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June 22, 2007: Okay, I know that few people read my bio, but nonetheless, I've decided to announce something important here. My story will be placed under hiatus since I don't have the time to continue writing. I know it's a bit unfair, considering that there are only two chapters left... but then, I wouldn't want you to read something that was rushed and done poorly, right? Anyway, I don't think this would matter at all since there are other works much, much better than mine.

December 7, 2006: I'll finish "The One You Thought You Knew" very quickly now. There might be some points that may not be explained so I'm now apologizing for that. In the meantime, if there's anything that is unclear and may be explained in further chapters, just post me a message or something.

November 5, 2006: Updates will be a whole lot slower. But don't worry. I'll be writing longer chapters to cover the handicap, so please bear with me for a while. When Christmas vacation comes, my updates will (hopefully) be back to normal.

August 11, 2006: Another thing: I might change my username to only "Valkyrie" since it's really my "real" name. In short, I'm admitting that "Valkyrie Lover Asuka" is an egotistic name because I'm literally in love with myself. ("real" because that's the unofficial nickname my cousin gave me)

:laughs maniacally:

from valkyrie lover asuka to valkyrie lover asuka. In short, I’m interviewing myself.

-start of interview-

What is your real name?

Secret. Actually, it's no longer a secret since I stated "it" in my NEWS section. Please check it out.

How old are you?



Lesbian… joke. That would be my secret.

Civil status?

Deceased. –chuckles evilly-


Amestrian. If you have read the FMA manga or even watched the anime, you’ll know what I’m saying. And oh, I forgot. There’s no such race as Amestrian.

Know what? This interview is going nowhere.

Yep. I totally agree with you. Haha. Fine. I’ll stop with the stupid replies. I just don’t want to share that information. I’m shy. Wait. Who am I joking? No one. I know. Gah. Just don’t ask those queries again, for my sake.

-sighs- Fine. When did you start writing?

My first attempt at proper writing was when I was in Grade 5. I wrote a play about Greek heroes and heroines. Everyone died in the end except me.

Where do you get your ideas and inspirations?

I get them from my overactive imagination. Simple things like my brother dropping a fork or whatever silverware gets me into thinking of a plot that I hope is original and unique. Other events in the stories is, most likely than not, based from my experience. And my humiliations.

What is your favorite memory?

Tough one. I have so many memories that I consider my favorite… even those humiliating ones that I experience almost everyday of my life. But I have to say, my favorite memory was when my closest cousin and I placed plastics of glue around her house so that we could victimize someone. Eventually, my oldest brother came and sat on the sofa (where one of the glues was placed). To make a long story short, his thin-clothed pant was ripped off, exposing his boxers: rubber duckies on blue background. It’s so cute (the boxers I mean)… but not for him. My brother was humiliated. He was 14 at that time. Up to now, we’re trying not to let him live that down. –evil laugh–

What is your favorite place in the world and why?

That’s easy. It’s my room. It provides me the privacy that I need. And it’s also complete with my favorite stuffs like the air conditioner, my mini library, my flat T.V. and all the other things that make me a happy person.

What is your hobby?

My main hobby is reading. I read what I can. Heck, sometimes I will purposely not eat lunch just to buy one book. It’s unhealthy, I know. So, when I really want to read a new book and I don’t have any money, I’ll just walk in our kitchen and read the labels on the jars there. –smiles foolishly-

If you hadn’t been a fanfic writer, what would you have liked to be?

I always fancied myself as a baby-sitter or a gardener. ARE YOU CRAZY! I’m a fanfic writer. Even if it’s not a legal profession (heck, it’s not even a profession), I like being a writer in ff.net. It gives me the pleasure of entertaining people. If ff.net didn’t exist, then I’d have to invent it myself.

What do you think of flamers?

I’m happy to say that I don’t have any flamers (yet). But if I do have one, I won’t think too much about them. I admit that I write short chapters so it’s understandable if some people took the time to visit my story just to see such a miniscule update. I admit, sometimes I want to flame myself for that too.

