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Hi my name is Bianca you can call me Bianx for something a little different

I'm Pinay all the way.

You can IM me at and you can see my blog at

I'm in love with music. I'm always listening to it

My local fave:

Anna Katrina "Kitchie" Nadal-This girl's got it all. She's pretty, she's talented, she's smart. She rocks out loud. I love her! Plus she's 100 Scholastican! Go St. Scho!

Christian Bautista-This guy may be way different from Kitchie but he gives me my dose of Vitamin B for Ballads. He's like such a great singer. He knows how to get to your soul.

Hale-This band is on top of the OPM charts. They rock the music industry with every song they sing. They may be nothing to the other people out there but they are the world to me! They are the reigning band in my opinion!

Cushe'-You gotta love this boyband. They know how to bring the house down. They are so pa-cute. They have such a great taste in songs and sounds. They have songs that ring in my head months after they hit the charts

Urbandub-These guys rock out loud! They may be newbies but their music is totally awesome! The guys in this band look like like true hearted rockstarz. The girl looks rocking too! I love you urbandub!

Bamboo- These guys are so phunky with their rocking beats which seem to be rock, ballads, and pop at the same time. These guys are just so awesome.

Singers I hate with my heart and soul

OrangeandLemons, HilarY Duff and all those people that sing songs that are soooo shallow!

My Global faves:

KELLY CLARKSON-I love this girl. She digs into my soul. She rocks the world with her songs that are super awesome andchart-topping. She's got her own style. She doesn't bore the world with sexy, or with punk, but that and everything in between

Carrie Underwood-Gotta love this sweet gal. She may not be so explosive but we all need some quiet sometimes right?

BlackEyed Peas-Meet my dose of sexy! These guys know how to party! But they're not bigheaded. They know when to lay low.Points for all those who know that ApldAp is Pinoy!

PussyCat Dolls- They are the best all gal group! They know how to rock the world with hot music! They may be a little too sexy for my taste but they have great talent

Eminem-This dude knows what he's in for. He knows that there should be white rappers on the market too! Nothing is sweeter than eminem.

Mariah Carrey-This is one diva that has an awesome voice. Shehas so much passion in her voice. She is someone to look up to if you wanna make it big in the music business.

Ashlee Simpson-This girl has points for being herself. She's not some kind of clone like Hilary Duff.

Nick Lachey-I love the honesty in his song. Plus this guy is a major hottie!

Avril Lavigne-She proves that girls don't always wear mini skirts. She has changed the music world with her rock music.

Sugababes- These girls have great voices and they have a great collection of relaxing love songs that really make you wanna sing.

The albums that I say are really really important to have (I may not have some of them but I'm working on that)

Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson)- you got 2 love this people this album is so damn awesome

The Emancipation of Mimi (Mariah Carey)- Do I really have to say more?

PussyCat Dolls (PussyCat Dolls)- People Let's Party!

Elaphunk(Black Eyed Peas)- Great combination of lively beats and some really relaxing ones. So it's really great CD to listen to.

MonkeyBusiness(Black Eyed Peas)- It's just so great to listen to, this is great for long drives cause it keeps you awake.

Taller in More Ways(Sugababes)- This CD is just plain awesome.

Completely(Christian Bautista)-It's filled with romantic ballads. It's just so cool. It's just not so alive like the others, there's serenity so it's way more relaxing than the rest.

Kitchie Nadal- This album is just so great. This is where I get my dossage of rock. There is no foul language yet it's so coo!

Songs that I can never have lived without

Because of You, Breakaway, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Low, Before Your Love

Truth, After You, Please Don't Go, Forever Is Not as Long as it used to be, Ugly, 24 hours, Toll Gate, Just a Smile, Pump It, Confessions of a Broken Heart, Fire, Bulong(Whispers), Same Ground, Wag na Wag mong sasabihin (Oh, please don't say it's so), Run.

A lot of my storiez may be about wrestling but I'm not obssesed.

