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Author has written 14 stories for Princess Mononoke, IGPX, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, and Inuyasha.

Name: Emily

Nicknames: Em, Emmy, EmiieRoxs, Campgranola, EC, Ecy, Granny Cambell, Elfie, Copenhagen, and Emgee

Gender: Do I really need to tell u people? U can figure it out on ur own lol it should be obvious haha

Personality:I'm kind, funny, loads of fun, sometimes a little too hyper; and sometimes a pain, um...and...what else? I know i'm forgetting something...O YEA! lol and a lot of times i'm very forgetful (whatever made u think u could rely on me?). DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME FOR IT OR U'LL RECEIVE A FIST IN YOUR FACE! lol i would never i'm too nice for that

: 5 ft. 2 in. T_T (I shrunk!) 7/01/06- I grew! an inch! whoo hoo!

Grade: 9th

Best Friends: Meryl, Maddie, Sanjee, Caetlyn, Megzy, Caitlin, Abbie, Jackie, Ellen, Danielle, Dani, Alyssa, Kenisa, Marleana, Victoria, Elizabeth M, Clari, Nicole, Illie, Krysty, Kirsten, and many many more (u guys know who u are =D )

Friends who are also Fanfictioners:

ShadowsofRaven- my best friend of course =D

Sweetnevermore- my awesome anime buddy and one of my close friends =D

dancinfingers713- another awesome friend of mine =D

EnvyTheDragon101- a new anime buddy! SWEET =D

Interests: ANIME ANIME ANIME! Anime=LOVE Friends are also a biggie! Without my friends the whole world is nothin ;) Friends=Life (U GUYS ROCK! ToT)

Love to Watch:
ANIME ANIME ANIME (DUH!) INCLUDING: Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Samurai Champloo, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Zatch Bell, Pokemon (still do! don' dis the pokemon yo), Digimon, Naruto, Trigun, Fruits Basket, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Kiddy Grade, DBZ, DBGT, DB, Cyborg 009, Shinzo, Cowboy Beebop, One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin, Zoids, Wolf's Rain, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon, s-CRY-ed,Tokyo MewMew, Hellsing, IGPX, Oban Star-Racers, Spider Riders, Avatar: Last Air Bender, Bleach, Trinity Blood, and many more! (I've watched so many it's hard to count @_@ --swirly eyes) When I'm not watching anime, my favorite TV series of all times has got to be CHARMED (i luv it luv it luv it! T-T season 8 has ended...) I also like watching MONK, he roxs my soxs! and The Closer!

Anime I Want to See:
Gravion, Elfen Lied, Noir, Gunslinger Girl, Hellsing (only seen episode 1),Cardcaptor Sakura, Chrono Crusade, and some others I can't remember their names lol i'm into all the kinds of anime there are! even if it might be a little violent lol

Favorite Anime Pairs:
FMA- EdxWinry, RoyxRiza, RossxBloch Havocx(anybody really since he always has to leave his gf behind lol) and AlxEm (em would be me! AL IS SO COOL! lol)
MMP- IchigoxMasaya, PuddingxTaruto
Digimon- TKxKari, YoleixKen, TakatoxRika, TaixSoraxMatt (can't choose)
Zatch Bell- KyoxMegumi, ZatchxTia, BragoxSherry
Neon Genesis Evangelion- ReixShinjixAsuka
IGPX- LizxTakeshi (duh!)
Rurouni Kenshin- KenshinxKouru, YahikoxTsubame, SanoxMegumi
Naruto- NarutoxHinata, SasuxSaku, InoxShika,
Wolf's Rain- HigexBlue
Furuba- TohruxKyo, KisaxHiro, KurenoxUo

Favorite Japanese Songs would include from 1 to 10! lol (1 would be the best and would be the lowest of my fav. list)

1) Keep Tryin' by Utada Hikaru (she roxs! great jap. singer!)

2) Blue by Utada Hikaru (anyone know where i can get the lyrics to that song! I'm desperate i wanna learn it! lol no i'm not insane)

3) Simple and Clean (Remix and original) again by Utada Hikaru (the remix is amazin especially the really fast part!)

4) Passion/Sanctuary (not sure which one) by...guess who: Utada Hikaru! (i like the guitar part it's cool! lol)

5) Ready Steady Go! by L'Arc~en~Ciel (they're a cool band!)

6) UNDO by COOL JOKE (that song's awesome too!)

7) Inedible Sin by . . . i can't read japanese lol (but they're a great band too!)

8) Tobira no Mokou E by YeLLOW Generation (i like that song =D and they're a great band!)

9) Rewrite by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION (they rock my soxs! lol)

10) I Will by Sowelu (it's a nice song, really it is =D )

Favorite Songs (that aren't in japanese lol) from 1 to whatever number is left! (also, 1 is my favoritest while the rest are just my favorites X3)

1) Ev'rytime we Touch (dude that song is the best!)

2) Because of You (very sad song, but very good!)

3) My Immortal (awesome song, also sad but very good!)

