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(08.21.2015) (0310 Hours)


Anybody got cliffs notes for The Sequel? I'm so painfully verbose! It'll take hours to read it and refresh it!

EDIT (08.27.2015 ll 0349 Hours): I WROTE! Look! See?! I actually posted a chapter! I actually made good on a self-imposed deadline! Holy expletive, Batman, this calls for a freaking party!

As an aside, has anyone else noticed that I do most of my profile updates between 3AM and 4AM? Seriously. This hasn't changed at all in the past ten years. When it comes to insomnia, I'm nothing if not consistent, I guess.

@_@ ~*(cyh)*

(09.26.2013) (0340 Hours) you may have noticed, I've updated The Sequel for the first time in over four years. *looks around* Yup.

I also realized that it's still rated Teen...odd.

I wonder how many of my old friends are still here...

--_-- *(cyh)*

(05.11.2013) (0356 Hours)

Hey, people who love me enough to check out my super-special-awesome (read: ineffectual) profile page!

Man, has it really been four years? Time sure flies, my friends. I'm sure many of you have moved on, but if there's anyone still out there who likes my writing I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I've opened an account over at FictionPress for my original work. It's linked to my FFNet account, so I'm still CyhAnide over there. My first work, Avenari, will be available there, and the prologue is already up. I hope you enjoy it.

As for The Sequel, I've had the next chapter hanging in limbo for a long, long time. I think I really just need to re-read the whole thing and get the spark back, but at the moment I'm so psyched over my book again that I can't stay focused long enough for the fanfic. It's not dead yet, though. I still miss my characters. If you do decide to read Avenari, you'll find that a lot of those characters are similar to my OCs.

Thank you, all of you. You made me so happy with all of your reviews and words of encouragement. I'm still around, so hopefully I'll see you again. Much love.


(05.09.09) (0333 hours) ((Debilibus Somnus Est--Sleep Is for the Weak))

LOQUACIOUSNESS...In which I explain my avatar.

Say hello to Gintoki, everyone! He's the main character in Gintama. I adore him unequivocally, because he is silly. In fact, if Yumoa's mental age went from five to thirty, he would probably act and look exactly like Gin-chan here. Watch Gin-chan. Why? Because he will make you laugh until your brain falls out. Obviously.

Oh, and I made that avatar with two screencaps. One from ep 126 as Gin-chan tries to make a pair of glasses pose for the camera, and gets terrible results, and the other from the title screen with the GinTama kanji.

It's so...cute... o_o;

(end rant/ramble/word vomit)

--_-- x(cyh)

"Math...damn the Byzantine Empire and theirnumber systems! A curse upon the Mayans who mock me with their calendar! I SHALL CONQUER THE DERIVATIVE IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!! (shakes fist at sky)"


(=_= # I apologize to the ancestors of the aforementioned ancient civilizations. My pain is not your fault.)

Note to TIG and TS readers:

When I use the names of non-Saiyuki-derived gods and goddesses, the names are interchangeable between Greek and Roman names (i.e., if the Romans changed them). The Romans took most of their gods from the Greeks, and simply gave them new names. So, as a result, Venus was the Roman version of Aphrodite, Jupiter was Zeus, Vulcan was Hephaestus (AND Venus'/Aphrodite's husband! (?!)), Neptune was Poseidon, Mars was Ares, et cetera. (You may note that the planets in our solar system are named after the ROMAN versions.) Most of the gods had two names, from the Greeks and the Romans. The only purely Roman gods were the Lares and Penates (ancestral gods, mostly), and Janus, the two-faced god of doorways. (If the doors to the temple of Janus were open, it meant that the empire/Republic was at war. Closed meant peace.) (Did you know that a janitor was originally a Roman doorman? "Janua" means "door" in Latin. "January" is the door to the next year. Cool, eh?)

Heh...I miss Latin/Ancient Roman trivia...

And for the sake of clarification, the names I use vary according to which civilization was the last to worship that particular god or goddess. Therefore, Venus uses her Roman name, but Eris keeps her Greek name. Eris doesn't get enough credit, if you ask me. She rocked. Oh, and the gods prefer to refer to eachother by their Greek names...because that was what they were accustomed to for a very long time, before Quirinus/Romulus killed his brother for a hill of birds and created the ancient empire whose rulers eventually degenerated into madmen and murderers. Damn, I love this stuff!

For an awesome representation of the Greek gods' family tree, check this out: http:///greekgods/

EDIT: To those of you who recall the infectious Elizabethian accents which plagued the characters in TIG, google "Foreign Accent Syndrome". XD I invented something that actually exists! Over at UCF, Dr. Jack Ryalls is the one who gets the most press about it. It's FASCINATING.

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Name: CyhAnide

No, it's not my real name. Why the heck would I tell you something so boring?

Age: 20. It happened.

Height: 5'3". Formerly 5'4", but the doctors say otherwise now...I'M SHRINKING!! SHRINKING!! (cries inside)

Familial Status: Firstborn, AKA, "the Guinea Pig" (glares at father for wanting a girl first)

Other Notes (About My Writing): (smirk) Just you wait. Someday I'll get published and you'll see my penname on all the bookstore shelves!! Muahahahahahahahaaaah!


