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For those of you (and I doubt there were many) who noticed, the name change, it is due to a good friend pointing out I was an egotist. After looking this up I then had a personal revelation that I was in fact of the race Homo “Big Head” Sapient. I thus changed it to “Langwurst” and it was pointed to me that this was if anything more egotistic. To my German brethren (or at least German speaking brethren) I should point out nothing is meant by this (although it is accurate) it just kind of stuck.

I come from the good old U S of John Radcliff. And grew up in good old Abingdon, where I’ve “enjoyed” thirteen years of school life.

I’m huge a fan of anything written by Terry Pratchett; particularly anything Discworld and I like all my Ps2 games, as well as a few legendary Pc titles such as Dungeon Keeper. Despite my currently more numerous if not better works being all Tomb Raider set; I have never actually played any of the games for more than five minutes. As of such I am a complete blagger and all my knowledge of the subject is at best second hand.

I feel this is as good a time as any to point out that “Ave Summa That” Is the best writer of this world or the next. Not published her grand works can be found on this site. In the event that they don’t live up to everything I have just said fear not. They are her works from many years ago, when she was not so experienced in the arts of Writing, Photography or Seduction. In fact she may have been like two years old, irrespective of whether this site existed 16 years ago, that she would have access to the internet or for that matter a computer, needles to say if she had needed to travel in time, she would have.

Shout outs also to Phil or PWhitehead whose secret identity may have been blown there, because he is the only other person I know on here from real life and also to “Ranma Hibiki” for writing the first review to my stories whoever this individual is.

Regarding reviews, I really do appreciate these irrespective of the whole egotist thing. In certain yet highly specific areas, such as punctuation I suck. To quote Mister Terry Pratchett “…she has an approach to grammar and spelling that is all her very own. As far as punctuation goes she appears to have no approach at all, but seems merely to throw it at the page from a distance, like playing darts.” Now take that and apply it to myself as appose to Nanny Ogg and it’s a perfect fit. Given this it is good thing that I have an alpha up to Omega editor; unfortunately there all me. Also I occasionally just slap stuff up here after just reading it once or so and making all the little red wiggly lines disappear. To clarify please review, eventually it will make my writing better, making your future visits to my tiny corner of Fanfic that much more enjoyable, should you be fool enough to brave it a second time.

Also all reviewers will receive a reply more or less, but mostly cause I got nothing better to be doing.

One last thing, all my favorite stories are primo and deserve being checked out, except for “Smegging of The Shire” It’s probably great too I just haven’t read it, it’s mainly up there cause I liked the title.

Disclaimer; I of course own nothing yet, but any original charters or places in my works (Such as Ma Larson.) feel free to use. Also feel free to write your own pre/sequels to anything I write I may do so too but you never know what with trousers of time n all that.

I also don’t own the trousers of time if anyone could do so it is Terry Pratchett who if not God is at least a minor deity. Come to think of it he also owns this style of annotation†.


‡Oh Bugger. Over and out.

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