4) Numb (that's a cool song)

5) In The End (i like that song too it's good -)

6) Keep Holdin' On (omg this song brings tears to my eyes! luuuuv it!)

7) POPULAR from Wicked (dude i'm like addicted to that song now...lol)

8) Ma Ya Hi (good song!)

9) Miss Independant (I heart that song)

10) 4 Ever (awesome song!)

11) Suddenly I See (it's a good song too =3)

12) The Remedy (luv ittt!)

13) Extraudinary (hehe, i really like this one)

14) Put Your Records On

15) Over It

Dadada! Here are some of funny, slightly totally embarrassing momentz, and plain out random momentz lol. (the totally embarrassing momentz would be mine haha o)

Look at me look at me! (me) I'm watching. Emily look!- (mom) BAM! (i crash into a car-...that's parked) I'm okay! (me)

Since when did i have a pet turtle! named flippy? (megan) it's hard to explain u just have a pet turtle! (me) ookkaay...

hey! watch your mouth or flippy and I will attack you in ur sleep! (megan) o great. i hope i don't have a snapping turtle -rolls eyes- (me) ROFL (megan) -lol, like swn said u just had to be there, which you so weren't =P

blah blah blah blah blah--O LOOKEE LOOKEE MEGAN IS THAT A POTATO! Oh no wait...that's a log... (me) -_-;; (megan)

you know, i feel like some of you is rubbing off on me. (megan huffs a little) oooooow my bladder! (me) o.o AHAHAHAHAHAAHA! (megan laughs and then coughs)

yea it said in the personality test that i was fun to be with, happy lots, jolly, filled with joy, talkative, everyone loves my awesome and happy personality, and then it said i was clingy-- (backs away from megan slightly) and a little bit annoying... (me) ... hahha u know, that could be made a song. clingy and a little bit (taps foot twice) annoying! hahah! (Megan) -_- thanks megan that makes me feel much better (me as i laugh a little)

(me) Pippy, can I be the pinkflub? (pippy) sure! (me) YAY! . . . Pippy, what's a flub?

Yeah he's a bastard. (me) emily! (megan) What? You want me to say ass hole instead? (me) OUR VIRGIN EARS! (megan and caetlyn) . . . o.o (sanjee)

blah blah blah than a worms bellybutton (sanjee) . . . o.o does a worm even have a bellybutton?! (me)

Qwer- noun def.- to laugh histerically, like u r gonna wet ur pants i nthe next second if u dont do a freaky potty dance (caetlyn. o man i luv that girl she's so awesomeness XD! ) Quivering With Erratic Raucousness! (sanjee. omg that so totally defines qwer!)

yeah i was singing Et in Terra Pax in the shower and my mom was like, "what are you doing?" and i was like, "Singing!" and she was like, "That's not singing that's killing birds." (kenisa) Well now we know how To Kill a Mocking Bird (me as both kenisa and i laugh)

(maddie) -throws ball- (me) -runs to the ball, trips, and falls flat on face as ball finally lands and bounces somewhere- (maddie) LOL! u suck at sports. (me) hey! don't diss the athletically challenged person! (this was on IM by the way lol)

Maddie I am pointing to my wall, GO INSIDE! (me) Yeah well!...I'm pointing to the invisible air!...no wait! the fire hydrant!...that's yellow! (maddie)

(cough cough cough cough cough hack cough cough) (me) Keep coughing! KEEP COUGHING! KEEP COUGHING! (Maddie) (cough cough laughs cough cough) I'm...trying (laughing so hard) (me) - well finally i did stop coughing and just laughed until it hurt lol.

(okay, these funny stuffers are all from a sleepover i had with my buddy ~swn~ so i have her to thank for these wonderful and funny momentz! swn: ur welcome EmiieRoxs ~squee~)

(megan) i feel so special! (it takes two seconds for me to answer) . . . I feel sweaty...(me)

(me) The girl she saw was around 17, and she looked high and low. "Now where could she be?" the 17 year-old wondered. (as i read that i am pushing myself to get off the chair...) OOF! (falls off with a thud; megan laughs hysterically at my fall, and i am laughing as well, except my face is not as red as a beet :-P)

(megan) yay! (me) whoo hoo! (megan) yippee! -bein random

(me walking to the fridge, with four drinks in my hand) time to use my pinky power! (i use one pinky, doesn't work and it hurts) . . . time for double pinky power! it worked!

