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Well, I've had all these people visit my profile page either to see what I'm all about or try and figure out what kind of sick, depraved idiot would spend his spare time writing a long-standing piece of Batman fanfiction. Additionally, it's been three years since I've updated this (according to an occasionally bored, Canadian little sister of mine). Well, regardless of your intentions of searching this little page of mine, allow me to satiate your curiosities.

Name: Matt. I'm a fan of Batman. Hence the name Matt the Batman Fan.

Age: 30 (Yes, you have a 30-year-old writing Batman fanfiction. You wanna make something of it? Don't you dare poke holes in my increasingly vapid attempts at being a grown up! That's my job!)

Gender: Male. At least I still think so. I haven't checked since my last ex-girlfriend tried to rip my meat and two veg off on the way out. Eh, maybe I'll be like Logan and it'll grow back.

Occupation: What aren't I working on? Well, I perform Applied Behavior Analysis for a special-education exclusive school here in Memphis (thus I am frequently provided with an ample supply of lunacy and psychoses that enable me to write The Misfits) and I volunteer as an individual therapist and support group facilitator for college-age men and women with autism (see more crazy fuel). I also work at a car parts factory to pay the bills but that's not something I'd rather not discuss. Far too greasy.

Hobbies: Writing, exercising, reading, playing sports, watching people play sports, and listening to any kind of musical act that I can get into for cheap or at no expense to me. This is pretty much unchanged from my first profile so I guess this is me saying that I don't change that much.

Other fanfiction-related topics of interest: Harry Potter (still ticked at J.K. for needing seven books to turn Hermione Granger into a strong female character and then spends the last five chapters essentially dropping the poor girl off on Ron Weasley's doormat), Batman (naturally), and Spider-Man (the character that allows me to believe that I too will marry a beautiful red-headed supermodel if I continue to be a loser. Of course, I probably wouldn't be making a deal with the devil to save my decrepit aunt who was willing to die for my happiness but, hey, maybe that would change if I walked a mile in Spidey's moccasins).

Favorite Male Comic Book Character: Batman as written by Jeph Loeb (with Spider-Man as written by Tom DeFalco and/or Stan Lee and The Thing written by J. Micheal Straczynski as close seconds).

Favorite Female Comic Book Character: Black Canary as written by Gail Simone. Close second is Ororo Munroe written by Chris Claremont before he became legally insane and tried to put Betsy Braddock in every single Marvel comic in history.

Marital status: Single, as if talking about my favorite comic book characters didn't give that away.

Any questions? Feel free to e-mail me at the address given above and I will reply with an overly long answer. If you have no questions, then feel free to dig into The Misfits and have a good time but do remember that I do not hold myself responsible for any psychological scarring.

And do expect the scarring, junior. I've been doing this for three-and-a-half years now and I've gotten pretty good with inciting psychological strife and confusion. Cheers.

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