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.: 7/18/08 :.
"I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do if I- caught one!! I just... do things."

I'm just a girl with a laptop and a lot of feels.



I still think about this stuff! I still want to keep writing, it's just that life outside my computer demands interaction and time outside so I have a lot of that to do now, now that's school's been going for about two and a half months. Geeze. But yeah, I still enjoy doing this and plan on continuing with it, just to let anyone who drops by here know.

Things have been super busy and involved a lot of frequent bouts of group socialization and I'm not exactly built for that and haven't had enough time to myself lately. But it's almost over so that's good. Hopefully I'll get more time to be relaxed and write cus yeah I like doing that stuff.

Happy almost-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas season!

Brief(ish) Overview of the Author:

Call me anything that isn't mean. I'm a college student, and I still love cartoons and books and superheros and the many iterations of good triumphing over evil. I'm a Christian, I live in the US of A and Batman will always be my favorite superhero. I only plan on writing about Teen Titans right now cause that was my show back in the day (which would be like mid-early 2000s) but I'm really feelin' Firefly lately, so I might attempt that sometime. Feel free to talk to me anytime, really, I haven't been on this site in forever and have no idea of what's changed but if there's some sort of personal messaging thing now I'll probably find it and yeah don't be scared. I like to eat and workout occasionally and admire cute dark-haired boys. I'm just trying to get back in touch with the fifteen-year-old who liked to eat her candy with the pork and beans. Oh, and write some good stuff.

Oh also! I can't promise anything on the unfinished stories, as I can't exactly remember what I had planned, but I have some new story ideas sorta planned out and I'll actually write down my ideas this time on paper so yeah I think I could actually do a complete story at some point in my lifetime if I ever can concentrate long enough/have enough time. (: Hopefully that happens, I will give it my best shot. Til then ya'll.

Stuff I Enjoy:

Cool TV Shows: Batman: The Animated Series, The Batman, Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, Castle, Gravity Falls, Bones, Scrubs, SNL, 30 Rock, Criminal Minds, Once Upon a Time

Cool Movies I Recommend: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Batman Forever, The Princess Bride, Master of Disguse, Wanye's World, Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, Disney movies, Equilibrium, Pacific Rim, She's the Man, Tommy Boy

Bands That I Like To Listen To While Writing (or just in general):
The All-American Rejects, Batman: The Musical, The Beatles, bond, Boys Like Girls, The Cab, Cobra Starship, Cute Is What We Aim For, Dashboard Confessionals, Death Cab For Cutie, Fall Out Boy, Five For Fighting, Flogging Molly, The Fray, Green Day, Hellogoodbye, Imogen Heap, Jack's Mannequin, Linkin Park, McFly, Micheal Jackson, My Chemical Romance, Nickleback, Panic At The Disco, Paramore, The Ramones, Say Anything, Saliva, Tatu, Thousand Foot Krutch, Three Days Grace, X-Ray Dog, Young Love, and movie soundtracks. Lots of movie soundtracks.

Quoteable Quotes
(here be many quotes because I happen to love quoting things)

Robin: Are you kidding? You're talking to the guy who solved the Baxter's Box puzzle in 37 seconds. 'Course, this time I don't have a sledgehammer... - B:TAS

Riddler: Oh, and by the way, you'll have to answer the Riddle of the Minotaur, too!
Batman: I can't wait. How far did you say you got in the game?
Robin: I'm not sure. Maybe halfway?
Batman: Already I love this. - B:TAS

Robin: (watching episodes of Baby Doll's old TV show) Remember when Poison Ivy had us tangled up in those vines? The ones with the REALLY big thorns?
Batman: Yes.
Robin: This is worse. - B:TAS

Beast Boy: I may not be smart enough to do everything, but I'm dumb enough to try anything! - Teen Titans

Freakazoid: That was shallow, cheap, and based solely on hormones. Works for me! - Freakazoid

McStew: Aye, that's it, Dexter. Is he availible?
Mom: And you are...?
McStew: Oh, I'm his um... (Thinking) What should I say! I can't think! She'll never buy it! CRUD! CRUD! (Camly, out loud) I'm his insurance agent.
Mom: Well he's only seventeen.
McStew: (Thinking) CRUD! I blew it! I blew it! (Out loud) Oh no, I meant I'm his, uh, driving instructor. It's time for his lesson.
Mom: On Christmas Day?
McStew: He's a very bad driver. - Freakazoid

Phil: Huh, I thought that a gator only ate what it killed.
Wally Gator: Not when it's 2.99 a pound at the Costco! - Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law

Flash: Hey! That's a giant dinosaur!
Alfred: And I thought Batman was the detective. - JLU

Castle: Ok boys, here it is.
Ryan: Here's what?
Castle: My foolproof plan for getting Nigel's fingerprint. Nigel lives in a high-rise apartment, here on Park Avenue.
Esposito: High security.
Castle: Exactly. Ryan, you'll be here, front door, dressed as a flower delivery boy. Esposito, you'll be here, dressed as a hobo.
Esposito: Question: why's the brown man gotta be the hobo?
Castle: You want the flowers?
Esposito: Hobo it is. - Castle

Sister: You can probably go now.
Me: Mmm, I don't think I wanna.
Sister: Hm, well, that's a shame.

