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Hello, and Merry Meet.
I am a 13 year old Wiccian who lives in Wisconsin. I like to read almost
anything! I also reviw any things I read. Good or Bad!
Well, here is some usless information:
Fav. TV shows
-Hey Arnold!
-As told by Ginger
-Spongebob Squarepants
-Lizze M.
-So little time
-Dawsons Creek
-Mtv music Vidio's!
-Courage; the cowardly dog
Fav. Movies
-The others
-Gotta Kick it up
-Harry P.
Wanna be age
Biggest wish
- to be able to fly
How many people named Kristy I know
My weirdness level
-VERY high
How little you care
-VERY low
-2 cats; Caramel and Tanya
Imaginary Friends?
-3; Bob, Mary, Josy
Real Friends?
Extra cricial activity?
-Chanal flipping
-Swim team
-Student council
-Yearbook commitee
-Track team
-Cat petting
fav. singers
-Britney Spears

Well, hoped you learned more about me! Have a good day, or night!~
Feel free to e-mail me!!!
Always, Shakira!!