Authors: David Wong, L. K. Hamilton, Jhonen Vasquez, Stephanie Meyer, Douglas Adams, Tom Stoppard, Thomas Harris (he wrote Hannibal Rising), Chuck Palahniuk, R.A. Salvatore, Anne Rice, Juvenal (to you laymen, he was one of the most intriguing, angry old satirists you'll ever see), and Homer (he was into the gory imagery, that one) cetera...

Music: ICP, Twiztid, Blink-182, Linkin Park, Angels n Airwaves, Hans Zimmer, Korn (very recently), Boxcar Racer, Dire Straits, Foo Fighters, Eiffel 65, Natalie Imbruglia.

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FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!: Collateral, even though I think Tom Cruise as a person is a flake. Love the music. Love Vincent.

Games: Half-Life (the whole Empire), Portal, Halo (that Empire, as well), Basically every Sonic/Tails/Knuckles game ever invented since Genesis, Devil May Cry 1-3, F.E.A.R., SPORE, and every version of Pokemon ever invented (I play nothing else on my handhelds--I live in my childhood every day).

TV: Ren n Stimpy, Invader Zim, South Park, Simpsons, Futurama, House, Lie to Me (I adore Tim Roth--he played Guildenstern!!), Chuck, and How I Met Your Mother--suit up!.

TV/Video Games: Saiyuki, Orphen, Sengoku BASARA, Higashi no Eden, Ghost Stories (English Dub), Kaleidostar, His and Her Circumstances (Asaba n Shibahime are my idols), s-CRY-ed, Samurai Champloo, Paranoia Agent, Cat Soup, Hellsing Ultimate OVAs, Nana, Black Blood Brothers, Kiba, OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB!!, Karin, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Death Note TV, Jigoku Shoujo (That's Hell Girl to you non-fansub-watchers), Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori, Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, Eyeshield 21, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Shounen Onmyouji, Ghost Hunt, Cromartie High School, Gravitation, Darker than BLACK, Nagasarete Airantou, Loveless (the art is so beautiful that I wanna cry), Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpouchou, History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi, Last Exile (the ending nearly made me cry...WHY?! YOU MONSTERS!), Kuroshitsuji, Kurozuka, GINTAMA, Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon: Second Barrage, Kemeko DX, Ergo Proxy (I love this so much it's absurd), Skip Beat!, Yu-Gi-Oh! (so sue me!), One Outs, Michiko to Hatchin, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Earl and Fairy, D. Gray-Man, XamD Lost Memories, Soul Eater, Casshern SINS, Toradora!, Minami-ke, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Yakitate Japan! .

Manga: Saiyuki & Saiuyki Reload (overall favorite arc? "Against the Stream"), Wild Adapter, Bus Gamer, Angel Sanctuary (Michael, Kato, and Kira are my faves), Hot Gimmick, Fruits Basket (I don't care what people think! I like it, OKAY!), Death Note, Bleach (Aww, yeah! Ichigo is my home slice!), GetBackers, Ouran Host Club, Gravitation, Vampire Game, Cain Saga, Vampire Knight, Punch!, Godchild, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Never give Up, Kanpai, Her Majesty's Dog, Kami-Kaze, Yakitate Japan, Eyesheild 21, Petshop of Horrors, Love Roma, Mushishi, Phoenix (READ THIS! Tezuka was a genius...twisted, but brilliant.), Tenshi Ja Nai, Loveless, Parasyte (My newest manga, and now a part of my top ten EVER), Love Attack, My Heavenly Hockey Club, Tactice, Yurara, Millennium Snow, Skip Beat!, Black Lagoon, Wallflower, GINTAMAAAAAA!! et cetera...

Random:Chicken adobo (see TIG chapter 7), lumpia, sinagang--I'm a Filipino food addict. Mountain Dew is the Nectar of the Irony Gods. I really like trees and birds and dragonflies. And cats. And snakes. And the crazy colors at sunset. And staying up until sunrise. And the night sky at 4 AM. And drawing and painting and Photoshopping (CS2). And learning languages like Latin, Spanish, Tagalog, and Japanese. And living all over the world. Living in Japan. (...sigh...) And listening to music so pretty that I feel like I'm gonna cry, so I get all mad at myself, but then the music makes me happy again, and the vicious cycle spins until I either run out of sanity or the song ends...

Yeah, that's about it.


x(_;)x (short and to the point--time's out of joint--we're out of oint--ment )x(_;)x

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x(_;)x ("Suum Cuique")x(_;)x

x(_;)x (:To Each Their Own:)x(_;)x

((((o Paranoia, paranoia, everybody's comin' to get me... o))))


"I worry that if I leave my room, the gnomes will come back."me

"Better Paranoid Than Dead"me


"Who said that that's gonna stop me from eating my bacon, huh?"my little bro, in response to me pointing out that it was kind of weird to be eating bacon at 9 PM

x(_;)xx(_;)xx(_;)xx(_;)xCYH's DICTIONARYx(_;)xx(_;)xx(_;)xx(_;)x

Borderline Gyno (BG) (adj.): (1) The state of being incredibly perverse, while maintaining an aesthetic distance capable of delaying appropriate reactions. (2) Almost perverted enough to offend the FCC, but not enough to make them do anything about it.

