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Scrawlerearth is a chat based RPG run out of www.nightscrawlers.com. (You can also see us at www.nightscrawlearth.com) We are always interested in new players, and if you are interested, please head over to our site and take a look!

Xavier University has sent out acceptance letters to various students all over the globe. These students all have one thing in common, which becomes apparent upon arriving. Xavier's is school which caters solely to mutants, a term which is foriegn tomany of the students. Some didn't know there were others like them, others didn't even realise they HAD any kind of special powers. Xavier's has but one goal. To teach these young adults how to thrive in a world that is becoming increasingly more hateful of them. Free of charge, of course...

Basically, our game is about the adventures of these "special" students in basic college life. With the added fun of crazy powers :). Here, we're collecting fan fiction written in regards to the RP. If you like what you see here, stop by the site for a WHOLE lot more fun!

The Staff:

Dr. Charles Xavier - Dean and Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy
Kurt Wagner - Professor of World Culture
James Howlett - Professor of Cultural Arts
Hank McCoy - Professor of Biology
Forge - Professor of Computer Sciences
Ororo Munroe - Professor of Ethics
Srg. Rankin - Professor of Self Defence
Bishop - Professor of Life Skills and Home Ec.
Nurse Annie is the school nurse, and Dai Guan is the psychologist.

The Students:

Talia Josephine Palmer - Nocturne
Remy LeBeau - Gambit
Doug Ramsey - Cypher
Warren Worthington III - The Fallen
Shiro Yoshida - Sunfire
Angel Salvatore - Angel
Laurie Collins - Wallflower
Elizabeth Braddock - Psylocke
Scott Summers - Cyclops
Japheth Jones - Maggot
John Taylor - Longshot
Jubilation Lee - Jubilee
Rahne Sinclair - Wolfsbane
Sabertooth - Victor Creed

Meggan Jones - Tapestry
Alison Blaire - Dazzler
Sharom Smith - Catseye
Pete Wisdom
Laura Howlett-Fitzgerald - Talon
Bobby Drake - Iceman
Kitty Pryde - Shadowcat
Eric 'Magnus' Lensher - Magneto
Jean- Paul Beaubier - Northstar
Shavaun Wilkinsin - Mother Inferior
Pietro Giovanni - Quicksilver
Tom Cassidy - Black Tom
Alexander Goodhaven - Freakshow
En Sabah Nur - Apocalypse
Alexander Blandings - Havok
Jean Grey
Rachel Grey
Ellie Phimster - Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Everett Thomas - Synch
Dani Moonstar - Mirage
Lorna Dane - Polaris
Paige Guthrie - Husk