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Author has written 12 stories for Final Fantasy VIII, Fate/stay night, and Air Gear.

Well, what can i say? im just a guy who likes to write about the series or games that impact him, so far, ill write about FF VIII and Neon Genesis Evangelion, i would like to write about Saint Seiya but theres no section for it so...

What else, well im going to University so i wont update THAT fast, it depends on the exams at college, i would enjoy any backup from anybody as im not an angloparlant and im doing this to improve my English, too.

All other info is personal, sorry.LOL



Update: Hobbies: Reading (Right now reading: The last Legion, best book ever: The perfect gift)

Listening to music (Fav groups 3 doors down, hoobastank, Linkin Park although i listen a lot of kinds of music from Hillary Duff to Marilyn Manson)

Writing Fanfics (LOL, so far 2 from FFVIII, 1 from Fate Stay Night, 5 one-shots from Neon G. Evangelion(not in

Going to the movies (What i'd like to see next: 300 )


Update: Well well, another year another update XD.

First i dropped both Hillary duff and MArilyn Manson, i hear mostly Fuel these days.

Saw 300 (i mean who didn´t) and i really dont have any movies in look out these days.

Wanna get out of collegue... still 2 years what a pain...

OK, let´s set an status for my fics:

When you see my stats they will say: Author has 11 stories. THATS A BIG FAT LIE. I´ll put here the real ones.


1-) Point of no Return. For FF VIII, Irvine gets a mental breakdown at the end of CD 1, when he snipes Ultimecia. (200 hits)

2-) Insomnia. For FF VIII, i had that and then i wrote those randoms things, still online cuz i´m lazy to put it out. (81 hits, must be the mature censure i gave)


1-) Lost Words. For FF VIII, a fan fic that involves a relationship Fuijin X Seifer, many people said it was sweet, sincerely i just writed it for the "trial" chapters. Attemps to be the first fic of a trilogy that sadly im too lazy to write XD. (2.237 hits ) Completed in 2007

2-) Purging the Grail. For FSN, a fan fic were Kiritsugu wishes to cleanse the evil within the holy grail, and gets his chance as a servant. Many people (including me) loved the ending XD. (2418 hits most sucessfull until now) Completed in 2007


1-) In the throne of heroes. For FSN. The servant system was the thing that impacted me the most. Here ill just put my ideas for servants (right now there are 70 or so), since it is mostly wikipeding famous people, and since im giving it most of my free time, i expect to advance a lot in this one. BRAND NEW as of today (69 hits in 2 days)

(BTW my favorites ideas per class: SABER: Perseus, Sigfried LANCER: Leonidas, Reinleif (OC) ARCHER: Atalanta, Vasily Zaitsev CASTER: Nabuchadezzah, Klein Opheus (OC) RIDER: Joan of Arc, Hannibal ASSASIN: Alana Akawa(OC), Kelly McLeod (OC) Hattori Hanzo BERSERKER: William Wallace, Achilles)

2-) Fate Stay Night: Loop Wars. For FSN. A fic where the protagonist (OC Eiji Matou, Sakura´s son) is fighting an hipothetic sixth grail war in a time loop. It begins with his 99th participation in the war. Secondary to throne of heroes, i´ll do a chapter each 20 days or so.

3-) Star of Hate. For Air Gear. The idea seemed cool, but air gear had decayed somehow lately and i´m not that inspired. In the verge of being dropped.


1-)The fate that dooms us: For FF VIII. On a long standby of nearly a year XD. Set after lost words. The main premise is that since the group didn´t know exactly from which time ultimecia was, she could be from the near future. In fact, she conquers the world 5 years after the game. Then, as she rises with an overwhelming power exponentially stronger than when they killed them, the SeeDs have to find a way to weaken the witch so their younger selves defeat her in the future (yeah kinda contradictory, uh?) following a "prophesy" in which Squall saw the last SeeD dying as they arrived at the time compression, therefore both Ultimecia and the SeeDs know that the witch is fated to win the oncoming battle,.

Again, on the verge of being dropped, the idea was pretty amazing, as i tried to make the SeeDs turn willingly into Ultimecia´s Guardians (the guys we fought in her Castle) in order to disperse her power. I was going to give it an "police novel" air, with Quistis trying to find out the mistery to weaken the witch while all her friends are (supposedly) dying. Until the final chap. when she realizes everything and attack the Orphanage with the remaining forces of the garden, just to be (willingly) turned into the first boss in ultimecia´s castle (the one in the hall, forgot the name) to make ultimecia unable to kill humans, instead changing to "steal the abilities" of them, setting up the stage for the final battles in the game.

Would have been Dropped if not for the story, but if you want to adopt it and make it yours, just mail me and is yours XD.


1-)An Angels diary. For Chrono Crusade.

2-)Jewel Ghoul. For Yugi Oh

3-) Fate Stay Night Champions League. It had the same idea of thone of heroes, so...


1-) The last White seed. For FF VIII. It would be the last of the "trilogy" Fuijin, as the head of Ellone´s white SeeDs, travels the world to engage Ultimecia´s forces in guerrilla warfare, while pondering about her lost friends, her past and the "prophesy". ( The prophesy is a core part of the trilogy. In it the Squall saw the last white seed falling from the chain to ultimecia´s castle, as a signal of final world domination, just as they appeared in the time compression to defeat Ultimecia. Thus, as long as there is one SeeD standing, the time compresion won´t be done and Ultimecia won´t be defeated.) Finally making peace with her soul, Fuijin, as the last white SeeD, goes to Ultimecia´s castle and fall in battle against the Big Red Iron Giant (forgot the name. And he was supposed to be Seifer, following the idea of the fate that dooms us.)

2-) Insomnia II, FSN version. For FSN. For days like this one, in which i can´t sleep, just that today i decided to upload my profile. Another day, ill do it another time.


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