What makes you angry?

Actually, I don’t get angry that easily. Ask the people who knew me. If you do make me angry, congratulations. May your soul rest in peace. Haha. Really, I’m serious. There was a time my favorite cousin (the one I connived with the ‘glue’ joke) cried because of one flame she received. She told me that that person was always flaming her. I was so infuriated that I PM-ed that person and said: you think my cousin’s story smells like hell? How dare you! Why? Oh, I see. I guess you’ve been to hell, that’s why you know. Sht. Why do you have to leave that place? I may not know you but if you do send another flame to my cousin, you better watch out. I’m not a mean person but when somebody hurts my family, I could hurt anyone. So stop what you’re doing. Of course, the flaming stopped. And the person apologized. Of course, I apologized too. I’m not that kind of person that holds grudges to anyone. And guess what? That flamer turned out to be studying in my school. We became the best of friends afterwards.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

I was in Grade 6 and we were wearing our gala uniform. Anyway, while dressing up, I forgot I already removed my (under) shorts. And so, not fully aware that what I was only wearing were my stockings and underwear, I undressed myself. BE AWARE THAT I WAS DRESSING UP IN MY CLASSROOM TOGETHER WITH MY CLASSMATES. A few moments of silence and then the class started to giggle. Looking down, I noted what they were seeing: my fully exposed thighs with only the pantyhose as cover and one cheek of my –cough, cough– bum. I was so humiliated. But of course, being the president of that class, I won’t let them know about that. So I said: What? My butt’s nice and my underwear’s quite expensive. By the way, if you want your buttocks to be as white as mine, you should use… I didn’t finish. They all cracked up after that. –blushes– If you tell a soul, I’ll hunt you down.

What is your most treasured possession?

My laptop, my books and my brain. I don’t need to elaborate that, right?

Who is your most favorite person in the whole, wide world?

My favorite cousin. We always have a great time together. We pull pranks that was, well, funny. And even though we get in trouble (which is seldom), and we cry our eyes out after that, later on we’ll be laughing saying things like: you should have seen your eyes! It was so puffy red. You’re ugly and now you’re even uglier! There was a time that I got jealous because she reached 200 hundred reviewers in such a short period of time. I guess my jealousy could be seen because she came to me and said: here, a knife. Kill me now. But wait, give me five minutes. I’ll just write my death note stating that you killed me. I wouldn’t want to tire the police by searching for the killer. However desperate that joke was, I still cracked up. In short, we find ways to entertain each other.

Why do you not ask for reviews?

I want people to review my story not because someone asked them or because they were forced to. I want them to review because they really want to do it. I guess my way of thinking is rather different from the others.

Most favorite author?

That would be Eoin Colfer. He’s such a nice guy. And his stories are great, too. He gives great advice to aspiring writers like me. Although I haven’t met him face-to-face, I get to know him through his writings. He has this sense of humor in him that won’t disappear even when he put it into paper. Unluckily for me, all my jokes lose or decrease their humor factor once I typed it. I wonder why.

Any advice to fanfic writers?

One: listen to God – He is always right.

Two: ignore all flames, unless suggested by God, who is always right.

Three: if in doubt, call God. The one who is always right.

Hehe. That would be part one of my advice. This is part two of my advice.

One: If your story was gotten from another fic, please state in your story what fic it was gotten. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT ACCEPT ALL THE CREDITS! The author, whom you got your idea from, should have her share of credits as well. What would you feel if a similar story with the similar plot or similar event appears on the net, explicitly accepting all credits without consent to the first person who thought of the same idea? You should at least place in the beginning of the story some lines like this: inspired by (blah, blah). You know the rest.

Two: Accept criticisms openly. You should be happy someone took the time to read your story carefully. Besides, with criticisms, a person could improve their writing abilities

Three: If you are going to criticize a story, don’t just settle with the mistakes of the author. You should at least praise them or give nice comments. It really hurts when one reviewer settles only for the bad points.

-end of interview-

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