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Hello! Readers! I am starting up all my stories again, i plan on finnishing one right after the other. Right now I am updating I Dance frequently. Please do read, of and if u review... i just might take your advice on future plot suggestions.


Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Teen Titans, Code Lyoko, Avatar, Breakfast club, Hay Arnold, Vampires and even more werewolves, try me i might remember one that i really love!


People that go with the flow 1 Just because the main authers set up some couples doesn't mean they are right such as Robin and Starfire, or Aang and Katara!


I have soo many fav. authors and stories, so ask about your stories if you want because i just might not have had the time to put yours down... also i am always up for discussion on stories... arguments, and back and fourth praises!

My Stories

frankly i would recommend my story Perfect Victim and my newest Fountain of Eternity as for the Love series... i like forbidden love but i feel it needs to be rewritten, the sequel is much better in my opinion and my other two well, unforgiving is good and it might have a sequel soon, and being me, well i don't know if i should continue...

Check out I dance! my first Avatar fic to go well! (in my opinion)

Good Pairings








HermioneXDraco, snape, and voldemort

DerekXCasey (I know step brother and sister, but think about it!)

My blonde moments

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I forget where i'm driving too, alot...

anyway... thats all folks!

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