i goin to here ya when i start playin!" Me at a little concert when i tried to rile the crowd up by saying that they weren't loud enough! The thing is my marshall amp stack that my guitar was plugged into.

"I HATE HAIG" one of my classmates who cannot stand learning about field marshall Haig during history a few weeks back randomly shouted this, i can't blame him i was gonna do it if he want.

"Go to hell" Billie Piper playing Rose Tyler in Dr. Who, during the satan pit episode, when a guygoes nuts coz he's been posesed by the devil

"I hate Mondays" Everyone who is old enought to breath!

"I eat gay cheese, coz it's yellow and sparkily, and yellow and what you lookin at cheesey,AHHHHHHHHTHE EEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVILLLLLLLLLCHEESE IS COMIN, RUN LIKE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" My friend Kerain when we got drunk one time at a all-nighter. Belive me it is a helluva lot funnier than it sounds,he then ran down the pathway in the park and did a superman dive into a pile of soakin wet grass coz it was pissin down that night.

"Let's just say i've got issues with my father" Raven, out of teen titans, in the Nevermore episode.

"Ahhhh fuck me that hurts", me during a biology lesson when i finished carving a pentagram into the underside of my forearm, i gotta detention for it (yes call me a satanist if you want i'll just watch you all burn, when the apocalypse begins muhahahahahaha.), (no really im not a satanist but i ampretty much agoth, eveyone i knowseems to think that,and i like to draw shite on my arms and that day i was in a pentagrammy kind of mood.)

"I'm gonna get alot of mileadge outa this one" Raven in the Homecoming episode when she learns what BB's real name is.

"Whats the matter, afraid of the dark?"Once again Raven in the Nevermore episode, when she tries to eat or absorb or scare the shit outa Dr. Light, which ever one it is.

"I like eggs" That dum bitch in the amanda show who's in the toilet block girls thing

"I've got power tools asshole, prepare to be minced" Me when i brought a electric drill to phyics class and tried to killmy friend Nathan by chasing him around the lab/classroom thing with it, i got it confiscated and i also got a detention, but i got the drill back coz it was my dad's, and he'd rip myears offif he found out i took it to school,Yes i get up to a lot of leathally dangerous shite in my life, but my high school days are numberd and i'm not gonna let them just pass me by.

"NO, HELL NO. ABSOLUTLY NOT, NO WAY, YOU'R NOT GETTING A TATOO DANTE, IF YOU GET ONE I'LL RIP IT OFF OF YOUR SKIN, OR I'LL BLOODY DISOWN YOU, I LET YOU GET YOUR EARS PEIRCED AND THT WAS BAD ENOUGHT, NO, NO WAY NEVER, YOUR NOT DOING SUCH BLOODY STUPID THINGS WITH YOUR SKIN, NEVER I WON'T LET YOU, NEVER". My mum when i said that i wanted to get a tatoo, but what she doesn't know is that i've got one now, well two, pentagrams and the underside of my forearms both exatcly the same, i'm constantly wearing L-sleeve tee's and i'm always carefull when i take my clothes of and shite like that. i'm waiting for a big birthday bash to come round so i can get her pissed and show her them then she won't mind, as she will be way too pissed with alcohol to bother with my skin then i'll let it boil down in the aftermath, what is really wierd is that i can remember exactly what she said and what made things worse was that is pissed myself laughting all the way through it! Duh Duh Duuuuuhh.

"Is that one crooked?" My dad when i showed him my tatoo's, He's as safe as hell and won't tell a soul untill i say that it's ok to, he's cool like that but then there are times when he's a total hard-ass (what dad isn't?)

'Eat The Rich' I saw this on a T-shirt and I practicly fell in love with it so I bought it and now it's one of my favorite sayings!

"Jimmy cracked corn and Fry don't care, Jimmy cracked corn and Leela don't care, Jimmy cracked corn and Bender is great. Take that you stupid corn!" Bender in futurearma when he is stuck to the massive magnet on the underside of the planet express ship.

"Damn Dante, try not to like humiliate uswhy don'tcha" My friend Ratty (his nickname is a long story) who is learning to play guitar, when i totally put him to shame when i ripped out this redicilously long Zakk Wylde shredding solo, i did it totally improvised, Ratty gave me a tune to play something to and i cut loose and whent nuts, i'm not bragging or big heading in the slightest but i was quiet impressed with my self when i had finished the shreding. NOTE: For all you metalheads out there reading this, you gotta listen to Zakk Wylde play, he's in Black Label Society, and in Ozzy Ozbourne's band, you will not be dissapointed he is an incredible guitarist.

"Odd can't play guitar for shit, he didn't even have machine heads on the fuckin thing" One of my mates who watches Code Lyoko when he came in one day talking about the episode when Odd, Vulrik, Yumi and Herb make and band called the (cough. totally shite .cough) "Pop-rock consortium" or some totally fucked up name like that.

