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Okay, um. This is stuff about me.

I'm 17 (going to be 18 in 2.5 months! Sweet!) years old, and I love cartoons. Currently my favorites are: Avatar, Family Guy, and almost anything that has to do with Disney or Mickey Mouse (I like Ben 10, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon but I don't really watch them any more). And lately I've been watching South Park a lot! That's actually pretty big for me. normally, I watch kiddy, happy shows. But I've finally grown up a little, so I'm not watching as many of them. In fact, I don't really watch tv, unless I'm: bored, tired, there is something good on, or for background noise. I mostly watch DVD's, or I just don't watch it at all.

I am also obsessed with Kingdom Hearts. I love that game, and I have all of the books! Re:COM was released a little while ago, but I haven't had much time to play it. (I beat it on Sora's game but I'm not very far into Riku's) Yay! I can't wait to finish it!! I reserved a copy at game stop. Yeah, I know I'm wierd! hehe! But it was so much easier to just go in there and get it, then to try to randomly hope it would be there.

At this point in time, I am very impatiently awaiting The next Kingdom Hearts games (Birth by Sleep, 358/2 day's), and the 3rd manga book(which is totally confusing, because some sites say it was already realeased and other say it hasn't. GGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!). Sorry, You'll have to excuse my temper. It controls me sometimes. Trust me, it can get really bad! LOL

Oh yeah, I forget to mention...I'm also a Harry Potter fan, but who isn't. Although, I'm not just some crazy, HP movie obsessed, fan girl. I actually read the books (many times!!), and in all honesty the books are better. I'm not saying anything against the movies, I like those too, but the books give more detail, and are easier to understand sometimes. If you are one of those none book reading HP movie goers, then I suggest to read the books. They are amazing, and they will help you understand the movies better. If you choose not read them, then that's your loss, you're missing out BIG TIME!

For anyone who's ever read this profile before, I've deleted my Danny Phantom stories. I'm just not into that any more. Nickelodeon just doesn't have the same appeal now that it's not on any more. I'm now in the process of writing anther Kingdom Hearts story which I hope to put on here soon. (yeah right!)

activities and hobbies
Playing video Games
Watching TV
Bowling (I'm on the varsity team at my school!)
Marching Band
Track (Shotput and Discus (I suck!))
Hanging out with friends
Lounging around the house
Running on the treadmill (Once in a while)

Well that's all for now. Later!

Oh, and if you're bored check my page out on deviantart. My name on there is DPhpFOPobsessed(this is not a link, sorry). There will be much appreciation if you comment one of my pictures.

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