(me) megan, even i'm not obsessed with manga, no offense. (megan) yes but, it was a fruits basket manga. (me) that may be true, but this...THIS is an FMA manga

(me) she wrote that on the 19th (megan) today's the 19th. (me) nooo, today's the 20th (megan) nooooo today's the 19th! (me) megan it's 12:09 a.m it's the 20th! (megan) well sorry..psh

(megan and i are youtubing) (me) what is that? (megan) don't touch it! oh..ooh! oooh! (she says this while i'm moving the mouse up and down on the little screen) (both of us) ooh! oooh! oooh!

do worms crap? (mr perkins) well maybe if u cut them in half it might happen since they have two heads. (me) -u wish u had a cool buddy like mr. perkins

(on msn messenger) "How does this title sound? "Rain mixes with the devil's Blood"?" (me) "PERFECT!" (xlarain buddy) "I'm brillaitn! xD jk... Lmao! I even spelled it wrong!! Me and my typos :B (me) "rofl" (xlarain buddy)

Funny T.V Quotes and Game quotes:


-mumbles repeatedly- (Monk) What'd he say? (Natalie) Leap and a net will catch you my ass.(randy) -never thought monk would swear, haha!

here's my plan. we burn down san fransisco so all the trash is gone. then, we come back and just in case, burn the ashes too. then all we have to do is rebuild the city! (Monk) -okay, so it's not exactly what he said, but it was funny!


Hahaha! Sensei fell for it! Hahaha! (Naruto) Naruto! (Sakura) Hm...my first impression...you're all idiots (Kakashi) . . . (the three have gloomy colors behind them, and -_- is their expression with sweatdrops) -i know it's not the exact things they said, but it was around those lines.

Teen Titans:

Maybe I should be called Beastman now! (Beastboy) We're having a moment here, DON'T ruin it. (Raven) -haha, poor Beastboy

Okay, you remember fighting Killermoth and how Robin had to take a date with Kitten, and she was like aw, and you were like gr, andRobin was like sheesh...and then we fought Killermoth and I was like dude, and Raven was like vsssh, and Cyborg was like boo ya! (Beastboy) -there was more stuff he said but i didn't care to write it lol

Avatar The Last Airbender:

LOOK! It's a mushroom! MAYBE IT'S FRIENDLY! (Sokka) -sokka's become high!

Oh Sokka you saved me! (Toph kisses Suki on the cheek) Ummmm...actually, it was me... (Suki) Oh... You can let me drown now. (Toph) -i feel bad for toph lol but at the same time i laugh at her

Look! They're holding a feast for the king's bear! (Katara points to the newspaper) Platapus Bear? (Sokka) Skunk Bear? (Aang) Beaver Bear? (Toph) It just says...bear. (Katara) This place...Is WEIRD (Toph) -lol ever notice that every kind of animal in avatar world is fused?

Yuck! This tea tastes like regular hot water and tea leaves! (Iroh) Uncle, all tea tastes that way. (Zukko) I am disgraced that a memeber of my own family would say something so disgraceful. We will need to make some changes! (Iroh shakes head) -there is more...but i need to ask SoR for the rest of it lol

(game quotes)


Cooooooleeeeette! She really doesn't respond...(Zelos) Hey! Are you trying to do anything funny with her! (Sheena) What makes you say that? (Zelos) You tried to take a peek at me in the shower before! (Sheena) That was just curiousity towards the unknown...(Zelos)

Hey Zelos,carry the big guy for us. (Sheena) Me! You want me to carry this ogre by myself? Are you kidding me? (Zelos is trying to pick up Regal) Here, I'll help. Zelos will have a hard time by himself. (Colette) Awww, you're so niceColette. We Chosens have tolook out for eachother, right? (Zelos) Yeah!. . . Oh, he's lighter than I thought. I cancarry him myself. (Colette picksRegal up and places him onher shoulder, the guys haveshocked looks on their faces) Haha...I see...(Zelos) Men are so useless these days. (Raine) -sweatdrops- (Zelos, Genis, and Lloyd)

Naruto- Ultimate Ninja(!):

Go Choji! (Ino) BARU! BARU! BARUU! THE HUMAN BOULDER! (Choji) -sighs-, huh!(Shikamaru) Baru! O-oh, Sorry Shikamaru! (Choji cries as Ino shrugs her shoulders)

BARU! BARU! BARU! CHUBBIES RULE! BARU! BARUU! (Choji) -sighs- (Shikamaru)

And now! (Naruto cries as he uses his sexy jutsu...a whole swarm ofsexy girlnarutos are around the enemy my enemy was kakashi and then he flies on his head with a bang!) Also known as, Harem Jutsu! (Naruto who then gets whacked by Iruka) YOU AND YOUR STUPID JUTSU! (Iruka)

I'm a little backpack short and stout
Here is my rainbow here is my snout
When I fall over books fall out.
Tip me over and knock me out ~DZ and EC (EC bein me lol)

EAT PIE IT'S GOOD FOR U! ~Sanjee (who is my best friend yay for pie! lol)

My Goal for FanFiction: For everyone to like my stories lots, give out reviews, have me on their favs list, and have lots of reviews=D it's a dream i wish to fullfill (it has started to come true! thanks everyone!)

This is a Site for FMA fans! http://www.youtube.com/oc34McQtl7k&search=Fullmetal20Alchemist20Brothers

Note: i think i'm done with Fanfiction. and yet... somehow maybe I might get back into the game.

OMG! do u realize what u've just done! -gasps- U've just read through all of my profile! Congratulations! I give you my applause (claps =D ) -Em

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