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Sorry to all my patient readers, but I won't be updating for a while because there's a challenge about to enter my life, and for a while I will just have concentrate on dealing with just that. Just when I thought my life would be as boring as hell after just graduated from high school, a bigger challenge shows up at my door, and at this hour, at this moment of my life. It's not even a month yet since I graduated. Really don't want to grow up, but...Anyways, to all my patient readers, if you can, please grant this selfish wish of mine, wait and believe in me that I will try to finish "Courage to Love" and "Rage Against The World" as soon as I'm back. If you cannot grant this wish of mine, I'll understand. Hopefully, I'll be back soon...Thank to all my patient readers.

Before you read any further, I would like to take the time now to recommend some great books and stories (stories as in websites, mostly) that I read.

The Foundtainhead by Ayn Rand: This is a book that actually took me a while to finish it. I'm glad that I did, because there are a lot of interesting philosophies to look into. This is certainly not a book that one would quickly forgets after the book is finished--it only leads to the beginning of the reader's own inner journey. "It is a story about a hero, and all those who try to destroy him". So if you want a challenging intelligent book, then this is the book for you. Well, really I'm just speechless about this book.

The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker: Everyone should read this book, because it is a book that could save your life and the lives of your loved ones--no kidding! Gavin De Becker is a leading expert on violent behaviour in America and trust me, this guy helped a lot of people. I went to his site once (just google it), and it's extremely tough to get a job there, and I remembered the last interview question listed on that site was: Do you feel lucky? I found that hilarious for a moment, and I realized it is a neccessary question. Anyways, I know I'm getting off topic here. As I was saying, this book can save your life and the lives of your loved ones. De Becker's insight will blow you away. Not only is he insightful, but he's also persuasive, he know how to summon up your intuition (it's a powerful surviving tool, as denial is your greatest enemy). Seriously, if you have time, give this book a chance, it's worth it.

Fat Kid Rules The World by K. L. Going: For some damn reason, I really love this book! It's a good book if you want to give first person perspective and present tense a chance. It's actually Going's first book and I'm amazed that it hooks me to the very last page. It's about a seventeen years old fat kid who's about to commit suicide but then is saved by this semi-homeless kid who's happened to be a local rock legend. I actually read this book out loud in the garden.

Shoulder The Sky by Lesley Choyce: I like some of the philosophy of this book. It's about a kid who's apathetic. Really, to tell you the truth I don't remember much of this book, but I DO REMEMBER ONE THING: I liked the book. That's why I would want to recommend this book as well. Oh, I do remember something else, this book makes you think (at least to some good level) and it's quite interesting. Sheesh, I think I'm gonna contradict myself soon...and did I already do that?

...wolf boys don't cry by eurei: This story is actually from another site: . This is quite a interesting story, especially for those who have a strong passion for history and politics. This is a story particularly inspired by dystopias and real life societies which have adopted a totalitarian society. Usually many authors have focused their heroes to be people who rebel against this society. But this story is about the people who try to enforce the rules and immoral conducts of this society, the wolf boys. We realise that they are not evil at heart, but society has conditioned them to become ruthless. The italic part is part of the forward of the story itself. Sounds interesting right? Well, then go and check it out.

Fear Street Sagas by R. L. Stine: These books are pretty interesting. For each book, you'll propably wonder this question: Will this character be the one to defeat the curse? OR Will this character escapes the Fear curse? Each book is like a present, waiting to be open on the day after Christmas (Boxing Day). The only problem is: it's far from Christmas. Therefore, you will be always anxious to find what the present is until the very last page.

BTW, you can also look at my favourite stories on this site by clicking on favourite stories. I admit, not all stories I added are well-written, but mostly are. What makes them not well-written is simply the grammar/spelling issue, otherwise, I like their plots very much. For those authors' stories that I added as favourites, please don't be offended by me.

Stories In Progress:

Rage Against The World: This story is inspired by Fat Kid Rules The World by K. L. Going and Shoulder The Sky by Lesley Choyce (Thanks to Nevermore The Raven for the info). Updated Chapter 6. The pace would pick up in the next two chapters...please be patience, thank you. On hiatus, but since I don't update often, I guess this makes no difference. Sorry for the wait.

Courage to Love: I will try to update this story as soon as I find my inspiration once again. Other than that, all I can say is that this story is unique because it's a Nicole/Harrison pairing. I don't recall any Nicole/Harrison in the whole entire category, so I just make up one myself. It's heavy romance coming from me...actually really depends on your point of view of "heavy romance". On hiatus. When I'm back, I'll finish this. Sorry for the wait.

Totally Random (If you want to believe some are wise, then go ahead and believe):

The nuclear bombs were dropped onto Japan only because USA misinterpreted one word...

Communism is a must for the population control in China.

There's enough foods to feed everybody in the world, but there's also more than enough human greed to consume the world.

What determines a person is not based on the events he/she been through. It is the lessons the person learned from his/her events that determines who he/she is.

Listen to your can save you.

Law and Order VS Common Sense.

Like the different Indian tribes, there is more than one kind of hippies.

If this is the late 60s-70s, I'm most likely to be a hippie who wants Prime Minister Trudeau to sign her back.

Unity yields Diversity and Diversity yields Unity.

Single, not looking.

Every century has its romantic moment.

Logic gives people security, fantasy gives people hope.

Nobody can choose where he/she comes from, but he/she can choose what becomes of his/her future. It's like playing a kind of RGP game where there's only one character to pick (not much of a choice too), BUT you can select your adventure.

Please, be happy. Never make yourself regret.

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