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A Lot Has Changed Since I Last Updated This

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It's certainly been a while. Time moves on and tastes bloom and die (thankfully, few tastes actually died on my end). This isn't to say I'm done writing fanfiction (far from it), but a while back, I moved off to a new site that fed my creativity a little more. My writing grew and flourished in this new environment, and I've met friends there that have given me ample room to correct and improve myself, not just with editing skills, but with general storytelling. With this said, looking back, a lot of my work here, my past work is quite frankly... terrible. The only story I WISH to continue is Black Metal, but that one is going on the back burner for quite some time, especially since it, too, it just as terrible as the rest of the trite I posted and thought was perfection.

This is to say I'm purging the stories I have uploaded here. I'm ashamed and embarrassed at my egotistical and selfish thought that it couldn't be better than it was nearly six years ago, and have proven I've done better elsewhere, and will hopefully continue to improve moving forward. If you want any of the stories I removed, PM me. All you need to do is provide a story name. If I still have it on file, I'll send it to you. Otherwise, it's gone for good... This includes "Black Metal", which I will be keeping on file since, as I've said before, I do want to finish it (but first, I want to fix it, cause it REALLY needs a face lift).

If anyone of my readers here are into my writing, or into MLP:Friendship is Magic, look for me on FimFiction.net. The link to my profile is on this profile page at the top. Also, if you have a PSN or skype, send a message. Maybe I can add you and have a chat once in a while. I have been a busy man, though, so be patient with me if my response isn't immediate.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully understanding.


The Demon

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