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Cool! I can make a Profile now! Ok, well I pretty much told you guys all about me but oh well! Here we go again!

Name: Tanisha C. Westby

Age: 19, my bday was Sept. 4! (wow when was the last time i was on? it said i just turned 16...O.o)

Sex: Not yet lol but I'm a girl! And I'm a tomboy! (yeah still didnt do "it" =D)

AIM: t0ky0gurl and if you're wonderin the 0's are zeros! lol


Authors: Gosha, Sorasgilr16, mooglechick and all the others look at my list lol. (still too lazy to put them up myself xD)

Music: i like all kinds of music. my main love is with R&B and rap. just...lately rap is all about dancing and not 'OMG im gonna fuck the shit outta you!' i hate that rap. (sometimes i laugh at the songs lol) i will listen to rock and roll, not heavy metal though. if you are lucky enough to see me at church, SOME church music is ok. i listen to a LITTLE bit of country. and some clasic songs like RESPECT and i will survive i think its called lol.

"crack" songs are songs i can listen to sooooo much that i could make you hate them. in maybe in hour. or two xD

Past "crack songs": I'm Sprung (started it all lol) Promiscuous, Confessions Of A Broken Heart, Savin' Me, RunAway Love, No Air, Taking Over Me (actually more of their songs than normal), Laday Marmalade, Decode, Halo, Blame It, Love Game (DIDNT wanna like this song Dx), Beyonce's Dream song (whats it called? xD), Obssessed, You're the best or something like that by Drake lol, Down, Run This Town.

"crack" song right now: Run This Town by Jay Z Ft. Kanye and Rhiana

those go in order from when i was in 8th grade until now, and those are the ones i can remember lol. Just to show you how different my music is.

Clothes: i have always been a tomboy, you will be SO lucky if you see me in a dressy shirt, a skirt, or DRESS! I HATE THOSE THINGS! XP everyone who knows me sees me in jeans/pants. and thanks to our STUPID dress code, they see me in rgular collared shirts. i like shirts with sayings on them. like 'nobodies perfect. I'm a nobody, so I'm perfect!' i wanted that shirt, but i couldnt get it. (tear, still tomboy xD)

HAHA I CAN PUT SOMETHING ELSE I LIKE NOW! Shoes: uh i cant spell it for crap -_-" lemme get the shoes...wow ok the shoes dont say the part i cant spell, but it's the "red" shoes that the slut vanessa hudgens or what ever has a ton of commercials for. my last year of skool and i finally get my fav name brand shoes to wear! and they be gowajuss! xD


People: i HATE those frekin girls that are HOOKERS! i mean, OMG IM SO POPULAR! no one cares! or "omg! my boyfriend is SO good in bed!' YES! some one actaully said that around me! EW! again, NO ONE CARES! and then those frekin girls that have LARD as wide as ME and wear clothes that show skin! GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! and DONT get me started on those girls that ARE skinny like me, and use their bodies to be sluts! (angry sigh) AND! they only care about the dead things on their bodies;

nails: yes! they are dead! why do you have to freak out everytime one of them break!? NO ONE CARES! (only if it bleeds...that hurts!)

hair: MY HAIR IS ALWAYS BAD! you see a frekin model over there with grogeous hair; OMG MY HAIRS A MESS WE NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM! look at my hair and get a life! (its still bad! Dx)

skin: this doesnt bother me too much, cuz they dont talk about it too much. but still...it pisses me off! (mines soft...dont hate xD)

another thing about people: i HATE people who draw attention on themselves! 'my mom just died...i think i should kill myself...blah blah blah!' and then what happenes? 1,000 freakin people tend to their every need! and then outta no where 'i might have to go get surgery...' now theres 2,000 people there! and the surgery never happens! i cant stand that! no, my lifes not prefect! but you dont see me telling all of you about problems my familiy has! and just for all you smart ass people out ther who will be like 'you have no problems' allow me to say i havent had hot water for about 7 months. hopfully thats enough to keep your smart ass-mouth shut so i can continue. (wow i was annoyed back then xD)

boys: no, i dont hate all boys. i do have a bf, and weve been together for over a year. (yay) but that doesnt stop me from hating the dicks! like the boys that cheat! i know girls do too, but in all the casses ive been around, the girl comes clean about cheating. the boy? he denies it, and gets caught! and i have so many awesome friends, who crush ALOT. the boy they like? eithers says your ugly or starts making out with some one else in their face. damn i hate them. especially when they get some, and then leave the baby to the mom. they suck the worst. (...we broke up how many years ago? xD i be single now.)

slow drivers: no, i dont drive. but dont you just HATE it when youre trying to get some where, and then some one gets infront of you and slows down!? and youre in the fast lane too! that PISSES. ME. OFF! Goddamn! when i start driving, ill be going the fastest ever! and not one Goddamn person will stop me! hmph! (now that i have driven im not that mad at slow drivers any more. i. dont. blame. them. Dx)

people who smoke: no offense to any of you out there. its just, all the people who smoke that i know, ruin the lives of the ones they care about. my brother, hes DEFF one. my friends like...NEVER wanna come over anymore. which REALLY sucks! my mom! im sorry to bring attention to myself, but shes a single parent who smokes! she wonders why we have a hard time paying the bills! and when shes watsed...nevermind. but, thats the reason we dont have hot water. and then my friends' parent(s). they could be living on the street one day, and i bet their parents will have the stupid cancer sticks. (still DONT like em D=

people who drink: short n simple on this one. the only reason me and mom ever got in a fight. (got my mom in the hospital how many times now? D=

people who talk shit while theyre WALKING away: this almost caused my bro to get kicked out of skool, the teachers blammed him for nothing! i swear...if some bitch tries me like that... (...i would run xD)

people who talk shit about my friends: i will let you say your opinion, but talk shit about one of my friends...dont even get me started. (YEAH BISH! XD)

thats about it...so heres some stuff about me on fanfic!

ok you guys, when ever i update i want you to know i only proof read 2-3 times ok? so please excuse my typos and grammar probs! (which i stll have xP)

11/16/10: just thought you all had a right to know that no, im not dead xD

if you read this, thanx:D

Tas36 (me! lol)

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Humans are quickly becoming the pet of choice. As children Bulma is given to Vegeta as a 'pet'. They grow up together, but when she meets a male 'pet', she learns what it's like be more than just a pet, but a human woman...BV COMPLETED[Sequel posted]
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 15 - Words: 67,082 - Reviews: 633 - Favs: 218 - Follows: 35 - Updated: 4/23/2003 - Published: 3/7/2003 - Bulma, Vegeta - Complete
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