"O--h were half way there, O--h oh livin on a prayer, take my hand we'll make it i swear, O--h oh livin on a prayer" Bon Jovi's livin on a prayer, anyone one who doesn't like this song will die by my hand, i garantee it! If you are a Bon Jovi fan please let me know, Coz so far i know 3 other people who do in my school and that is not enought!

"In the real world, nothings perfect andin the perfect world, nothings real" My friend unn0ticed, who is a quizilla'er like me!(ifquizilla'er isa real word) and the quote is on her profile page

I got some great news for all you people who are interested in my personal life (which no doubt is about no-one, but hell i'm writing this anyway). Me and my Ex-girlfriend are back together and i'm so hyper and exited and happy and giddy and well all the opposite of what i usually am, i'm gonna include her in my story called: The Dawn Of Hell, The Day Of The Devil.

Update: 28/06/06: LOL, Last night i got my ass handed to me in a Tae Kwon-Do Demo of Greater Manchester (The TKDDGM), I totally underestimated this girl and paid for it, she looked so sweet and innocent (she looked pretty damnhot too , but i gotta gf and icant think like that anymore... Damn it!), she was 16 so she was ayear older but she had only been training for7 years and thats a bitch coz that means she's progressed further than me, faster than me)i couldn't help but think that she was weak but she was a 2nd degree blackbelt so by a ranking system she was better than me, and she proved it, damn i hateher now, my reputation from now on isnt gonna be theprince of darkness (Ozzy Ozbornes got nothin on me!) it's gonna be the guy who got beaten by a girl, i haven't got anything agaisnt gettin beaten by a girl, hell i do it all the time on pourpose so the girls at my dojo don't hate me or start crying ordo random shite that girls do when there pissed of at someone. It's just that when i realised that she wasn't gonna hold back coz she knew i was good (not bragging) and when i realised that she wasn't messin around i tried my hardest to defeat her and she still put me to shame, and then there was the whole admitting defeat thing, (in the kind of match i was in with this girl the only way you could loose was if you got on your knees and bowed down onto the floor saying yanno i loose and crap like that, i was in serious pain and i had to do work experience (high school thing in england dont know if anywhere else does it) in the morning so i just said "fuck it" and i got on my knee's, fuck me she wanted to make me suffer in that whole escapade, but it's kinda embarrisng so lets just say i was thankful that there wern'tfilm crews there!

she was barefoot + i was really close to those feet+ she wanted to make me suffer = you do that math!

Worst 3 minuets of my life... Mabey apart from when she kicked me in the balls, now that was uncalled for! and noone saw it! But fuck methat hurt for a while.

Her name was Jennifer Harper (After last night she is now dubbed: Jennifer "The Demon Slayer" Harper,In case anyone is dumb enought not to see it, Im the demon she slayed!)I'm dubbed: Dante "The Demon" Almassy, but no doubtafter last night i'll get somethin like: Dante "The Wuss" Almassy or Dante "The guy who got beaten by a girl" Almassy.I'm just glad there wasn't a title on the line or somethin so the only thing i lost was my rep! But she doesn't train at my gym or go to my dojo coz she lives on tha other side of Manchester so i've gotta wait ages to get revenge and retrobution. Jennifer, if your reading this, I will win next time,I garantee it!

Also, F.Y.I: I'm not really a demonit's just a nickname i got because i look like the Dante outa DevilMay Cry.

Also, F.Y.I 2: Ikill anyone who thinks i'm some kind of chicken wuss or a sissy or anything like that, i practicly gave up my social lifefor my Tae Kwon-Do and i will not tolerate abuse from people who don't know how hard to go through countless hours doing pull-up's in a sauna, while being pulleddown by 40kg's of weights tied to your legs ( ands thats only one of my training exersises that i do regualy, yes i am completely insane, i'm a serious risk taker and i don't care what happens to my body because i trust myself to never give upno matter what the cost is or no matter whats at stake! (lol, last night was the one and only exeption!) and i challenge anyone reading this to do some pull up's in 45 degrees C of mind numbingly, muscel spazaming, dehydrating, skin baking heat. I can almost garantee that you'll give up after 10 minuets, and for anyone who doesn't keel over, then try it with 40kg's of specalilly designd weights that can be sown onto you pant legs, then if you can do that carry on for 2 hours then if you can do that i wan't to meet you in person because so far i'm the only fucker i know that can do it.

But forget what i just said that's just whats left of my pride talking not me, i'm koolness about it all now, but i still want to kick her ass next time we fight, she's now my personal nemisis and i'm about ready to rip her to shreds, (Not literally, Althought... -wanders off into deep thought-)

Wah-hey that's my profile done, and i'm always updating it coz i keep on remembering things to write in it so i'm done (for now) and i'll see you all on the flip side.

Yours Dante Almassy, Keep on rockin guys!

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The Dawn Of Hell, The Day Of The Devil reviews
Give the spawn of satan a place in the Teen Titans, What could go wrong? Dante Almassy is the devil's son and because Jump City has been so kind to him, he feels obliged to protect it. But he does more damage than repair because of his unholy destiny.
Teen Titans - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 12,633 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 6/17/2006 - Published: 6/3/2006 - Beast Boy, Raven