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Hi! This is my personal page, so I guess I should tell you about myself. I noticed a lot of people have really lengthy profiles, so I figured I should have one too. It's interesting to find out things about the writers on this site. I find that we are more alike that we think.
My real name is Allaya Cooks. "Aruraya" is the Japanese transliteration of my first name. I'm currently considering changing my pen name, though to what I don't know. Perhaps something in Elvish...yes...
Right now, I'm a sophmore at Poly Prep CDS, in Brooklyn. I can't stand the damn place, and still haven't been able to gnaw through the leather restraints. I started Poly around the same time I began writing fanfiction, and just as I've developed, so has my writing. I would have loved to delete my first three fics, but I keep them to remind myself that there's always room to grow and a way to get better. My past is the only thing that can show me how far I've come.
I love reading and writing, and my tastes span everything from anime to Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter to Star Trek, Fairly OddParents to Lemony Snicket, Dungeons and Dragons to Latin literature. I am a die hard LOTR fan. LOTR brought me into slash, which has to be one of the most fantastic genres out there. I'm basically hobbit obsessed, but anything Middle-Earth will do. (especially Elves!) I've always loved languages, so I'm attempting to learn Elvish along with Latin and Spanish. I have no idea who I'll speak with, but I'll cross Buckleberry Ferry when the wraiths are after me. _
Now about the stories...

New(est) Fics:
I finally put up a new fanfic, a Frodo/Sam songfic to Vertical Horizon's "Best I Ever Had". The formatting sucks, but read it anyway! I'll love you forever if you do. (Hint: You have to review it so I know you read it!)

I wanna write one of those really long "Story-of-our-lives" fics, that cover a lot of time in a hobbit's life. This one's gonna be a pain, though, because it'll start with Pippin's birth and go till Frodo leaves for Valinor. All help would be appreciated. I'm currently compiling ideas, so toss yours in there! Credit will be given where due.
Also recently began reading Fairly OddParents fics, and am thinking of throwing a little Cosmo/Wanda, Cosmo/Timmy, or Chester/AJ goodness in there. Bit of a slash fiend, I am...
May also tread into the dark land of Harvest Moon fanfiction. Beware.

There's still only the second chapter to "Summer" up. I've lost the part of the third chapter that I was working on (sob). "Claimed" has been put on Library of Moria and Adult FFN, as an extended version with lots of smut. Leave me a review!

Read, enjoy, and as always, review-- Sayonara_

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Confessions by Pooki Ze Great reviews
M/P Slash "Frodo, still bruised by Merry’s outburst, smiled at me and walked over, giving me a hug and a lingering kiss on the cheek, Sam doing the same. Me and Sam, we had always sort of stuck together through Frodo’s... "moods."" –Rosie Cotton, Ja
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