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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.

Sukie. British. 17. Lamenting the H/G in Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows.

Writes HP fanfic. Ships to kingdom come.

The Conventional: Neville/Luna, Ron/Hermione, James/Lily, Frank/Alice, Arthur/Molly, Remus/Sirius, Draco/Pansy, Bill/Fleur

The Strange: Oliver/Cho, Salazar/Rowena, Godric/Helga, Fred/Alicia, Nicholas/Peronelle, Tom (Riddle)/Myrtle, Seamus/Dean

And the Guilty Pleasures: Draco/Ginny, George/Alicia, Fred/Katie, Ron/Luna, Harry/Charlie, Harry/Draco, Remus/Lily, Remus/Tonks, Seamus/Justin, Bill/Tonks, Crookshanks/Mrs Norris

And doesn't stop at HP.

Mona/Cosmo (The Supernaturalist), Artemis/Minerva (Artemis Fowl), Chander/Monica (Friends), Ross/Rachel (Friends), Mike/Phoebe (Friends), Joey/Phoebe (Friends), Ross/Phoebe (Friends), Joey/Monica (Friends), Bernard/Fran (Black Books), Manny/Rowena (Black Books), Aragorn/Arwen (Lord of the Rings), Frodo/Sam (Lord of the Rings), Robbie/Georgia (Georgia Nicolson), Dave/Georgia (Georgia Nicolson), Dave/Alex (Drop the Dead Donkey), Henry/Sally (Drop the Dead Donkey), Damien/Joy (Drop the Dead Donkey)

Loves punk music, art and people who review.

My Fics

A Dork's Diary: Memoirs of Keira Matthews is my first fic. I have a basic plan for a sequel (I like to plan ahead) and I also have a Founders fic in the pipeline. I've done chapter 1 and a couple of cookies but it sucks a bit so I'm waiting before I put it up. Also I want to concentrate on A Dork's Diary for the moment.

The Wrong Weasley was basically just a rampaging plot bunny that popped into my head after one of my friends got drunk and ended up making out with a girl for a laugh. Surprisingly they both think it's really funny and it's not awkward between them at all, but I thought, "Hmm, plot bunny." And I've always had a little guilty pleasure for Charlie/Harry so I thought, "Hey, I'll do that!" It's weird, it's a waste of time and basically only there for a good laugh, but I quite enjoyed writing it, even if it isn't very good.

My Obsession is the opposite of The Wrong Weasley, which was a plot bunny that needed a pairing. My Obsession is a pairing that needed a plot bunny! I pretty much hit writer's block whilst writing A Dork's Diary and Oliver/Cho is one of my favourite pairings and I feel there aren't enough fics of it out there. So I wrote one. It's not my best work but I hope it's enjoyable.

I'm also thinking of writing a fic for a TV series I like called Drop the Dead Donkey. It's by Andy Hamilton, and it's extremely funny, although it's only been shown in Britain to my knowledge. For those who have seen it, this little fic I'm potentially planning would be a Dave/Alex one-shot, as I like that pairing but I have too much on my hands right now to write a chaptered fic. (Damn you, AS levels!!!)

I'm also thinking of writing some shippy one-shots, just for the Hell of it as a distraction when I hit writer's block for A Dork's Diary. I'm thinking of writing Neville/Luna next, then possibly Fred/Alicia.

If you enjoy my work then please tell me, but I'm not going to stop writing if I don't get reviews. Also, if you don't enjoy my work PLEASE tell me how to improve it! Concrit is a writer's best friend.

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