I just love the diva's who show girls have brawns too.

I also love the controversies as well, (I cannot live without gossip) this is the main reason I started to like it. I had gossip breakdown thanks to the WWE I survived!

Fave Superstars:

John Cena-This guy's hot! He's a great wrestler. He's got a great attitude, plus he's got the heart of a champ. Plus he can rap! Remember I love muzic. If he weren't a wrestler I think I'd be putting him on my fave rappers list!

Randy Orton-He may be heel but he's still hott!

Eugene-He may not be very bright on TV but he's super friendly and he's like a giant teddy bear

Rey Mysterio-This guy brings a new defenition to small but terrible. You go Rey live your dream

Big Show- He's got my respect as an awesome wrestler. He's such an awesome athlete. 500 pounds but still he's got the moves! I knida hate him for being in ECW.

Kane-This guy's got good intentions. Great wrestler as well

Shawn Michaels-I love this guy. Full of energy. Super cute as well! Go Shawn you got the power!

Edge-Super Hottie!

Shelton Begamin-He's got the looks! He's awesome! He's his own guy! You got my attention. He's such a cuttie.

Batista-Kalahi kita dude! You are hot! You make me speechless!

Fave Divas:

Trish Stratus-She's got it all. I love her! She inspires me to be athletic!

Lita (Amy)-She rocks out loud, She's her own person, she's really loyal to who ever has her heart.

Victoria (Lisa)- I hated her at first for being heel but I realized she's pretty cool

Torrie Wilson-She's sweet but not too sweet. Plus I love her puppy!

Superstars and Diva's I hate

Chris Masters-Who the hell does he think he is? This guy has gross muscles. He's pretty slimy looking to begin with

Carlito-The guy's got an apple. Plus he's too conceited I don't like that

The Great Khali, Mark Henry, Viscera, Rob Conway-These guys are freaks

Maria-too high matinance and too peppy for my taste. She's lucky Trish is on her side

Mickie James-She's practically a tomboy and she's crazy!

Spirit Squad-Male Cheerleaders! Isn't it any more obvious! These guys may have Mr. McMahon's good side and the clean cut look, but reallyMALE CHEERLEADERS?

ECW- Second Rate Trying Hard Copycats!

Pairings I love...

TrishStratus+JohnCena= These guys are simply the most perfet couple I've ever seen! I am personally obssesed with reading stories about these two, so if anyone has to say anything about them please PM me.

Stacy+Randy=Hot stuff!

Kane+Lita=I dunno but I do sorry.


Pairings I hate...

Anything that's JohnCena+anybody except Trish

Wrestling isn't the only thing I watch there are a couple of shows I love...

Tyra Show-She is the next Oprah. She gives advice like Oprah, but she's younger and I canrelate more to her. Plus I love the antics they have. It's just an awesome show

Project Runway-The people here are just plain crazy

Ambush Makeover-They make the look of the century. These guys are magicians

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy-These people give a new defenition to the word, "work"

Project Runway- These people are CRAZY!

I want all those who visit my page to visit the pages of my girl friends who support me a lot

TBONEmediumrare- I know that we act stupid at times but hey you're my friend and I love ya to bits. This girl may be a bit messy with her work but she's got the talent

dancerzpointshoez- You know I got your back, espescially for your phrase, "can you make me libre?" Writing may not be her destiny but she hasa lot to say, (don't worry this girl has some talent) She's good at it. (Support her please.)

Ways to tell if I love an in-progress story...

I always write a draft about it because I always think about it and if I do say I love it well you can always ask for the draft so far I have only made 2 of these drafts

How to tell if I approve your story...

Must bea Cena/Trish fiC or something by my girls...

And if I even dare review it

I hope you guys don't get fed up with my TrishStratusxJohnCena Stories. I just can't think about anything else to fic about

People who know me personally I want you guys to just tag in my xanga and tell me your pennames. Love ya'll
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