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Author has written 1 story for Twilight.

THIS ACCOUNT IS NOW SHARED. The authors are Ash and Holly.


Manga: None. I hate manga. I don't watch Anime, either

Favorite actor: Johnny Depp

Books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and Harry Potter

Favorite Band: Paramore, Muse, and Taylor Swift


Favorite Band: My Chemical Romance.

Mangas: Fruits Basket (manga pwns the anime), Kingdom Hearts (video games pwn the manga), Vampire Knight, Tokyo Mew Mew (the poor person's Sailor Moon. I miss Sailor Moon)/A La Mode, Yume Kira Dream Shoppe, etc.

Anime: Fruits Basket, FLCL (Fooly Cooly), Cromartie High, ummm... I can't remember all of them. X.x I watch a lot of anime though.

Favorite Books: Twilight, New Moon, Dead Connection, The Kindom Keepers, Interview with the Vampire, Wicked, all of the Harry Potter books, etc.

EXTRA INFO ABOUT THE AUTHORS (periodically updated, depending on who's on at what time)-

Ash has been to 3 different countries and has lived in two of those.

Holly was born overseas.

We can speak fluent QBASIC... xD Rotfl.

Do you have any money? I wanna spend all yah money... AT THE GAAAY BAR, GAAY BAR, GAAY BAR! shot

Both authors are probably more like Riku than Sora... Holly in the sarcastic and slightly mean sense, Ash in just about every sense. But who's more of the Sora when compairing the two of us?

We support Bob Bryar's solo project! (lol)

Holly loves Frank. Ash idolizes Bob. O.o And we allllll love Mikey, Gerard, and Ray.



Ash's favorite WDW/DL rides are- Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin (DL), The Haunted Mansion (both), Space Mountain (both), Test Track (EPCOT), Soarin' Over California (DL-turned-WDW), Pirates of the Caribbean (both... and I prefer the un- Jack Sparrow'd version, actually), Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom), Kali River Rapids (Animal Kingdom), and Star Tours (both).

Holly's favorite WDW rides are- Expedition Everest, Test Track, Journey into Imagination with Figment, Pirates of the Caribbean, Kali River Rapids.

Both authors have lived in Japan at some point... even if that some point is right now...

Ash always wanted to be a skipper on the Jungle Cruise ride.

Holly would like to be in the Disney College Program and become a Disney Imagineer

Want to hear some of the songs that inspired our Twilight fic?

Holly is a pirate.

ADD US ON HABBO HOTEL: Aero.Gurl and KingdomMewFB

"Dumbledore is a superstar at the gay bar. xD"

"Just ... go away."

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