BG Deviation (n.): A statement so derailed from orthodox trains of thought that recievers forever remain uncertain as to whether or not they have been offended.

Ulitimate (yoo-LIT-ih-mit) (adj.): (1) Better than the rest in a particular grouping, even the best; an often irrational superiority. (2) Happening AFTER "ultimate."

Decardiate (dee-CAR-dee-ate) (v.): (1) To remove one's heart. (2) fig. To crush one's spirit, hopes, and dreams.




Notes: I'll eventually be reposting some of the crap near the beginning, 'cause I'm not completely satisfied with the delivery. Also, I'm planning on doing a few Omake chapters, just for fun.

The Sequel (PG-13...except for Ch16, which is MATURE to da MAX): Ch 29: Kon and Lyds chat WITH THEIR MINDS! Comedy retrieves meds. Gojyo gets strangled for saving a girl's life. Sanzo gets run over with a scooter. Man driving scooter seeks time machine in vending machine. Girl with giant dog threatens to get rid of the witnesses. Gyokumen Koushu lands yet another god. Konran remains AWOL, presumably kidnapped by alien goat-beasts from Uranus.

Notes: There's a pairing, but it has nothing to do with the canons execpt as a method to incite humor and make Gojyo be a "Love Doctor". Why? Because it's different, and I just can't see the boys getting into any serious relationships the way they are now.


Lydia: Insanity Incarnate. Mortal. 5'4"-5'6". Waist-length black hair, rust-brown eyes. Half-Mexican, half-Italian. Egotistical. Paranoid. Naive, not innocent. Thinks LOVE is nothing more than some sort of mental illness. Sees Kon as a friend...which changes later on in The Sequel. Ages 16-18.

Konran: Chaos Incarnate. Greek god. 6'2". Raven hair to shoulders. Phthalocyanine, glowing eyes. Disorganized. Obsessive compulsive. Unpredictable. Invades Lydia's bed every night. Totally adores Lydia. Hates being lawn furniture. Age 2000-2500.

Yumoa: Comedy Incarnate. Greek god. 6'1". Short, spiky white hair. Glowing ember eyes. Tanned. Eternally happy. Five-year-old mentality trapped within a twenty-year-old's body. Loves bunnies. Hates cheaters and liars. Kon's best friend. Age 2000-2500.

Chitsujo: Order Incarnate. Greek Goddess. 5'9". Konran's twin sister. White hair to ankles. Glowing saffron eyes. Has no soul. Hates Chaos. Loves...nothing. Basically a way. Gets banished to another realm by Akhlys.

Higeki: Tragedy Incarnate. Greek Goddess. 3'8". Yumoa's little sister. Curly black hair to ankles. Glowing cobalt blue eyes. Psychic. Physically only about seven years old. Hates dead things. Loves her big brother to death. Always morose. Age 1000-ish

Akhlys/Akumu: Nightmare Incarnate. Greek God. "Mist of Death." Varying sizes. Mortal, but continually reincarnated. Ice-white hair. Pure white irises. Hates uppity young folks and being interrupted. Loves raising the dead and punishing bad children. Scary.

Seimei: Yumoa's Clone. Dark auburn hair. Cyan irises. Opposite of Comedy. Drinks, curses, hits on ladies. Weird.

Regina Invisamorarum: Lydia's Clone. Platinum blonde. Sea green irises. Irritating as HELL. Pushy. Noisy. Loves Kon, but he hates her with a passion. Hates Lydia, who returns the feeling with gusto.

NOTE: Venus, Eris, Hermes, Aries, et cetera...don't count as OCs. I didn't invent them, ergo they are not mine, and you may use them sans my permission. I do, however, own the personalities which I have concocted for them. Mine. No touchie.




Konran: http:///art/Chaos-Sanzo-Cosplay-145009520

Lydia: http:///art/Lydia-Gojyo-Cosplay-145008601

Comedy: http:///art/Comedy-Hakkai-Cosplay-145009160

Tragedy: http:///art/Tragedy-Goku-Cosplay-145008430

Goku: http:///art/Goku-Tragedy-Cosplay-145008834

(I'll be making more eventually.)


Special thanks to all my readers for making me enjoy writing again--for a minute there I was worried that I had lost my love for it. If you keep reviewing, I'll keep writing! Please enjoy The Sequel!


(c) June 2006-Eternity

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The Sequel reviews
Sequel to The Irony Gods:: When Togenkyo's dimensional fabric begins to tear, Kannon calls on the only people who can fix it. But are the Irony Gods really all that useful? Individual sections rated M for reasons...Latest: Hakkai is still angry and Hwan has a cunning plan. ( I can't to wait to finish this when I'm 30 years old. XD )
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