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Hi. Thanks for looking here.

First, I want to thank you reviewers. You're the reason people keep writing! Thank you! (deep bow). So, therefore, I find that I must ask you to tell me exactly what you think about my work ... everything. Liked it? Hated it? Thought there was room for improvement? Let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

I'm obsessed with too much TV to be good for me, but I only ship a few. I love CSI - Grissom & Sara. I also love Person of Interest - Shaw & Root. After the season six finale for CSI, I picked up my laptop and started writing. Putting It Together was the first piece of FanFic I've ever written. I look forward to writing and sharing them with you.

Guess I can give you the boring details of my life. I'm a few too many years past the three-oh-uh-oh. I live in southeastern Virginia. I live with my two furbabies - an American Pit Bull Terrier named Maggie and a Pit Box (the breed name I gave to my Pit Bull/Boxer mix) named Charlotte. Not married. No significant other. Just me and my "kids."

I am the operations manager for a franchised organization in the tax business. I pretty much devote my life to my work - at least from November to May. The other months are relatively boring just getting everything ready for the hype we know as tax season. Those boring months in between are spent mostly hanging out with my dogs, fixing the crap that breaks in my house, and writing. The only real hobby I can say that I have is writing.

I love to write. It's always been one of my passions. I started writing a book many, many, many years ago, but have yet to find the time to finish it. However, every summer I plug away at a few extra chapters or re-editing it. I have never let anyone read anything I've written until posting it here.

I've been a little slack at writing anything for the past few years. I won't bore you with the details. I had a rough year that made me question who I was as a person. Then, a worse year after that. That turned into me spending the following six years trying to be something I wasn't because I thought that's what I should do. Writing was something I had to leave behind because it made me the person I didn't think I should be. Moral of the story? Be who you are. Don't let societal norms dictate your life for you.

To anyone who was waiting on GLC to be finished, I promise it will be. I hate WIPs.

Hope there aren't too many mistakes in what I've written. Most have no beta, so I will do my best to edit them.

Thanks again for looking, and enjoy. Your input, criticism, remarks, etc. are warmly welcomed. The only way for me to know what people want or like is for you to tell me.

-- Paradox

The truth will set you free by Solomynne reviews
What starts out as a regular case for Sara turns into something much darker, and goes a lot higher up than anyone expects. GSR please read and review.
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Color of Vengeance reviews
[Shoot] More confidence now than when she had found herself faltering hours before. She discovered her footing and strode with a self-assurance she hadn't felt in days. A gun in each hand and a feral smile on her lips, she felt renewed, at peace, at home.
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Humor ... SongFic ... Out Of Character. The 6 nightshift CSIs create havoc when there's nothing to do one night. Dialogue is set to the lyrics of the song 'Dizz Knee Land' by Dada. Guess you have to know the song, but... still funny. Did I mention Sophia dies?
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[GSR] Part 2 ... Sara & Grissom investigate a case that mirrors memories she has as a child. Grissom tries to comfort her. Sara tries to leave Las Vegas, but Grissom won't let her. They come to terms in their relationship.
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