Rachel: Oh my God, you stole her award.
Joey: No, no, no, I'm accepting it on her behalf.
Rachel: I don't think you know what "behalf" means.
Joey: Sure I do. It's a verb. As in "I be half-in' it." - Friends

Liz: Kenneth, why did you play that terrible hand?
Kenneth: Why? Because I believe that life is for the living. I believe in taking risks and biting off more than you can chew. And also, people were yelling, and I got confused about the rules. - 30 Rock

"I know so much that I can do absolutely nothing about, and it overwhelms me. [...] [Another member of the church] sent me an e-mail, and at the bottom of it, it said, like... 800 kids don't know where they're gonna sleep tonight. They don't know if they're gonna have a home, and I- I can't take in 800 kids, there's not a lot I can do about that. And I just feel overwhelmed, and I feel paralyzed. And my sense of this overwhelming, just- weight of all the legitimate needs that we face in this world causes me to do for no one, 'cause I can't do for everyone. [...] Like, I can't fix all the problems in the world. But I can help that person. [...] I can't do for everyone, but there are some things that God just nudges me to get involved in. [...] And in that moment, I want you to do for one what you wish you could do for everyone." - the pastor of my church

(talking about cold-weather clothing)
I just like hoodies more.
Even when it's a blizzard.
Yeah, just wear two of them.

Me: I don't feel good. I'm gonna go to the bathroom, be right back.
Friend: You gonna puke?
Me: Nah.
Friend: You gonna poop?
Me: Don't ask me that!
(after I come back)
Best Ginger Friend: How was your poop?

Best Ginger Friend: (watching Phineas and Ferb) Donna is gonna miss the return of Christ because she's too busy listening to tapes.

Economics professor: (explaining banana-eating extra credit) I myself ate 15 bananas in 15 minutes; it wasn't in a contest, I was by myself.

Kid in class: Have you ever taught in this room before?
Professor: No; you have any advice for me?
Kid in class: No, but someone wrote "fuck this class class it sucks" on this desk.

"If something looks badass, check it out." - my dad

Me: (sneezes)
BGF: Shut up.
Me: You're a true friend.

BGF: Marie Curie died from radiation poisoning from her research. That's why careers are stupid.

(playing tabletop ping-pong)
Cousin: (British accent) Fourteen love!
Me: Why do you have a British accent?
Cousin: Because we're playing Wimbledon.

(playing Mario Kart 64)
BGF: (gets an invincible star) Oh, the first good thing that's happened to me. (after it runs out) Nothing good lasts forever.

"I open it up, and I'm not even gonna paraphrase - here's the exact letter that I got from this guy, quote unquote, it said: 'Dane, both of your parents got cancer and died to get away from your shitty comedy.' And my first thought was, 'Very unlikely.'" - Dane Cook

Elliot: (brushing her teeth in the back of her moving van) Hey.
J.D.: Is this where you're sleeping tonight?
Elliot: Yeah, so? It's, uh, it's cozy. Hospital adjacent.
J.D.: Elliot, come on. This is crazy; you're living out of a van, like a hobo or... Jewel. - Scrubs

Turk: I've been doing a lot of thinking, and, y'know, we're past that whole new-exciting-relationship phase. All that's left is us. Baby I gotta tell you - you drive me crazy. All right? You take my french fries, you- you boss me around in front of my friends-
Carla: You said strong women turn you on!
Turk: Forget about it. (starts walking away)
Look, we all know what you're gonna do, so why not be a man and do it so I can go home?
Turk: ...ok. I love you. You annoy me more than I ever thought possible, but I wanna spend every irritating minute with you. - Scrubs

J.D: Why do you have to jump out and scare me all the time?!
Janitor: I don't jump out and scare you. I follow you around all day. I only got about an hour and a half of work around here, and the rest of the time I track you, like an animal. - Scrubs

Jack: (pretending to be an angry New Yorker boyfriend) How dare you hang up on me? I'm a corrupt cop, and my brother's a corrupt fireman; he's gonna SET YOU ON FIRE, and I am not gonna investigate it. - 30 Rock

Tracy: Where were you two? Your job is to protect me from embarrassment!
Dotcom: Grizz had to go to the optometrist.
Tracy: Making up words won't save you! - 30 Rock

Andy: April! Hey, it's me, Andy - Dwyer. Uh, this is like the, 200th message I've left you without a response, so.. if you're trying to tell me something, I do not know what it is, because you won't call me back. - Parks and Rec

(looking for a contact at a fancy party)
Is that him?
That's the buffet table.
But how can we be sure, un-unless we question it? (grins)
...fine, don't make yourself sick. - Firefly

(Simon has just put his foot in his mouth again while looking at mutated cow fetus with Kaylee)
Oh no no, I get it, I do. Back on Osiris, you probably had nurses and debutantes crawling all over you, but down here at the bottom of the barrel, it's just me.
Simon: No, that's- that's- that's not even-
Kaylee: No, I'm glad I rated higher than dead Bessie here. (she storms off and Wash and Zoe come in)
Wash: Oh my God it's grotesque! ...oh, and there's something in a jar.
Zoe: Scare her away again, didja?
Simon: This might come as a shock, but I'm actually not very good at- at talking to girls.
Zoe: (sympathetically) Why, is there someone you are good at talking to?
Wash: (to cow fetus) Do not fear me; ours is a peaceful race, and we must live in harmony. - Firefly

"'Dumbledore cornered!' he said, and he turned to a stocky little whoman who looked as though she could be his sister and who was grinning eagerly. 'Dumbledore wandless, Dumbledore alone! Well done, Draco, well done!'

'Good evening, Amycus,' said Dumbledore calmly, as though welcoming the man to a tea party. 'And you've brought Alecto too. ...Charming...'

The woman gave an angry little titter. 'Think your little jokes'll help you on your deathbed then?' she jeered.

'Jokes? No, no, these are manners,' replied Dumbledore." - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Newt: It’s classified, so I can’t tell you. But it’s pretty cool, so I might tell you. ...ok, I’m gonna tell you. - Pacific Rim

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Chosen Family by ladlebasking reviews
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