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I just read this and realized how annoyingly retarded it was so now I'm changing it.

First off, all you need to know is that I'm basically a teenage girl who likes to write and read fanfiction. My work, in my eyes, is lacking in many areas so feel free to give me advice for improvement. Things I'm normally good at writing are essays (I can write good ones in a very short amount of time) but when it comes to writing stories it gets complicated.

Normally I'm good with punctuation, grammar, and spelling, but it seems that my stories under this username are...mediocre at best. I don't like them at all. Not the majority of them at least.

I'm going to leave them all up but from now on I'm going to write better fanfiction. The stories that I do have written, I no longer plan on continuing (except maybe Chibi Love, I like that one, I just forgot about it...). I do apologize, though. I've been extremely inconsistent with updating and now I'm discontinuing my stories. I'd hate me, too, if I was waiting for an update. I'm terribly sorry but if I did continue them they wouldn't be good because of lack of inspiration (then you'd hate me more)

The anime's I write about and will probably write about in the future (when I learn more about the characters etc.) is Naruto and Bleach. I tried Fruits Basket but I couldn't bring myself to like it or finish it for that matter.

Naruto is an anime I know a decent amount about so a lot of these can be expected. If I'm up to it I might even take a request or two sometime in the near future. Normally the couples I do are SasuSaku and NaruHina but depending on my mood this can change. Just never expect a NaruSaku, SasuHina, or a SasuIno, I don't like these couples much and if I were to write about them it would be dry and just...a bad story.

Bleach is an anime I'm just starting to completely get into. I just recently started reading the manga and I never payed that much attention to the anime until a few weeks ago. I hope I'll be able to write many of these in the future as well. I will probably only write IchiNoue (or IchiOri, whichever you prefer to say) because I just like that couple and have an unexplained hatred for Rukia (though I am trying to like her) Maybe by the time I'm done learning more about the anime etc. I'll have changed into an IchiRuki fan (or not hate Rukia as much)

There are other animes I like though and I might just pull one up out of the blue so yeah...

Unnecessary information time!

If you want to call me by any name just use my username. As for my age, let's just say I'm old enough. My favorite color is orange and I like reading a lot of books. If there was one thing I could have it would be a kitten but I can't, I'm allergic (most animal fur makes my eyes burn)

Some books I like include Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, Harry Potter by JK Rowling, The Memory Keeper's Daughter (I can't recall who it's by...) and The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck.

Things I hate most are bad acting/voice acting, bad art, people who pretend to be something they're not, and I absolutely abhor strawberries (though it's not like any of you are going to be stuffing them down my throat)

Well, there's one more thing before I leave. I'm a very busy person at times and at other times I'm not, however I do tend to get sick often and I'm a very forgetful person (I used to have a wonderful memory but something happened). Updating, as I have proven, is something I'm not very good with. Please bear with me if it takes me a while to update, I don't keep people waiting on purpose. If you get tired of waiting etc. private message me as a reminder and I'll be sure to get back to you.

All of you take care of yourselves.


~Suzaku Madoushi~

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